Chapter 5

"One pink line… see?"

"How many are there supposed to be, again?"

"One!" Jun tossed a pillow at Joe's head. The Condor easily ducked the incoming missile, but was hit by a yo-yo on his side. The impact was light, but the message was clear.

"I'm not pregnant!" Jun laughed. "The doctor said it was just stress! Do you believe me now?"

"Yes." Joe growled. "But if you smack me with the yo-yo again, I'll…"

"You'll… what?" Emerald eyes sparkled with a teasing light.

"Just try it…" he taunted, casually pulling a feather shuriken through his teeth.

"I'm not afraid of your empty threats."


A mere second later, Jun sat pinned to her headboard by two shuriken that poked through the collar of her t-shirt. Joe had a yo-yo cord entangled around his throat.

"I win." the Condor smirked.

"I don't think so." Jun grinned. "What happens if I activate the charge on my weapon?"

"If you do that, you won't have anyone to suck out the shuriken poison from your lovely neck."

"I surrender." She immediately dropped the end of the cord from her fingertips.

"That was awfully easy." He eyed her warily.

"You made me an offer I couldn't refuse." Jun fluttered her lashes. "I believe you offered to 'suck out the poison'?"

"It might be a little difficult with your shirt in the way."

"Don't let that stop you."

Divested of the offending garment, Jun giggled as Joe pressed his lips against her throat, trailing kisses around her neck, shoulders and upper body.

"I don't think I was hit there…" she murmured happily.

"I wouldn't want to take any chances."

"Of course not."

"Speaking of taking chances…" He raised his head slightly to look at her, even as his fingertips lightly traced the curve of her breast through her brassiere. "Are you…?"

"I got an implant at the doctor's office."

"How long does that last?"

"Three years."

"That'll do."

She understood that a part of Joe had been saddened momentarily at the discovery that she had not been pregnant, and a part of her reveled in that knowledge. But they both knew it was better this way. The rest could come later… years later, hopefully… when they were both ready for it.

Right now, she was ready for something a little more immediate in nature.

"What's taking so long?"

"Ready for the main event?" he raised an eyebrow. "When will you learn not to rush things?"

"I guess you'll just have to teach me."

"I plan to."

"And when is my first lesson?"

"Just shut up and let me…"

"Now who's impatient?"

"You're going to regret that…"

"I…. oh!"

A flurry of kisses between her thighs silenced their banter, and now all she could think of was the flood of sensation taking over her body. He was taunting her, sure enough, but she knew that the implied promise behind his actions would not remain unfulfilled. Within moments they were both free of their garments, and the delicious torture began anew, with tickling, teasing flickers at the core of her femininity. He kissed her there and she gasped, a passionate warmth filling her body.

He moved up the length of her, pressing his mouth against her own, the taste of her passion on his tongue firing her once more.

"I guess you were ready."

"I'll always be ready for you, Joe."

"I'll never let you down, Jun."

As their bodies became one, she soared again, holding tightly to him, and to the promise he offered her. There was a future out there, and they would find it… together.

There simply was no other option.

The End