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Warning: previous warnings apply, fluff

Pairing: UK/Can

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Francis smiled, peering around the base of a statue as he watched Arthur kiss Matthew.

"Finally." He murmured, azure eyes gentle as he watched the way Matthew, having been momentarily stunned, eagerly kissed back, arms coming to wrap around the Englishman's neck and tilting his head downwards.

Chancing a look at the superpower, the Frenchman noticed the other's pleased grin. All traces of fury had disappeared from his countenance and now the American was watching the scene with pride.

"I was so afraid I was imagining things." Arthur murmured, cradling Matthew's face in his hands. "I was so terrified of ruining this tenuous new relationship. It was so sudden and I never thought that you…of all people could really…"

"I sent you those flowers." Matthew whispered, eyes still bright. He licked his lips, taking a breath.

Arthur blinked, before breaking out into a soft smile. "Even if you hadn't, I would have still chosen you over some faceless admirer. Though knowing its you…" He stopped himself, clearing his throat awkwardly. "Just…jolly good, Matthew."

The younger nation laughed, coaxing the other back into a kiss.

"We did good, Frenchie." Alfred whispered brightly, blue eyes gleaming.

"Indeed." Francis murmured. "Come, let us—"

Suddenly, Alfred cut him off by wolf-whistling loudly, causing the pair to tear apart. Arthur twisted around, green eyes wide before they narrowed in anger as Alfred stepped out from behind the monument. Matthew's face ignited, a rosy flush across his cheeks and his indigo eyes were shocked.

Both nations' lips were bruised and wet and Alfred's shit-eating grin widened.

"About damn time." He crowed, hands settling on his hips as he regarded the pair. "Don't mind me, either." Alfred added. "I'm just enjoying the fruits of my labor."

Next to him, Francis sighed heavily. "It was a group effort."

"Led by me."

"Not completely." Matthew and Arthur and Francis countered, before looking at each with surprise.

"Yeah, but Mattie came to me." Alfred pointed at himself. "So, it might as well—"

"Tais-toi, cher." Francis said smoothly, slamming his hand over Alfred's mouth. Then, looking at the other two, he cooed. "You two are so cute."

"Belt up." Arthur snapped, hand immediately taking hold of Matthew's. "You two have no respect for a man's privacy. Following us, being generally shifty and not even letting us have our moment and…" He trailed off, having taken a look at Matthew.

The Canadian was smiling softly, staring at their connected hands with a faint blush. He looked up slowly. "We do owe them." He said gently, squeezing Arthur's hand.

The Englishman, grudgingly accepting, merely harrumphed and looked away. "I suppose." He conceded, a matching blush rising high on his cheeks.

"Anyways." Alfred said, having shoved off Francis's hand. "Don't know where that's been." He said, nose scrunched up. "Grody." He grinned, then, addressing Arthur and Matthew. "So…since you guys are probably going to go back and fuck—"

"Don't say it so crudely!"

"Sorry, sorry Iggy. I mean, bang like rabbits—"


"Hahaha, sorry Matt, go back and make sweet, sweet love. Better? Okay, so, since we having no interest in hearing squeaking bed springs and moans—" Here Alfred paused, giving Francis a sidelong glance. "Well, at least I don't. Take this jug of syrup back with you? I saw this giant moose head somewhere that I want to take back to D.C."

Matthew blinked at his brother. "Sure?" He said, earning a cheer from Alfred who then shoved the jug of syrup at Arthur (who just rolled his eyes). But before Alfred could prance off, Matthew grabbed the back of his sweatshirt and pulled him into a hug.

"Thanks Al." He whispered, hugging his brother tightly.

"What're brothers for?" Alfred replied, taking a moment to bask in his brother's embrace (it had been a while…) before patting him on the back lightly and pulling away. "Make me proud." The older nation said with a wink.

Then, pointing at Arthur, he said with a dark look, "I own many, many guns." Then, expression brightening, he reached into his pocket, withdrew his wallet and flicked a small foil package at the Englishman. "Be safe, you crazy kids." He ordered before turning on his heel and sauntering off. "Come on, Francis. I'm hungry."

"That is no surprise." Francis responded, pulling away from his (innocent) hug with Matthew. "You are happy with him, petit?" He asked, pointing at Arthur who was looking at the package with eyebrows furrowed. "Eyebrows and all?"

"Oui." Matthew laughed. Then, violet eyes bright, he added. "Papa."

Francis blinked before his entire countenance seemed to brighten and, taking a deep breath, he smiled beatifically and exclaimed, "Come to papa, mon petit—"

"Calm down." Arthur ordered, having grabbed the Frenchman by the back of his shirt before he could touch Matthew. He was scowling. "He called you 'papa', that's it. Don't push your luck, frog."

"Yeah." Alfred chuckled from where he had dashed back after hearing the blond's exclamation. "You're still not allowed in Quebec."

"It's a start." Francis defended sulkily. Then, with a final smile at Matthew, he said, "We will talk?"

Matthew nodded.

As he watched the pair of nations walk away, Arthur suddenly asked the question he had shoved to the back of his mind.

"Can you really tuck your ankles behind your head?"

"Want to find out?" Matthew asked innocently, despite the distinctly French gleam in his eyes.

The pair tumbled into Matthew's room in a breathless, red-faced heap on the carpet.

"Bloody hell." Arthur swore, pushing himself up onto his elbows and off of Matthew. "You've got me acting like a teenager, pet."

"I don't mind." Matthew said with a meek grin. He reached up, tangling his fingers in short, sandy hair. "You cannot imagine how much I could care less." He arched up against Arthur before he wrinkled his nose and turned his head away. "Sorry. You don't exactly smell like your prized roses right now, Arthur."

Arthur made an indignant noise, glaring down at Matthew who just giggled and turned his face into the beige carpeting. "Because I was chasing you, you twit." He scolded. "Cheeky monkey." Then, with a wicked grin, he dropped down and began to kiss the other's bared neck. "My brilliant, beautiful, precious…cheeky little brat." He whispered against the other's skin. He ran his hands up the other's sides, feeling the tremble of ribs beneath Matthew's shirt. "Want to fall asleep next to you, wake up with you." He mouthed at the other's pulse point. "Want to touch you, treat you special…you're worth more than a shag, love…" He lifted his head up, caressing the other's cheek with his thumb. "I'm not a good man, but I won't ever make you cry again Matthew if I can help it."

Matthew sniffled, indigo eyes damp. "You're such a sap." He joked, voice thick with emotion.


Both nations, muffling curses, seized up, turning to look at Kumajirou who was watching them innocently from the bed.

"Kumazuma." Matthew scolded from under Arthur (who seemed to be in shock). "This is private time. Go."

The polar seemed to roll his eyes, tumbling off the bed and lumbering towards the door that was open a crack. Before leaving, the bear clearly grumbled, "About time."

A few months later

"And this is why I'm right, why Russia is a creep, and why you need to back me up on this broski." Alfred finished.

"I…I really don't know how people can confuse us." Matthew said quietly. "You're an idiot."

"Sticks and stones, Mattie. Sticks and stones. So, are you in or are you in? Are you ready to be on my level? Are you ready to be a boss? Are you…even listening to me?" Alfred said blandly with a frown when he noticed that Matthew had stopped walking a few steps behind him. "This is so not boss, dude." Then, with a sigh, he added, "What's so interesting…nice hat, Iggy."

"Thank ye." Arthur said with a smirk.

The Englishman was leaning against the conference room door, left leg in front of him with his right boot tucked on the other side of his left. Lean, black-trouser clad legs lead up from polished black boots to a snow-white shirt with a green stone at the collar. He was relaxed, dressed in a scarlet waistcoat with gold brocade, with his arms crossed loosely. A huge tri-corner hat with a large, fluffy white feather completed the look.

" 'ello, love." The Englishman said lowly, his accent coarse and tone lilting. Slowly, he straightened and regarded Matthew, head tilted and feather trailing down.

"Arthur." Matthew said quietly, an aroused blush blossoming in his cheeks.

"Captain Kirkland." The man correction, emerald eyes gleaming. "You'd do well to remember it, pet, lest ye want to walk the plank." Then, sauntering closer, one hand on his scabbard, he added, "But if ye behave and…please me, I would be more inclined to overlook the slip."

Matthew nodded mutely, indigo eyes wide.

"Wow. I can't believe I am watching your foreplay." Alfred said loudly, pacific blue eyes wide and mouth twisted in disgust. "I am going to go pour acid into my eyes now."

"Have fun, landlubber." Arthur said dismissively, shooing the superpower away but not breaking gaze with Matthew.

They barely manage to find an abandoned conference room. Falling against the polished wood of the long table, Matthew leans back on his elbows, watching with hazy eyes as Arthur locks the huge doors and barricades the handles with his cutlass.

When the former Empire turns to face the other nation, his emerald eyes widen minutely at the sight of Matthew panting softly against the table, mulberry eyes dark with lust and excitement, his erection straining against the front of his trousers.

He had no idea Matthew would be so turned on. He had initially planned this as a surprise, but seeing the other practically cling to him as they stumbled into the empty room made Arthur decide that he should indulge this particular kink more often.

"On yer knees, boy." He orders, voice silky and, to his pleasure, Matthew slides bonelessly to the ground, eyes wide. With a dark smile, he saunters forward and stops just in front of the nation. Kneeling down, he forces Matthew to meet his gaze with grasping his chin with gloved hands. "Such a pretty little thing." He murmurs, relishing the way the younger nation shudders and seems to lean closer. He brushes a thumb against the corner of his mouth, before slipping the digit between plump lips.

Matthew almost moans at the taste of leather, heat pooling between his legs and gathering in his cheeks. His tongue brushes against the tip of the digit.

"Since you're such a well-behaved pet, I'll give ye a choice." Arthur continued quietly, removing his thumb and instead brushing his hand over the other's hair, "Submit or—"

"Just fuck me." Matthew interrupts, cheeks scarlet. "I don't care if its on the carpet or the table or even against the window, I just need you so badly right now Captain."

A little thrown off, Arthur just blinks at his lover, hand stilling on his wavy curls. Not that he's complaining at the turn of events, but he had expected a little more build-up to the main event.

"I have imagined you dressed as a pirate, taking me every which way over every single surface imaginable even before we got together." Matthew admitted.

Breaking character, the Englishman asked, a bit incredulous and a tad hurt by the secrecy, "Good heavens, lad, why didn't you say anything?"

Here Matthew looked embarrassed. "Well…I didn't know how." He mumbled. "And I just had these…perverted thoughts."

"Oh?" Arthur perked up…in more than one way.

Matthew looked up at him, a naughty glint in his eye. "You would bend me over the portside wall."

"I would?"

"And you'd take me on the main deck." The blond moved closer, wrapping his arms around Arthur. "And you'd make me beg and scream and want you to do such filthy things to me." Breathing a bit labored, he added, "You'd call me 'wench' and fuck me so hard." He trembled and Arthur wrapped his arms around his narrow waist. "I was too nervous to tell you."

Suddenly, Matthew found himself lifted up and lying flat on the conference table, Arthur looming above him with a feral grin.

"Should punish you for hiding this from me, poppet." He said lowly, emerald eyes predatory. He gripped Matthew's legs that were dangling off the table and pulled him closer so his pelvis was at the edge.

Matthew swallowed roughly, albeit a bit nervously.

"I told you they were busy." Prime Minister Harper said matter-of-factly.

Prime Minister Cameron opened his mouth to respond, but when a loud moan reverberated from inside the room, he shut his mouth and fidgeted. "You…seem unsurprised." He said in a strangled voice, shaking his head.

"I have walked in on them enough to be desensitized." Harper said calmly, doing a good job of not hearing his nation beg Arthur to go "harder, damn it, I'm not made of glass".

"But…aren't they technically…?"

"Try not to think about it." Harper said with a shake of his head.

"Did you hear something?" Matthew asked breathlessly, golden curls sticking to his flushed cheeks. "I could've sworn I heard Stephen—" He gasped as Arthur pulled out and thrust back in, striking his prostrate dead on.

"I am doing a spectacular job of shagging you." Arthur chided, sandy hair sticking up in all directions from Matthew running his fingers through it. "Please pay attention, love." His fingers slipped briefly against the Canadian's hips before he tightened his grip, the early shadow of bruising blossoming under his fingertips.

Matthew laughed, pulling Arthur closer by wrapping his legs tighter around the nation, his heels crossing at the small of his back. Matthew, having been divested off his suit early on, was lying flat on the table, sweat pooling between his skin and the polished wood. "Is the dread Captain Kirkland jealous?" He teased, running his hands down his bare chest to stroke his own weeping member slowly. Thumb brushing over the slit of his weeping cock, Matthew looked up at Arthur with eyes half-mast.

"Minx." Arthur growled, leaning down and nipping at Matthew's lips, eventually dragging his lips down the other's pale neck and chest, suckling and pressing kisses until the milky skin turned pink under his ministrations. He slid his hands up the other's side, resuming his shallow thrusting.

Matthew whined, bucking his hips and trying to encourage the other to speed up. But Arthur merely smirked, busying himself with pinching the other's nipples roughly, pebbling them between his fingertips. Matthew threw his head back, arching his back in frustration.

Arthur watched him, green eyes dark and half-hooded. When Matthew gave him a frustrated look, violet eyes swirling and depthless, he groaned, pulling Matthew up and back. The Canadian made a displeased noise when the other slipped out of him.

"Damn it, Arthur." He scowled, unsatisfied, nose crinkling. "You're the worst pirate ever."

"Stop your whingeing." The Englishman scolded. His trousers were down to mid-thigh in his earlier rush and now he took his time to remove them before tackling his billowing white shirt. When he looked up, he said, "There, my sweet rose. This will be more comfortable…" He trailed off, mouth dry when he saw Matthew.

The blond, on his knees now, had one long arm behind him, spindly fingers disappearing into his still loose hole. The boy, eyelashes fluttering, was tugging at his erection as he fucked himself on his own fingers, grinding down on them and panting "ah ah ah".

When Matthew saw that he was watching, the blond, thighs trembling, smiled at him. "Are you just going to stand there?" He rolled his hips, grinding down on his invasive fingers. Violet eyes locked with smoldering emerald pools. "Because I'd much rather ride you."

"I didn't think Artie had such stamina." Prussia wolf-whistled. "Damn, Birdie is getting it hard. Hungary is going to be so jealous when she hears about this."

"Just try not to bleed on the carpet when she beats you for not recording it." Germany said, cheeks pink. "Now, can we please go get lunch? We've been standing here for ten minutes."

"Don't tell me you're not turned on."

Germany gave his brother a sharp look.

"I'm….s-so close." Matthew choked out, thighs shaking and sweat gathering at the small of his back as he lifted himself off Arthur and grinding back down, mewling as the other filled him with each thrust. "Arthur…"

The Englishman, sitting in one of the large swivel conference seats, groaned, hands resting on the other's waist as he guided the blond. Matthew, picking up the pace, his movements becoming more hurried and rough, pressed against Arthur, kissing the other. Arthur, one hand reaching back, fingers brushing against the other's hole, teasing the stretching ring of muscle even as his hips rose up to meet Matthew. Matthew nearly sobbed when Arthur began to pump his erection at the same time, pausing every so often to press against the weeping head.

The Canadian arched against him, leaving messy kisses against his neck, his cheek sliding against Arthur's and the Englishman could hear him panting and feel his warm breath against his skin.

"Come for me, darling." Arthur whispered, stroking Matthew faster. "Let me hear you."

Matthew doesn't last much longer after that. With a soft wail, the blond shoves his self down and is pushed over the edge, his climax warm and wet on Arthur's fingers and his stomach. With a groan, Arthur grasps the other's waist and lifts the slightly dazed nation up and back down, seeking out his own orgasm. With a choked curse and eyes screwed shut, the Englishman holds the other nation down against him, his balls pressed against his rear, his member grinding against the other's prostrate. Matthew gasps softly, slumping against Arthur as the other rides out his climax.

They sit there, entwined and sweaty, for a moment, regaining their breaths. Matthew is the first to move, turning his neck so he can bump his nose against the other's neck, damp skin against damp skin. Softly kissing the other's neck, tongue flicking out against the puckered scar against the tendon, the Canadian shifts and Arthur doesn't now whether to wince or laugh at the squelching noise that interrupts the silence of the room. But, he slips out of Matthew and holds the blond against him, soothingly kneading the other's back and upper thighs.

"Can we do that again?" Matthew asks quietly.

"As soon as I get my second wind." Arthur laughs, still out of breath.

"I meant the pirate thing." A pause. "Though I could go another round."

"Poppet, I'll gladly wear that ridiculous hat and even commandeer a ship if you react like that every time."

Matthew chuckled, leaning back to gift Arthur with a brilliant smile. The Englishman, eyes soft, reached up and brushed the other's cheek with the back of his hand. The younger nation leaned into his caress.

"Sweet delight." He murmured. "Eternity in your eyes and lips."

"You…" The blond shook his head, eyes bright and mischievous. "How many others have you charmed with Shakespeare?"

"Only the ones that mattered." Arthur gave the nation a lopsided grin. "And yes, I am a sap but its all your fault you know. You have me writing sonnets and ballads and indulging in other frivolous activities."

"As long as you don't blame me for your love of needlepoint." Matthew retorted.

"Such cheek." Arthur shook his head, eyes betraying his scolding tone. "Perhaps, ye need another lesson?" His tone darkened, accent sharpening.

Matthew shivered, squirming in the other's lap. "Perhaps."

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