Stephen had crossed over after, thanks to Melinda's help, making peace with Madeline and seeing that baby Diara and she were well taken care of. About three months after Jim and Melinda found out that they were pregnant, they were waiting to see a doctor. Her name was called, and she squeezed Jim's hand. He went with her into the exam room.

Her doctor, Maura Galagher, smiled warmly. "Hey, Melinda, Jim," she greeted them.

"Hi, Doc," Melinda said nervously.

"What's wrong, Melinda?" Maura asked.

"Oh, just nervous and excited."

Maura nodded, giving her a knowing smile. "You want to lay back for me?"

Mel obliged, laying as far back on the exam table as she could, feeling a little uncomfortable because of the s small bump she was getting.

Maura placed the gel on her stomach, and she winced, eliciting chuckles from Jim and Maura.

"So here," the doctor told them, "are their heartbeats, and they're doing fine."

"Their?" asked Mel, confused.

Maura smiled, nodding. "Yes, Melinda, you're having twin girls."

Melinda started to cry, having not expected this.

"Mel, what's wrong?"Jim asked, holding her close.

Sensing this was a private moment for them, the doctor left them alone.

"I just didn't expect this," Melinda told him. "Twins?"

Jim smiled. "I know."

"And two girls."

"Girls like in your vision," Jim offered

Mel laughed kissing him. "Yeah, only I hadn't expected 2."

"When in life have we ever gotten what we expected?"

Mel nodded happily. "Very true."