The Whaler's Hunter

Juana la Cliker-Rooster


Author's note: Hi folks. My name is Juana la Cliker-Rooster, and this is my first (and probably last) Flapjack fic. Please be aware that this is a very dark, depressing story (with a fairly happy ending), and that is it rated M for langauage, suggestive situations, heavy drinking and violence. I know that the show is nothing like this, but that's what a fic is for, to be creative and expand on an existing idea. I have not seen every episode of Flapjack, as I have no TV, and so anything I miss or don't know about is something you will simply have to deal with.

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The weather was the same as it ever was today in Stormalong Harbor. The weather was chilly, the sun was barely existent, and the salty wind blew through the creaking city, whipping the faces of the residents violently. The sad sky was grey and tired, but they paid no mind to it; to them, it was just another boring day at home.

It was, however, an adventure for one particularly happy child, who showed his cheery attitude to everyone loudly as he ran around, saying his daily hellos and laughing at things that weren't meant to be funny. Behind him, in slow, sleepy steps, followed his favorite person in the whole world, Captain K'nuckles, who wasn't really much of a Captain. If he had been at one point, he certainly wasn't respected for it.

The young boy stopped for a moment, turning back to watch the Captain make his way toward him, but instead made a beeline straight for Stormalong Harbor's local bar, the candy Barrel. It was the Captain's favorite place to go and drown his many sorrows.

'Awww…' thought the young boy, 'not again.'

"CAPTAIN!" he called, 'OVER HERE!"

"Come on, Flap, let's go," the Captain answered in his rough, gravely voice, "And quit prancing around like a lunatic! You'll give people the wrong idea."

"What does that mean?"

"It means you look like a sissy," K'nuckles retorted rudely, "Now come on, we got stuff to do."

"Aw, cannonballs," Flapjack muttered, his entire body drooping in disappointment. He still had so many people to greet, and this was putting a serious dent in his time! Sighing, he reluctantly dragged his feet over to the Candy Barrel. K'nuckles paid no mind to the boy's sudden decrease in joy, and ordered two mugs of candy to linger over.

They sat down at a booth and Flapjack simply rested his chin down on the dirty table and stared across the table at nothing in particular. K'nuckles gulped down a portion of his candy and stared hard at him, wishing he were that young again.

It had been two years since Flapjack and Bubbie, Flapjack's guardian and acting mother, who was also a whale, had rescued K'nuckles from drowning, and they had taken him in, much to Bubbie's dismay. Flapjack had been a naïve, strange little seven year old who had little common sense and even smaller good sense of judgment. Now he was nine, and still just as lacking as ever. He had the heart and soul of an adventurer, and meeting K'nuckles had been the greatest thing to ever happen to him. Unfortunately, K'nuckles was a terrible role model and while he sometimes served as a father, he was lousy at the responsibility.

"Jeez, Flap," he grumbled at the kid, "at least eat your candy. It'll make ya feel better."

"I'd feel better if we were on an adventure," Flapjack mumbled, "Can't we go find one?"

"You can't just go and 'find' and adventure, Flap, it's gotta come to you," K'nuckles' answered.

"Well then, where is it?"

"I dunno, and I don't care. Now eat yer candy before I do."

Flapjack pushed the full mug away from him and mumbled,

"I don't want it. I'm going back outside."

"Fine," K'nuckles shrugged, "just don't get killed out there or the whale will kill me." Flapjack didn't respond, but instead left the bar in a hurry, desperate to find something to do. Outside, the salty wind whipped his face as it always did, but today was the first day he really noticed it. He looked up at the sky and sighed. Nothing ever really happened here, did it? Anything? He'd never noticed how the days blended together till he no longer knew the difference between today and last month.

"I know," he said to himself, 'I'll go talk to Bubbie! She always knows what to say. She's so smart." And with that, Flapjack sprinted across town and down to the dock where his matriarch figure waited patiently for him every day.

"Hi baby," she smiled when she saw him, "Done already with your hellos?"

"Hi Bubbie," he answered, sitting down in front of her, 'I didn't get to finish today. Bubbie, can I ask you a question?"

"Uh, sure, baby, anything," she answered nervously. She twiddled her flippers. She never had an easy time answering her little boy's questions, especially when they sounded like real doozies.

"Has Captain K'nuckles always been boring?" Bubbie breathed a sigh of relief and answered quickly,

"Yes. He's a terrible influence on you, practically trying to turn you into a candy addict with all that time at the Candy Barrel. I wish you didn't spend so much time with him. What about the other kids around here? Why don't you go make some new friends?"

"I can't," he answered, hugging his knees to his chest, "They all call me names and make fun of Captain."

"Oh baby, I didn't know that!" Bubbie gasped, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I dunno," he answered, "I just didn't. Is there something wrong with me?"

"Oh sugar, now, don't say that," Bubbie said, trying to defuse the situation, "You're a perfect little angel, and there's nothing wrong with you! Don't let those other kids make you feel bad about yourself, you're perfectly normal."

"I don't feel normal," Flapjack mumbled, "I feel worthless."

"Now don't you start that kind of talk!" Bubbie snapped, "You gonna sound like K'nuckles, and you do not want to go down that path. Everybody loves you, and everybody knows you aren't worthless. Now get on Bubbie's back, we'll go find our own adventure."

Flapjack looked up from his knees and gave Bubbie a sad smile, then jumped up and climbed onto her back. Just as they began to take off, K'nuckles came hobbling down the stairs in an inebriated state of mind.

"Hey, where you two goin'?"

"Leaving you behind, fool," Bubbie said flippantly, "and finding our own adventure."

"Let me in, woman," K'nuckles grumbled, "I'm tired."

"NO," she snapped, "I'm not letting you in. Flapjack, sweetie, let's go."

"Hey!" K'nuckles yelled, "Let me in or so help me…"

He never got to finish his sentence. Out across the water, there came a deep battle cry from a nearby ship, and all three of them looked out across the water with wide eyes. The crew was aiming something





They didn't see the little boy standing on her head.

One large, frightening beast of a man, most definitely the Captain of the ship, yelled an incomprehensible order at his crew, and three sharp harpoons flew over the water toward them.

"Oh my God…" Bubbie whispered, "Flapjack, JUMP!"

"Bubbie, dive!" he screamed, "DIVE!"



The harpoons struck their target. Their force rocked Bubbie so hard that Flapjack was flung from her head and into the water with a cry. He swam back to the surface and was shocked to find Bubbie's blood already staining the water. He swam to her frantically, sobbing, and wrapped his arms around her cheek.

"Bubbie…" he whispered, "Please fight back…"

"Flapjack, sweetheart," Bubbie gasped, trying to stay afloat, "I want you to always remember…ugh…I will always love you, baby…argh…oh my…whatever you…nngh…do in your life…remember that I'll always be with you….nngh…oooh…I love you so much, Flap baby…."

"Bubbie, don't say that, you're gonna be okay, I promise—"

"Honey, I'm so sorry," she sobbed, "This wasn't supposed to ever happen…Just remember I love you, and always will…." Bubbie suddenly stopped her struggling and began to sink down.

"No," Flapjack whimpered, "NO! Captain! HELP!" But when Flapjack looked up at the pier, the man was gone. The water around Flapjack was red, but he didn't notice. All he could do was watch helplessly as his mother, the wonderful whale, sank down, bleeding and drowning to death. He shook his head at her, unable to accept her fate, and dove after her. He reached her, and touched her face. They made eye contact for the last time, and Bubbie rolled her eyes back finally and died. Flapjack grabbed onto her and let himself sink with her. He couldn't live without her, he just couldn't, so he decided he would die with her….

A strong pair of hands grabbed his arms and pulled him away from her corpse. He opened his mouth to scream and tried to wrestle the hands off, but they were too strong for him. Flapjack could only watch as he was pulled up and Bubbie sank down, then jerked to the right. The whaling sink that had taken her life was pulling its prize in.

The strong hands pulled Flapjack up and lifted him up towards the pier, where another pair of hands pulled him up. Flapjack looked up with a blood stained face to see nearly the entire community of Stormalong surrounding him and watching the whaling ship take Bubbie away forever.

"BUBBIE!" he shrieked at the ship, 'YOU TOOK AWAY BUBBIE!" He dropped to his knees, sobbing uncontrollably. The man who had saved him, the blonde-haired Real Adventurer that had shared a few wonderful adventures with the young boy, kneeled beside him and placed a hand on his back. The local women stood and stared with tears in their eyes at the ship, and even the Dock Hag found herself feeling terrible.

A triumphant cheer rose up in the distant ship, and everyone's attention was drawn to it. Flapjack stood up and snatched a telescope from a resident's hands and focused in on the Captain. Black coat, black hat, black boots with silver buttons and laces. His unruly red beard was braided with silver pieces and white ribbon. The Captain was an older man, and he certainly looked the part of wicked villain. The ship, Flapjack observed, was named the Black Whaler. This man is going to pay, thought Flapjack as tears ran down his eyes, creating rivers of tear-streaked skin against the layer of blood on his face.

It was indeed the darkest day in Stormalong.

End Chapter One

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