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"Alright Spencer, we have been here for three hours. When are you going to start telling us all about your lies?" Head Detective Carlton Lassiter said.

"Did you know, Lassie, that pineapples sometimes have the effect of a truth serum on me?" The Santa Barbara Police Department's Head Psychic, Shawn Spencer, retorted.

"But enough. I agree with you, I confess." Shawn paused. "I lied two years ago when I told Buzz that bananas are better than pineapples. Oh, and while we are talking, could we order some Chinese food? Maybe throw in a coffee for you and a pineapple smoothie for me?"

That caused Lassiter to lose his temper. "Spencer, stop with that nonsense. I'm talking about your lie about being psychic."

Putting on a serious face Shawn said, "I can only ask you: Where is your proof?"

"Your mother told us that you were never psychic."

"That's your only argument? I haven't seen her for several years and my psychic ability developed after she left."

Upon hearing this Carlton began to smile, but he didn't say anything. Instead it was Juliet O'Hara who revealed the reason for Lassiter's mood:

"Well, you see, after we heard that we sent somebody to install a bug in your office while you were with us at a crime scene—more specifically the one of the Miller-murder."

"And we have learned much about your so-called psychic abilities." Continued Lassiter.

"Here is a small sample of what was recorded." Said Juliet as she started the small handheld recorder.

"Come on Gus, you know I am no psychic. I need to investigate the crime scene again." Shawn's voice came from the small device.

Gus retorted, "SHAWN! If you really need to then take your bike. I have to study the material for the new medication called Hexometapentophin. You know, for my other job."

"Give me the Car and I leave you alone. Or do I have to use my own keys and 'borrow' the car? Come on, Gus! I promise to bring back a banana- smoothie and a blueberry muffin for you." The jingling sound of Gus's keys being thrown and the closing of a door revealed Gus's decision.

"Wow, I am impressed. But still, that isn't enough reason for me to be worried about being thrown in jail." Said Shawn, putting his feet on the table and leaning back in his chair.

His words surprised the two detectives and their shock showed on their faces.

After regaining her poker face, Juliet asked: "What makes you so sure? You are facing charges of fraud, Private investigation without license, lying to the police, and obstruction of justice. What is your trump card that lets you believe you will walk out of the station as a free man?"

"Oh, that's easy: I did none of the things that I am accused of. However your problem is quite real. But enough of that, Lassie, when do I get my smoothie? " Countered Shawn.

"Our problem?" Asked a perplexed Lassiter.

" Yep. Your big problem is the one that could get you fired or at least suspended without payment. And I know that for you, Jules, either way would suck, as you don't have much in savings. You always send a third of you salary to your Mom to support her." Spoke a serious Shawn.

"Wha- . How do you know that? I never told anyone." Stuttered a shaken Juliet O'Hara.

Meanwhile, a slightly stunned Carlton Lassiter thought he heard some commotion upstairs in the Department. He chose to ignore it, as he had given the policeman outside a standing order that no one was allowed to enter the interrogation or observation room. Instead he asked Shawn:

"Despite the question as to how you know something so personal about O'Hara, what is our problem?"

After that was said both Detectives looked to Shawn in anticipation of his answer, but all they saw was a smile on Shawn's face.

Against all expectation came the answer, not from Shawn, but from behind them.

"Your Problem is me, Detectives!"

Hearing that both Lassiter and Juliet spun around and what they saw spooked them:

In the door stood the Chief of the Santa Barbara Police Department, Karen Vick, with a furious look on her face.