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Chapter 1

'Where the hell the old man went that early in the morning?' Ichigo snapped and poured syroup on his pancake 'I swear I haven't seen him getting up that early on Sunday for ages.'

'I have no idea… he mentioned something about big surprise for us and i'm kinda scared.' Karin bit her toast and chewed it slowly while reading the newspaper.

'Shit. That doesn't sound good. Yuzu, it was delicious' he pointed at the empty plate where a minute ago was a pile of pancakes. 'I gotta go so see…'

'GOOD MORNING!' Isshin entered the kitchen with beaming face 'I have wonderful news for you! From today we have a new member of family! I adopted a kid!' There was a deep silence after this sentence. Firstly, voice came back to Ichigo 'You must be kidding me.' he spitted coldly. 'No I'm not. She's a wonderful, kind girl, your age Ichi! She'll join your class I'm sure you two will like each other. Her family died a few weeks ago so be nice to her. They were old friends of mine. I couldn't let her live alone with completely strange people. That would break my heart.' Karin just stared at him.

'WE are completely strangers to her, don't you think?' she asked as coldly as Ichigo. Yuzu just stood with the plates in her hands. Ichigo was surprised she didn't drop them so far.

'ARE YOU FREAKIN' NUTS?' he exploded 'Shouldn't you first ask us if we want it? I don't want any kind girl here! You hear me? What was that supposed to mean? We don't need anyone else! It's good just like it is and you…'

'Good morning.' He heard a soft voice from behind and closed his eyes. Great. He was even that mad to bring her home at once.

Isshin was petrified and started explainations 'Rukia…! Don't pay attention to what my stupid son just said, he doesn't think like that at all…'

'That's allright, I'm sure he thinks like that but I told you it wasn't a good idea to bring me here before you told them.'

'Damn right.' Ichigo turned around and faced her. She looked so ordinary. Black hair, black blouse and a pair of jeans. Nothing special. The only interesting thing was her eyes. They were violet or blue… he couldn't really say. They were somehow hypnotizing, but after their sights connected, he noticed they widened… in horror? Come on, he wasn't that scary. Orange hair were not typical and he seemed quite big compared to her but there was nothing to be afraid of. In addition a weirdo. Just great. Like dad wasn't enough, he thought.

'I just want to make things clear' Ichigo tried to stay calm, but it wasn't that easy. ' I will not be a nice guy to make you feel more comfortable here. I don't give a damn. I'm not happy you're here and I won't hide it. I think it would be best for you to stay away from me because I think I'm not gonna like you. Is that clear?' he ended trying not to lose his temper. Damn old man.

'Yeah, completely.' She said with confident voice and the previous expression disappeared. 'But I want to explain some things to you too.'

She moved a little closer towards him. 'I won't also be kind to you. You want me to leave you alone, fine. But don't expect me to do everything as you want to. And leave me alone too. If we won't cross each others' paths too often that will be good for all of us. Am I clear to you?'




The rest of Kurosaki's family was staring at those two, who were looking at each other with hate and anger. Rukia, who was about half of Ichigo's size didn't seemed to be scared. It looked like she was totally pissed off. Neither Isshin, Yuzu or Karin knew what was happening, but all of them had one word in their mind: trouble.

Rukia had no idea what to do with herself right now. She didn't show her good sides as she wanted too. That bastard ruined everything. She knew it would be difficult, but why did he make it even more? Not like it was only his fault. When he turned around she felt like her blood freezed. That was impossible. Just impossible.

How two people can be so similar to each other? And they were not even related, she was sure. He opened her old wounds and from now on, she'll be seeing him everyday. It couldn't be worse. No, she was wrong, it could. It would be much worse if he had liked her and wanted her company. She was sure she wouldn't be able to be normal in his company and talk to him like to everyone else. That would be too hard. Behind the irony and anger she could hide everything. But the problem with hiding was that it always hurt two times more when she was alone, brooding past events. Only this time there was nobody to comfort her and give the strength to go through it.

She sat on her new bed in her small attic room and looked around. It was beautiful room, she had to admit it. There was a desk in front of her and the creamy carpet was lying in the middle of the room. Walls were violet and small wooden wardrobe was on her right. The thing she loved the most was a window in the roof just above her head- it made her feel like she was in the middle of the space- only her and the clouds which were within the reach of the hand. But her mind didn't let her think about perfectly empty spaces. She had life to live. She knew he would want it. They all would want it.

The rest of the Kurosakis were quite friendly after first shock went away. Yuzu and Karin were a little shy at first but after they started to talk she found them really kind and knew they could become good friends. When Isshin saw they were having a conversation he almost burst into tears and mumbled 'I knew you were going to like each other… I knew it… Ichigo… bastard…' He sounded like crazy but twins told her it was normal and she'd better got used to it.

Rukia started to put her stuff into her room and felt almost like home. Not like she felt in other houses she stayed after death of their parents and sister. Something was different. She smiled at the feeling and knew this was beginning of new chapter in her life. Somehow, she felt stronger and more alive than she was past few weeks. That moment the rays of sun entered the room throughout the window and reached her face. The warmth made her think there might be a way to find peace and happiness someday. It doesn't have to be soon. Just someday.

Ichigo had his way to the garage and with sharp moves he dragged his motorcycle outside. He cursed his crazy father, his sisters, because they didn't support him and that Rukia. What a stupid idea. How could father actually adopt a girl who was already 17? One more year and she could live on her own. If he wanted more children he should find a woman and have his own. Not take one from the street without even mentioning earlier! He settled himself on the bike, put on the helmet and thought about girl once again. What a nerve! She was given a shelter and had the gut to speak to him like that! She should be thankful, polite, try to make good impression. She should have agreed for everything! What a witch! He squeezed the handlebar with anger. He really hoped they won't need to see each other too much because if she was a guy, he would have hit her for sure.

He was driving with terrific speed through the streets because he was already late for meeting. Late and pissed off. Fortunately it was still early and there was not many people in the streets of Karakura. When he reached the suburbs, he slowed down a little bit and looked for the exit road. He bent his bike slightly and drove into the gapin the concrete fence. He was calmer right now. The burning anger inside his chest was gone and he was glad he had something to do right now to forget about morning events. As he assumed everyone was in their base. It used to be a motorway, but it was closed about 10 years ago for some unknown reasons. Now it was a long road with tons of spent tires stacked in the sides and some other automotive waste. At first it seems dirty and rusty, but when you come to know it better, it seems…wonderful somehow. And this is the place where Death Gods' gang was born.

In the beginning, it wasn't club or anything like that. A few people who shared the same passion came here to improve their driving skills. They learned from each other and became really good. Then others came and some rules needed to be settled because there were to many freshmen who wanted to learn dangerous tricks just to impress someone.

Urahara Kisuke was one of the first who came here with his motorcycle to train. He met Zaraki Kenpachi, Mayuri Kurotsuchi and Yoruichi Shihouin. All of them were very talented, hard-working and soon became friends even though their personalities were completely different. They became respected by other riders and they are considered as the true founders of the association, which is called these days as a gang of Death Gods.

The name wasn't made up by the members, but the audience, who watched their evolutions and wondered how it is possible they are still alive. It wasn't anybody's choice it just suited them because when they were riding a motorbike, they looked like they were afraid of nothing and had the power to control even death herself. No need to add they looked dangerous. It was an unwritten rule to wear black clothes for trainings and more serious events. The only thing what was different for all of them were their racers: each expressed somehow personality of the rider. It was part of him.

Some thought they were crazy and looked for a reason to fight with others but the truth was they only raced and got involoved into fights when they were made to do it, in order to protect something or someone. They were ordinary people, led simple lives, but others were often scared and didn't want to have something in common with the members of a gang. Of course there were tons of teenagers who would have done anything to join them, but it was really unusual for people under twenty to be accepted to the gang. That's why he was so proud he was part of it. Not that he was the only exception. There were few of his classmates too- Tatsuki Arisawa, Uryuu Ishida, Sado Yasutora and even two guys from elementary school: Toshiro Hitsugaya and Hanatarou. Some asked how was that possible to keep that kidsin the gang. The reason was simple: they were amazing riders and didn't learn the tricks to attract girls or be cool. They just hoped to be better and that was the main purpose of the Death Gods: to learn and help others to learn but only with good intentions.

Ichigo liked to think about history of this place. This asphalt road remembers all wins and downfalls. Every training and race. The wounds and feelings. Feelings of victory and defeat. He could feel all of it in the air.

He speeded up and snatched the handlebar to join the rest with precise ride on his rear wheel. He stopped right next to the Kenpachi.

'Don't show off, Kurosaki. You're half an hour late. Dammit, where have you been? We are all waiting for you to start!' his large fist knocked into his helmet with such a force Ichigo was afraid it would break.

'My father went mad and adopted a kind and polite girl' he put an accent on kind and polite 'I just escaped from the grasp of that devil. I have no idea what came to his mind. I think I'm gonna search for some other place to live.'

'You can always stay with me Kurosaki-kun.' He heard a sweet voice from the left. Next thing he noticed was that auburn haired girl embraced him tightly and wanted to kiss him.

'Leave me alone Inoue, I'm not in mood.' he freed himself from her. Geez. She's been so annoying recently. He shouldn't have kissed her on the previous party. Or whatever he has done to her that she considered herself as his girlfriend.

'And by the way, what are you doing here?' She looked surprised.

'I came to see how it's going. We haven't seen each other for two days! And I thought it might be exciting to see you training.' she moved closer and grabbed his arm. He removed it again but Yoruichi, who was probably pitying him entered their conversation.

' I'm sorry but only members can be present at trainings. It's too dangerous for others to participate.' Inoue's eyes focused on Yoruichi for a moment and then returned to Ichigo.

'I'm sure you can do an exception for Ichigo's girlfriend.' Her fingers started to play with his messy hair and that was the moment he felt it was enough. He took her aside and tried to make everything as simple as possible without loosing his temper.

'Look. You and I are not a couple. You are not my girlfriend. You can't be here. We'll talk at school tomorrow.' Orihime was smoothing her hair during his little speech and after he had finished, she smiled prettily and said 'OK! So see you tomorrow Kurosaki- kun!"

What a relief she understood. But he suspected she still didn't get it they were not a couple. If she did, she wouldn't smile like that. He couldn't believe she's that dumb.

'Oi! Kurosaki! Cut that randez-vouz of yours and get your ass here! We need to get started!' Yoruichi now seemed to be a little impatient the training is not started yet.

'I'm coming!' he turned to Orihime "I must be going. You better go now.'

'That's all right, Kurosaki-kun!' she wanted to kiss his cheek but he was gone in less than a second so she just blinked confused and went away on her bicycle. She looked so hilarious among all speeding racers, which were roaring and fuming loads of grey smoke.

Kenpachi couldn't stop himself and started to laugh wildly 'What a smart girlfriend you have, Kurosaki"

"She's not my girlfriend. I have no idea why she thinks so.'

'Maybe because you played doctor with her at Chad's birthday party a week ago.' Ishida pulled off his helmet and settled his glasses properly with his middle finger.

'No shit. I did?' Ichigo wrinkled his brow more than he always does. 'That means she probably won't leave me alone just like that. Holy shit.'

'See? Alcohol is not that good when you think about it. But right now screw it. Let's start already. We have also a few things to discuss later. There's going to be some fuss in the town soon. ' Yoruichi, Ishida, Kenpachi and Ichigo put on their helmets and joined the rest who was already making eights for warm up in front of them.

Orihime Inoue cycled and was thinking about Ichigo. No, no no! Everything went wrong! He was supposed to kiss her and be happy about her presence! She should have been watching him right now and he should be waving her from time to time while she was sitting there and admiring his skills! Each of guys she was dating loved to show off in front of her. She always knew what to do to keep a man interested.

But Ichigo? She couldn't understand him at all. Of all men she wanted him, just him and he was the one who seemed not to pay attention at her at all. She wasn't used to be treated like that, still she won't give up that easily. So far she was making everything men seemed to like: playing dumb, showing boobs and interest in his hobby. She hated that machines, but she could accept it. For them. She even go that far to go at their meeting, even though she felt completely ridiculous on her bicycle. Now when she thought about it, it wasn't such a good idea. He could think she's weird. She supposed she'll have to buy a motorbike and join their group to show him how perfectly they fit to each other. But this time she'll discuss it with Tatsuki, she knows him from childhood, so she should know which one is his favourite brand and maybe she could even have a motor in his favourite colour? Tatsuki was also the part of the gang so she could tell her how she should behave after joining the group. She needs to change the strategy. He's so different, but that's why she loved him so much.

From now on, no rash decisions. Everything must be perfect if it's about Ichigo. He will be mine one day. She opened the front door to her apartment and as always started her fantasies about their happy life in the future.

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