B's pov

I looked around at each of them with an evil smile, and pointed at Alice.

"Alice truth of dare?" I asked.

"Dare." Alice said biting her lip nervously.

"I dare you to go and tell Carlisle that he has all kinds of shit in his teeth, and offer to get him a toothbrush, and then ask him if he was eating shit." I said with a giggle.

Alice moaned, but got up, so I followed closely behind her, and I watched as she went into Carlisle's office.

Carlisle looked up at her with a glare, but tried to calm himself.

Alice took a seat on his desk, and stared into his mouth.

"What?" Carlisle asked in confusion.

"You have all kinds of shit in your teeth." Alice said looking at him with disgust.

Carlisle stared at her in outrage, and snapped his mouth shut. "I do not." He said glaring at her.

"Do you want me to get you a toothbrush?" Alice asked.

"I don't have a freaking shit in my teeth." Carlisle barked.

Alice paused, and took a whiff of the air, and she began to gag as she looked at Carlisle's mouth.

"What now." Carlisle moaned rubbing his eyes.

"Did you eat shit?" She asked.

"I most certainly did not." Carlisle said with a glare.

"Sure, I believe you." Alice grinned.

"Dammit Alice just go." Carlisle said hitting his head on his desk.

"Ok shit-face." She said then quickly walked out the door.

The others were still laughing when we made it to them.

"Were did shit face come from." Emmett laughed.

Alice shrugged with a grin.

"It just sounded right, but anyway, Rose truth or dare?" She asked with an evil smile.

"Dare..." Rose said with a frown.

"I dare you to tell Carlisle he should get his pimples popped, and then say would you take your hands off your ass for one minute please." Alice grinned.

Rose moaned, and walked slowly to Carlisle's room, me right behind her.

She walked up to Carlisle with an innocent smile.

"Hey Carlisle." She started.

Carlisle gave her a cautious smile.

"What is it Rose?" He asked.

"You should really pop all those zits." She said looking at Carlisle's face with a frown.

Carlisle stared at her in shock.

"What?" He asked.

"Oh nothing zit face." Rose grinned.

Carlisle growled lowly at that looking angry.

"I do not have zits on my face." He said grinding his teeth together.

"Would you take your hands off your ass for one minute please?" Rose said glaring at him.

"I don't have anything near my ass." Carlisle barked.

"Doesn't it hurt sitting on that pimply ass of yours?" Rose asked smugly with a flip of her hair.

"I don't have on pimple on my body thank you very much, do you wanna check?" Carlisle asked glaring at Rose.

"No thanks shit face." She said then turned and walked away.

I followed her back laughing as we reached the others.

"Ok Emmett truth or dare?" She asked with a grin.

"Dare babe." Emmett said excitedly.

"I dare you to get you're paintball gun, and act like a robber, as Carlisle for his money, to get down on the floor, but if he doesn't listen then shout him with a paintball." Rose grinned.

Emmett beamed and ran to the garage, and was back in seconds. We both walked up to Carlisle's room, and I laughed as Emmett put on a black ski mask.

Emmett kicked the door open, and pointed the gun right at Carlisle.

Carlisle jumped.

"Emmett, what are you doing?" He asked shocked.

"Just give me the money!" Emmett demanded.

"Emmett put the gun down, what money?" Carlisle asked.

"All your money give it to me now or I'll blow your head to pieces." Emmett warned loudly.

"Damn it Emmett just put the gun down." Carlisle yelled.

Emmett pointed the gun at Carlisle's eye and shot.

I gasped as a big green splatter hit him square in the eye.

Carlisle held his eye and moaned.

"Damn it Emmett have you lost your mind." Carlisle asked in annoyance.

"This stings like a bitch." Carlisle mumbled.

"Put the money in the bag son of a bitch." Emmett yelled.

"What bag, I don't have a god damn bag." Carlisle growled.

"That's it old I'm going to blow your brains to bits if you do give me the money." Emmett warned.

"Emmett." Carlisle glared.

Emmett pulled the gun out and in vampire speed shot him in the mouth.

Carlisle gagged, and coughed out blue paint onto his desk.

"That was disgusting." He moaned.

"Then give me your money now." Emmett said stepping closer still aiming his gun at him.

"Ok, just stop shooting me." Carlisle said and reached into his desk, to pull at four hundreds.

He handed it out to Emmett and Emmett hit it out of his hand.

"That's not ALL the money!" He yelled, then shot Carlisle in the other eye.

"Take that bitch." Emmett snicked.

"Just go away." Carlisle said moaning as he held his other eye that was now purple.

"Ok bye daddy." Emmett grinned, and walked out the door.

I laughed as we walked down with the others.

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