~Like a Hurricane~

Author Pen Name: bookjunkie1975

Summary: A series of Victoria/Tanya drabbles.

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters nor do I make any money off of this. No copyright infringement intended. Rated M for adult situations.


Torie comes out of the bathroom wet and wrapped in a towel so small it doesn't completely close at the hip. I sit on the bed, naked and determined. She tilts her head as she looks at me, then the towel is on the floor and she's sitting cross-legged in front of me. I take her hands in mine. I look into her eyes, into the brown and green and gold. I put all of myself into the words I speak. I will her to see. I will her to believe.

"I love you. It's you and me, Victoria. Always."

There are certain words that can't be spoken, feelings that can not be truly expressed. Sometimes, it's better to speak using different tools. And so I show Torie all the things I can't say. I lay her back against the bed. My hands roam across her body seeking out every curve, every angle, memorizing the feel of her. I kiss her, slow and sweet and full of promise. We lie face to face and I watch as my hands undo her and then put her back together. She pulls me close.

"Always?" she whispers, words hot against my mouth.


A/N: This is the last in a series of twelve drabbles. In the Land of Women is a collaborative story effort. We are actively looking for authors that would like to write a femmeslash piece (one-shots, drabbles, whatever) for posting here. Authors can, and will be encouraged to, post their piece under their own profile as well. If you are interested in contributing, or if you want more details, please send us a PM.