I'm really sorry – seriously, what I'm about to tell you next will really ruin your day (it ruined my entire week), so I'm apologizing now.

My computer has completely crashed. Completely. I can't even turn it on anymore. I'm typing this up from my best friend's computer (which isn't really hers, but her family's), so bear with me while I tell you what I'm about to next:

1) I won't be able to finish my week of daily updates. Dammit, yeah, I know, this sucks – you think you're upset? Imagine me – I can't type stuff up anymore, so I won't be able to write much either. If you're upset, then I'm utterly depressed and pissed off.

2) No, I won't be updating during my school year. I told you this before, and I'm telling you again – I won't be updating during my school year. Even if it's to make up for not finishing my daily updates this week.

3) You think you're upset? I lost, like, half of my stories, work, and other things, dammit! Imagine what it's like for me, and how depressed and upset I feel, before you start flaming me, okay?

That's about it – I'm sorry, once again, but I'd appreciate you not flaming me because of this. After all, it isn't my fault – my computer crashed by itself.