Melinda had just finished with a display when she felt Aiden tug at her blouse.

"Yes, Baby?" she asked.

"Can I go play with Ned? He wants to take me to the batting cages."

Melinda couldn't help smiling. He and Delia's son, Ned, had become very close in the past few months. "Sure, Hon. When?"

"Around 3."

Later, when Melinda was going to close the store for her lunch break, she saw Ned walking up and smiled. "Hey, Ned," she said.

He smiled back and patted her shoulder. "Hey, Mel," he responded pleasantly. "Ready to go, Little Man?"

Aiden nodded. "Think I can win?"


Melinda chuckled. "Have fun, you two," she said.

"We will," they said together.

Melinda watched them go, and in the next instant, the front window imploded.

"What was that?" Melinda wondered as she cleaned up..

"I know it's here!" bellowed a harsh male voice.

"Great," Mel thought. "another spirit."

"Where is it?" the voice asked.

"What- what are you looking for?" Mel asked, starting to feel terribly nauseated along with a very painful headache. She could feel his energy. It was frantic. "Please, I can help you. "

The voice softened, and it was then that Mel saw its owner, a man in his late twenties with dark brown hair and blue eyes. "An antique baby cradle," he said, making eye contact with Mel, who could tell that this item meant a lot to him. "Can you describe it for me?

The man smiled. "Cherry finished wood with teddy bears carved at the head of it," he answered simply.

Melinda nodded. "Here, is this the one?"

"Yes, yes, that's it."

"Did it belong to someone you loved?" Mel asked, curious.

"It was my grandmother's, My father slept in it, and my girlfriend, Madeline, and I were going to put our baby daughter, Diara, into it, but I got sick with meningitis and died just before she was born. It was about three months ago. It took me that long to find you."

Mel nodded, "And how can I help you?"

"I need you to find Madeline and Diara."

"Okay, but before I help, can I know your name?"

"Stephen," he said softly.

Mel smiled. "Where can I find them Stephen?"

He gave her the address, and as Mel set out to find them, she felt something tugging on her heart strings, something she knew she would have to talk to Jim about later. She wanted another baby.