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Flying with Broken Wings

What the fuck? Before the boy could turn and pummel the kid that just ran into him the other person had already torn out of the school. Must have been some kid setting up a prank around here or something. Course I would have thought they'd go more inconspicuous, been around Berry too much, then all black and a ski mask. Not like Figgens would ever put in cameras here. Noah Puckerman continued on his way back to the choir room to retrieve his sister's birthday present. He knew if he forgot it not only would Sara never forgive him, his mother would kill him—or at the least pull the Jewish mother guilt trip which as far as he was concerned was the same thing.

He opened the door to the dark room realizing how strange that was, the janitor normally turned off the light and they had all left practice only about 30 minutes ago. Blood? Where the hell did that come from? I don't remember anyone getting cut during glee. He walked closer to the blood stained floor and noticed near by a clump of long, dark hair that looked like it was ripped out of someone's hair. Okay, now this is getting a little freaky. Who got hurt? Forgetting his sister for a moment Noah looked over at the piano and saw blood dripping off of the bench and onto some clothes tossed, no torn, laying beneath. I know that skirt. I kept trying to look up it during practice. Now the fuck is Berry? "Ber—Rachel? You in here somewhere?"

He heard a whimpering that he hadn't noticed upon entering the room in the first place. Turning Noah was struck with a sight he wasn't prepared for. If not for the skirt on the ground he may not have recognized Rachel for who she was. All he saw was a girl with messed up hair, a black eye, and her nose and mouth were covered in blood. He found it almost strange that those attributes were what he noticed first and not the naked girl in front of him. Or course her legs were pulled up and positioned in a way he wouldn't have been able to see anything.

He walked over and crouched down, nearly in shock that Rachel seemed to be looking past him with a glazed over look. "Hey, what happened? Are you okay?" What sort of question is that idiot? Can't you tell she can't be okay, she's bleeding there. He did a quick glance over her, noticing that her face actually was the least of her concerns. There were bruises over her chest and stomach and dried blood along the inside of her thighs.

He got up, partly to keep himself from gagging at the sight, but more to get ready to call the cops. Before he could do that arms went around his waist and tears started to seep through his shirt. He took a hand to try and soothe the girl by running it through her hair but stopped, first finding the spot where her hair had been torn from her head and then a little lower. As he pulled his hand away he noticed sticky blood on it, from where she must have crashed into the bench.

"Stay here for a moment Rachel." Noah took off his Letterman jacket, there was no way he was going to let her leave the building bruised and broken for everyone to see and her clothes were useless now, and grabbed the bag for his sister out from the seat he was in. As he walked back Noah found himself almost laughing that his coat was able to completely cover the girl.

He looked her in the face, glad that the glazed over look was gone, but her eyes still looked empty and broken. "I'm taking you to the hospital." The girl in front of him shock her head faster and faster, tears starting to pour down her face again.

"You are going. Even if I have to carry you myself." Noah picked up Rachel, glad the bag had handles and cradled her in his arms as he left first the room and then the school building. One good thing about glee's Thursday's practices is outside of people in detention no other after school clubs met that day so the school was deserted. As he got to his car he heard words come from the normally overly talkative girl for the first time since he returned to the room.

"I was raped."

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