B's pov

"Come on Edward, it's time to torture Carlisle!" I said as Edward picked me up.

Edward chuckled, and took hold of my hand as he fly down the road.

"Don't you think it might b more of a challenge to torture a vampire, especially Carlisle?" Edward asked amused.

"Yeah, but I'm up for the challenge, do you think Esme will help?" I asked hopeful as we pulled into the driveway.

"I don't think she would want to torture Carlisle, but she might play with us." Edward said with a grin, and pulled me out of the car.

The Cullen kids were waiting for us outside looking mischievous.

"Oh this is going to be so good!" Emmett said with an evil smile.

I laughed and gave them each a hi-five, before we walked in and took a seat in the living room.

"Alright I'm going first!" Emmett said eagerly.

"Fine." Alice pouted.

"Bella, truth or dare?" Emmett asked seriously.

"Dare." I said also eager.

"I dare you to dump holly water on Carlisle and scream 'die you beast' as loud as you can." Emmett laughed handing me the holly water.

I grinned, and ran up to Carlisle's study.

I walked in and over to him where he was reading a book.

He looked up at me and smiled, but before he could say anything I threw the holly water at him.

"DIE BEAST DIE!" I shrieked.

Carlisle looked at me shocked as he wiped the water away from his face.

"What the, Bella what was that for?" He asked a little scared

I shrugged, and turned around and left.

This was just the begging Carlisle I thought evilly as I walked back to the others.

"Alice truth or dare?" I asked sweetly.

Alice frowned in concern.

"Dare." She said nervously.

"I dare you to ask Carlisle if he would rape you." I said.

Alice looked horrified but I followed her as she walked to Carlisle's study.

She walked over to him, and he looked up with a weak smile.

"Umm Carlisle would you please rape me?" Alice asked seriously.

Carlisle's eyes widened, and he looked like he was choking on something.

"What no Alice I will not, I don't even think that's possible." Carlisle said looking sick.

"Oh ok." Alice said and walked away.

I laughed as we walked down the stairs, I don't think I've ever seen Carlisle said disturbed.

"Edward truth or dare?" Alice asked smugly.

"Dare." Edward said reluctantly.

"I dare you to ask Carlisle if vampires can pee, if he asks anything tell him that you think you peed your bed, and when he says your name say that you love him." Alice said.

Edward groaned, but walked up to Carlisle's study, I followed behind laughing the whole way, and watched as Edward walked to Carlisle.

When Carlisle looked up he looked hesitant, but hope was in his eyes.

"Yes Edward?" He asked.

"I love you." Edward said nervously.

Carlisle looked at him uncomfortably and scooted his chair back a little.

"Carlisle can vampires pee?" Edward asked.

Carlisle looked confused.

"No, you should no this by now, why do you ask?" Carlisle asked.

"I think I peed the bed." Edward admitted.

Carlisle looked at him wide eyed, and looked awkward.

"Umm Edward, I don't think that's possible." Carlisle said gently.

"I think I peed my bed." Edward repeated.

Carlisle frowned now.

"I heard you Edward, but it's not possible." Carlisle said growing impatient.

"I love you." Edward said with a smile.

Carlisle rubbed his face, and sighed.

"I know Edward you told me." Carlisle said annoyed now.

"I love you." Edward said again in amusement now.

Carlisle looked up at him with narrowed eyes.

"I don't care." Carlisle said and began to read his book again.

Edward walked out of the room laughing with me.

"Ok Emmett truth or dare?" Edward asked pulling me into his lap.

"DARE!" Emmett hooted.

"I dare you to tell Carlisle that Esme is swearing at you to much, and that she isn't a good mom for that, and tell him every time he says your name that you peed on his doctor's stuff." Edward said evilly.

Emmett beamed, and ran up the stairs, pulling me along with him.

Emmett ran into the room, and Carlisle looked up, and became nervous.

"Carlisle Esme is swearing at me to much." Emmett said seriously.

Carlisle looked shocked.

"She's a grown woman she has the right to swear if she wants." Carlisle defended.

"Well I don't think a good mother would swear." Emmett said crossing his arms.

Carlisle glared at him now.

"Emmett it's common for mothers to swear." Carlisle said not looking amused at all.

"Carlisle I peed on your doctor stuff." Emmett said seriously.

Carlisle's eyes twitched, and he sighed in frustration.

"VAMPIRE CAN"T PEE, ok they can't it's not possible, do you understand?" Carlisle yelled.

"Take a chill pill Carlisle." Emmett laughed as he pulled me back down stairs.

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