Grimmy: This is the shortest thing I've written in a while! To be honest I think it's a bit lacking in detail but I like it. I actually might just do a follow up someday. This was actually inspired by the song Tonight Is The Night by Betty Wright. One other thing, I think, and I'm not sure, that they're around seventeen years old. Not entirely sure but that's the vibe I got when I wrote it.

And of course, I don't own Hey Arnold!

"I'm tellin' ya! This time, tonight is the night!"

"Sure it is Helga. Just like all the other nights after he arrived back in the city were the 'night' as well."

Helga frowned, not angrily for once, as she looked at the only girl who could make pajamas a fashion trend. She didn't glance back at the blonde; she was too into painting her toes with her ruby red nail polish. "Shows what you know Rhonda. Phoebe and I have a plan."

Hearing her name, Phoebe looked up from the magazine she'd been reading so she could pay better attention to the conversation.

"Ooh, threesome. Isn't that a bit out there Pataki?" Rhonda asked, slightly bored. She yelped when she was hit in the back of her head with a pillow. Red nail polish smeared over part of her feet and the toe she had been painting.

Before she could finish with her angry growl and say something rude Helga said, "Not even Princess. I meant we have a plan on exactly how this is going to go. It will be fabulous!" Helga put down the blush brush she'd been using as she looked in the mirror, a dreamy expression on her face.

"That's what you said that night you kneed him in the ba-"

"No! It's not going to be like that this time!" Helga practically screamed ignoring Phoebe and Rhonda's giggles. Her cheeks burned bright red through her recently applied make up and before she could stop herself she picked up the towel on her dresser so she could rub her cheeks clean. With a huff she grabbed the blush brush and swiped it through the palest shade of pink she saw. "Besides, I don't remember telling you about that Olga." She glared at her older sister.

Olga smiled at her younger sibling and stopped curling her own short blonde hair. "Well baby sister, you left your poetry book in the kitchen again. I simply couldn't help myself," she said with an squeaky giggle.

Before she could blink properly she found herself on the other side of Helga's bedroom door. "And stay out of my stuff!"

Helga walked back over to the dresser and started to reapply her make up.

"Helga... Did you really do that?" she heard Phoebe ask.

Keeping her back to them so she could hide her red face, Helga muttered, "It was only once."

And again the two girls burst out laughing. "What the hell were you trying to do!" Rhonda cried through her giggles.

Helga huffed and turned back to the girls, shutting them up with an angry glare. "Ride," was her one word response. "But no worries, tonight I'mma get it right!"

"For his balls' sake," Rhonda snorted when the blonde turned back around.

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