Just a little one shot…


Schue and Puck were performing Somewhere over the rainbow. Everyone was watching. Everyone except Matt.

Instead, he was watching a girl. A tiny, beautiful, fragile brunette with the heart of gold. The girl could sing, like really sing. She couldn't only sing, but she was fuckn' hot. Like, Really, really Hot. But she was also beautiful. Cant believe Puck let her get away.

For Matt, Beautiful and Hot were tottaly different. For Matt, hot meant good looking, no strings attached. Beautiful, well, for Matt, she couldn't only be just beautiful. She had to be kind, funny, and well, okay, hot as hell too.

Everything about this girl screamed beautiful.

She had a beautiful Laugh.

Beautiful hair, Fucken' hell. That hair. So soft looking and so silky… So shiny.

Her goddamn voice would be the end of him.

Her cute hands, and those long legs that seemed to be going on for days, covered by those tight , short skirts.

That Girl.

Rachel Berry.

No, No…

I mean, Rachel fucking Berry.

The person people misunderstood most of the time.

Matt wished he could have Rachel. But he cant. She had Finn. That lucky mothaafucker, Matt thought with a sigh. His focus returned to Rachel, her head now resting on his shoulder. He wished he could be Finn. He wished he could hold her, hug her, kiss her. Oh God, how much he wanted to kiss her. But he couldn't, not yet.

He has to wait. Possibly forever.

Its so obvious that Finn and Rachel are going to be together for a long time. He's not gonna let her go.

But, hey. Its unfair.

Matt liked Rachel for longer than Finn.

But then Again, Finn loves her. Matt doesn't. Not yet.

He wished she could be with him. At least a day, an hour. He could even take 10 minutes if offered.

But he couldn't. Not yet.

So he'll have to stay in the shadows for a bit longer, and be waiting to spring…

Poor Matt.. ) : …

Finn ! That mothaafuckaa :L