Megaman ZX Archangel

Me: and I am back, with the last chapter of Megaman ZX Archangel!

Iris: (sulking again)

Amy: What`s up with Iris?

Me: Oh, she got into my script for Megaman ZX Omega, and she isn`t too happy about it...

Amy: (goes and reads)

Me: (sweats) Uhh...I`m gonna be in read on and we`ll see if I`m alive after this! (runs off)


Chapter 11: Earth

/Iris`s P.O.V.

Me? I slept like the dead, and I hope that isn`t a sign of things to come. After turning off the Cyber-Seraph form, I had no energy whatsoever. I remember being carried, and now I was on some kind of bed...

Slowly, I opened my eyes. I was lying on a bunk, near the floor. Outside the window...there was black sky and stars. I looked around, realised this wasn`t Gilme, and bolted through the halls.

In the cockpit of this spacecraft, Jade was sitting behind the wheel, pressing different buttons which glowed in response. Amy, Heather and Lucas were all securing anything loose to nearby walls or desks that were fixed in place.

``Guys!`` My yell surprised them, and they turned around. Heather immediately grinned, ran over and hugged me.

``You`re awake! You were out of it for days!``

``Yes I know, but guys, why are we in a spaceship?`` I asked. ``More importantly...shouldn`t you guys be back with your tribes?``

``We weren`t anyone special.`Amy replied. ``We won`t be missed that badly. Besides, there a SCORES of bad guys back on Earth to take care of, and you didn`t really think we were going to let you take them out all by youself, did you?``

``B-But it was your home! You didn`t have to leave it for me...`` I stammered. Heather just hugged tighter.

``Yes we did. Home isn`t home if you`re gone.``

``Heather`s right.`` Lucas said. ``This thing has hyper drive; if we really need to go back we`s not like there`s much to go back to anyway. I mean, Hades is cool, but I don`t need the trouble of going back to FireofMoonlight and dealing with those snake-tongued elders.``

``With you, we can meet new horizons, and battle shadows together.`` Jade added. ``Rather than you having to face them alone.`` He was obviously referring to my episode fighting my inner darkness.

``You might as well execpt it.`` Amy stated, smirking. ``We`re going with you Iris.``

I had to brush away the tears welling up in my eyes. ``Thank you!`` We had a group hug. ``Thank you so much.``

There was a serise of beeping noises coming from the control panel. Jade blinked. ``Ahh, hyper drive`s ready! You better strap yourselves down!``

We did just that. ``HYPER DRIVE INITIATED.`` Beams of light appeared in our vision, and then we rocked into space.


We came out of hyperspace facing a blue planet. What had taken 300 years drifting had happened in an hour. I gazed down at Earth, smiling uncontrollably. I was finally home!

"Time to see new horizons." Jade announced. ``DECENDING TO PLANET EARTH.`` The computer stated, and down we went.

End Chapter

Author`s note: And it is done! I hope you enjoyed it, and if you liked it that much you should check out Megaman ZX Omega, the rewrite, to see more of Iris and the Hylians! Until next time, this is BladeofMoonlight, logging out!