Morning came too soon for Beast Boy.

Scrunching his eyes up, he snuggled closer to Terra, burying his face further into her blonde hair and the back of her neck.

Slowly, he became aware of the feeling of her body against his, the scent of her skin, the sound of her breathing. He became aware of the warmth between their bodies, of his arms wrapped around her, of his left foot spooned with her right.

He kissed her neck as she stirred, naked and warm and soft. She hummed softly, contentedly.

Terra rolled over a little in Beast Boy's arms and kissed him tenderly, his arms holding her tight against him. She grinned against his lips and pulled away a little, palms resting on his chest.

"We should get up," she murmured. She was right – it was getting to the point that Robin had threatened to come up there and kick their asses if they were late to training again – but Beast Boy protested all the same.

"I don't wanna…"

Terra kissed his nose and climbed out of bed.

"You aren't going to practise like that are you?" Beast Boy commented with amusement, raising an eyebrow. Terra stuck her tongue out at him petulantly and disappeared, laughing, into the bathroom. He would have followed her but… damn, he just felt too good to move.

He opened his eyes and frowned at nothing in particular, a sinking feeling in his stomach.

Beast Boy swallowed the lump in his throat and took a quick peek beneath the covers.

Yep. Naked.

Completely naked.

Completely… entirely… bare…

He scrambled around in the bed and practically threw himself off the side, looking around on the floor.

Nothing. No wrappers, no grease spots, no nothing.

Last night, they had had sex… without any protection whatsoever.



Beast Boy was nothing short of jittery for the rest of the morning. He thoroughly annoyed Cyborg at breakfast by dropping nearly everything he got his hands on and Robin nearly banned him from the rec room because his silence was beginning to creep the others out.

Worst of all, he couldn't even look Terra in the eye. Or be in close proximity to her. Thinking of her put him in a cold sweat, made his stomach clench.


"Beast Boy?"

He jolted out of his thoughts and his head snapped round so fast it nearly came off his neck.

"O-oh! Uh, h-hi Raven!" he stammered, an awkward smile on his face. He was suddenly conscious of the way he'd been acting, of how he'd been wringing his hands and pacing and tugging on his ears. Sure enough…

"You're anxious about something to do with Terra." Raven stated without pause or inflection, "It's irritating me."

Beast Boy sighed and sat where he stood in the middle of the corridor.

"Sorry it's such an inconvenience, Rae…" he mumbled, a little surprised when she sat herself next to him.

"I wouldn't have looked for you if I didn't think you needed to talk to someone." she told him, looking at the wall opposite.

Beast Boy groaned and covered his hand with an eye.

"I seriously fucked up Raven…" he said after a moment, quiet incase of anyone else overhearing. He was only telling Raven because she at least had tact and sense – she was second only to Terra as far as how much he trusted her.

"Terra and I were… y'know, getting busy last night…" his face flushed a little and his words got closer together; it wasn't like it was a secret, it was just that it wasn't something any of them talked about, "And it was great and everything and I wake up this morning and, dude," he lowered his voice dramatically, "I'm not wearing a condom. I have no recollection of any kind of protection ever coming into anything last night. We had unprotected sex, Rae."

Raven looked like she was going to lecture him, and he could feel it coming, but thankfully she instead kept her comments to herself. At that moment, Beast Boy couldn't have appreciated her perceptiveness more.

"I don't think Terra knows," he continued, "I mean, things were kind of … uh… desperate when it happ-"

"I don't need details, Beast Boy," Raven finally said, "And you know what I'm going to say."

He slumped further down the wall, his head falling back and thumping against it.

"I can't talk to Terra, Rae, I can't even face her…" he trailed off, and they sat in silence for a little while. He picked at his shoe.

"I'm scared, Raven…"

There was another little pause, and a sigh, and then Raven's hand on his shoulder. She opened her mouth to say something, but was cut off by the sound of the alarm sounding through the tower.

Raven stood and gave Beast Boy a last look.

He knew what to do, and it was up to him to do it.


Control Freak had been terrorising a child's birthday party when the Titans showed up, guns blazing. They split off, dealing with the animated appliances and games consoles and were closing in on the main prize when it had happened.

Beast Boy had been busy smashing up a giant TV with the strength and tail of a Stegosaurus when he happened to turn around.

A parade of television remotes and batteries and wires were marching over Terra, wrapping around her, nearly overpowering her. She tripped, and fell to the floor in slow-motion as Beast Boy watched, and in those few milliseconds his heart beat louder and quicker and his adrenaline spiked and his stomach dropped and before he knew it he was a giant Gorilla, stood over where Terra lay on the ground. He raised his fists and roared loud enough to vibrate loose dirt and pebbles and he threw his arms to the side, destroying everything electronic in sight.

His blood pounded in his ears and his sight was blending together until finally he stopped, panting, growling warningly at anything that tried to approach.

When he had finally calmed down enough to transform back, Robin had grabbed him tightly by the upper arm and forcefully steered him away, livid.

"Beast Boy, what were you thinking?" Robin demanded, "You were more of a danger to the people at that party than Control Freak even was and for what?"

Beast Boy didn't meet his stare. He messed up, he knew it. God, he just couldn't do anything ri-

Robin grabbed him by the shoulders, "Listen to me! Do you even understand what you were doing?"

Beast Boy removed Robin's hands, unable to quite look him in the eyes.

"I just have a lot on my mind today dude…. That's all."

Robin let him go. "That better be all. Don't make me reconsider who's on the team and who isn't. I understand you and Terra are close, but if it puts people in danger then I have no choice."
With that, Robin spun on his heel and went to take care of the damage. Beast Boy sighed and hung his head, turning back toward the tower.

Before he could fly away, he heard the voice he'd been avoiding.


He sighed, shoulders slumping. "Hey, T."

Terra appeared at his side and Beast Boy's heart twisted painfully in his chest. Her hand slipped into his and she tugged it, turning him to face her.

"What's going on?" she asked quietly, placing her spare hand on his chest, "You've been acting all agonised today…"

His hand raised to cover hers as he thought. With a sigh, he supposed he better just go for it.

"Terra, last night was-"

"Wait, you're not gonna break up with me, are you?" Terra asked, cutting his sentence off completely. He frowned.

"No, Terra I'd never… I don't want to break up with you." He cupped her chin and her head leaned ever so slightly into his hand, "Just let me finish, okay?"

Terra nodded, and pure anguish bubbled inside him at the look of slight desperation on her face. He pressed his lips to her forehead and pulled her close, holding her tight in his arms.

He pulled away after a moment to continue, letting his hands slide down her back to rest on her hips.

"I think I'm just gonna say it…" he took a breath, "I think… you might be pregnant."

Terra froze.

"W-what? What?"

"I know, I know, I'm sorry…" Beast Boy said, frantic, "I forgot to put a Johnny on last night, it is totally my fault I am so sorry please don't hate me." he whined to her. Her expression became confused.

"No, seriously, what? How can I be pregnant?" Terra looked up at him, an eyebrow raised, "I'm on the pill."

"You're on…. The pill." Beast Boy repeated.

Terra nodded.

Beast Boy blinked.