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Chapter 3: Kitana's 'TWIN'

~Edenia 10,000 years ago~

Sindel heaving a deep sigh stared out the window reflecting on how her life has changed since the merger of Outworld and Edenia.

Sindel: ~Sigh~ life used to be so simple…..but NOW my home is in a ruckus because of my new husband and his sudden rush of fatherhood.

Looking at the hallway Sindel sees Shao Khan waltz by holding an infant Kitana whispering sweet words and cooing noises while twirling down the hall to the royal nursery. Shrugging Sindel couldn't help but smile at the Emperor and his sudden bubbly mood that began just a few days ago.

~Edenia after Outworld Merger~

Shao Kahn: Queen Sindel your world and mine have merged into one! Your king has fallen and you shall become my wife and queen!

Sindel looked in angered shame because her beloved home has lost another mortal kombat tournament and her subjects must submit to the unwanted rule of the victor.

Sindel: -thinking- sigh…This can't be happening my Edenia my home is lost to this monster? My people give reverence to a false king while my beloved Jerrod is…no I can't think of it but my heart longs for the older and peaceful days!

Fighting the with the feeling of her thoughts the Queen failed to notice the emperor strut by to where a cradle laid in the middle of the room, peeping in Shao Khan gazed for the first time on his new adopted daughter and felt a sudden surge.

Shao Kahn: O…M….G! Is this my new DAUGHTER? Oh Sindel she's so beauty she has your eyes and this hair my heaven this is hair of the gods I never knew Edenian babies would be wondrous oh yes yes….as of today she is now and forever my daughter!

Shao Kahn swept Kitana from the cradle laid a kiss on his new queen's cheek and skipped merrily down the hall singing 'I have daughter hey hey hey!' song while the Tarkatan forces looked in confusion.

Tarkatan Soldier:-whispers- When did master skip?

Tarkatan Soldier 2: -shrugs-

Sindel: O,o WTF just happen?

~Edenia Present~

Hearing a rapping at the door Sindel turned to see Shao Kahn standing there with a smile on his face beckoning her to come towards him.

Shao Kahn: Sindel my love I know the past few days haven't been welcoming for you but I think we must learn to be a family, and well since I don't want Kitana to grow up alone…..I'm proud to announce we have another baby! –Smiles embracing Sindel-

Sindel feeling confused shook free of Shao's embrace and looked at him in mass confusion.

Sindel: Baby? I was never pregnant again after Kitana –And I CERTAINLY would never make love to you!- She thought quietly.

Shao Kahn: Well that's it we didn't need your creepy vagina to have a baby I pulled some string and chatted with a fellow friend and with his amazing work he gave us a baby aka Kitana's twin!

Sindel: WTF? Another KITANA! What nonsense is this!

Shao Kahn: Come see, come see!

Walking down the hall Shao lead a confused and suspicious Sindel into the nursery where her daughter resided upon entering the room the queen yook note of hidden horrified looks from the palace servants and nurse maids. Stopping at a second cradle next to one where Kitana laid Shao Kahn motion for Sindel to come look.

Sindel:-thinking- by the elder gods…what kind of child is in here that the servants are paling?

Looking in the cradle Queen Sindel saw a moving figure that is Kitana's supposed twin pulling back the sheet Sindel gazed upon the new child that would be raised as her daughter's sister and 'new' princess.

A blood curdling scream erupted within the palace.

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