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"Moose!" A soft ripple of musical laughter escaped her. His small-calloused hands acted as a blindfold while he maneuvered her body with his own. Nervous tension dissipated beneath the familiar excitement, the hope that spread thorough her veins, as warm and inviting as the late-fall night. "Where are you taking me?"

His hands disappeared from her vision and unnoticed by him, her smile faltered. The front entrance of The Vault proved to be less than satisfactory for their first official date in almost three weeks. "Moose..." Camille didn't want to say what had to be said. This was why she had felt the way she did on the night of the dorm Halloween party. Her, feeling as though she was insignificant in his busy life. Always seemingly left behind because of some kind of commitment, it had been this way for the years she'd known him. Sadly, as long as they were going to be together, this new loyalty with the Pirates would always have to come first.

"Cammie," After a deep breath, he faced her. His glittering gaze pierced the darkness, holding her captive. Voice rough edged, almost desperate, he whispered, "I know, Chameleon. I totally forgot about Anala's birthday thing and made plans with you. Please, honey," He reached down, taking her trembling hand, and holding it close to his heart. "I promise, I'll make it up to you."

Her brown eyes warmed, the irritation melted away by his sincerity. She loved the way he called her honey. It meant that she was unique to him, special. He didn't go around using endearments with anyone else, not even as a joke. "Its fine, Moose. Water under the bridge."

"Are you sure? You ain't gonna throw me over or something?"


He cupped her face in his hands, gazing into her brown eyes that he swore sparkled gold when she laughed. "Just kidding, jeez!" He rubbed his nose against hers and she giggled. "But, I'm still getting use to us. So, please be patient with me." Moose kissed her forehead. He wanted to get use to the idea of them being together, not as best friends but as a couple.

"Okay, you big dummy," she pressed a chaste kiss to his lips, her heart fluttering at the contact, and then eased herself away and he let her go. She smiled, a beautiful happy, white tooth, lips bowed lusciously grin. "Let's do this!"

"Hell yeah!"

Humidity was making his wife beater and black cargo pants stick to his body. He allowed his gaze to travel past the club patrons against the walls who were focused on their lap dances. He briefly wondered if they knew what the gyrating women looked like or even cared at this point, sure that they didn't. He was glad that the woman in the crew held much more respect and dignity for themselves. Even though Anala was celebrating her twentieth birthday, he hoped that she would drink in moderation or enjoy herself sober. Whichever one didn't leave her a blundering idiot by the end of the night.


Jacob's dark-brown eyes snared on the bar counter-top laden with two bodies and empty shot glasses only ten feet away. The fiery redheaded dancer hovered over another body clothed in black. Her left hand was secured in a black cast and a shot glass full of Jack Daniels nestled in between the valley of her breast. Anala dipped her head, hands and knees braced on the counter and on either side of the girl. Lips painted pink curved over the outside rim of the glass. Once secured, she knocked back the drink, and slammed down the empty shot glass onto the counter, thrusting her arms up in victory. "Wooooh!" Immediately there arose a deafening cacophony of whistles, catcalls and joyous laughter.

Cursing low, Jacob ran a big, dark hand over the back of his neck.

Dignity and respect just went out the damn window.

"Yo, Jacob!" A voice pierced the smoky haze that suddenly swam before him, smelling strangely familiar. Was someone smoking marijuana in here?

He turned. The long-limbed, curly-haired boy bounced slightly to the loud bass of the music. Uproar from the bar caught their attention. They noticed, however, the female Pirates dancing on top of the counter, shot glasses in hand and the way they drank the strong liquid down quite easily. Alcohol-induced men blew them kisses or offered to buy them more shots. Seemed partying sober was no longer an option.

Jacob eyed the girls distastefully. "Whoa, are we that late, man?" Moose said in awe and Camille pinched his bottom, wrinkling her nose. He jumped, turning to her, "Ow! What? It was a question!"

Trying to appear normal, rather than aggravated with the girls' abhorrent behavior, Jacob smiled but it didn't reach his eyes. "No, your right on time," he said, with an edge to his voice that the young couple now recognized as disapproval. His accent seemed to be drowned out by the music. "Ah, Camille, you were so quiet I didn't even see you." Jacob reached for her hand then brought it to his lips for a kiss.

A red glow spread over her features when he released her hand with a gentle smile and Moose pulled her against his chest possessively. "Hey, quit mackin' on my girl!" Jacob held his hands up in front of him in mock surrender, chuckling. He knew if it ever came down to it, he could snap the scrawny dancer like a twig. But it was all in fun.

Camille stared up at her boyfriend in wonder at his possessiveness, who winked back at her teasingly. She finally dropped her eyes and laughed awkwardly as her blush deepened. His scent enveloped her being, overpowering the musky smell of the club. Heaven above, her mouth suddenly felt dry. She swallowed, trying to wet her throat with her saliva, but that barely made any difference. It tightened at the thought of an ice cold drink. She tugged his arm, gaining his attention. His eyes lowered to hers, brown eyes sparkling while staring into her own and she melted. "I'm gonna get a drink."

Moose's dark brows drew together in a deep ridge. "Water, Cam. I don't wanna be the designated driver again," he couldn't contain his smile. It slid out and lifted his cheeks encouraging another brilliant smile from her. He didn't even own a car, let alone was qualified to drive one. Also forgetting the fact that didn't even have his driving permit. Besides, she didn't even drink alcohol. She had her father to thank for that. "Or have you go all Coyote Ugly over there. Only I shall see if those hips lie or not." She shook her head, laughing softly. He was such a goof.

"I'll be back, Bobby." She gave him a brief kiss on his cheek and sauntered off towards the bar. Her heart raced with excitement, the eagerness and exhilaration. The music had launched into Flo Rida's Club Can't Handle Me as she made her way through the crowded dance floor. The pounding beat kept time with her pulse, reverberated through her blood and coaxed her body into motion until she was dancing through the crowd.

"Hey, Ma. What you drinkin' tonight?" His eyes were jewel-blue, a color so intense it made her feel as if she were being swallowed by the sea. He had a dishcloth in his hand, wiping down the varnished, wooden counter. The bartender offered her a sexy smile when she sat down.

"Water, please."

The bartender flattened his mouth. "Water? You sure, baby? I can fix you up something nice."

With slender fingers, Camille smoothed the brown ringlets in her hair. "Uh…I'm not much of a drinker…"

"Dean, are you harassing my girl?" Anala threw an arm around the younger girl's shoulders, giving him a coy look.

He tossed the dishcloth over one shoulder, reaching under the counter to grab a bottle of water before handing it to Camille, who in return, muttered her thanks. Obviously she was peeved by his attempt to get her wasted. "My bad, birthday girl. I was tryna have a nice conversation with the beautiful lady. But you seem to be cockblocking me as of now after I allowed you and your girls to dance all over my clean bar."

"And that's why you still work here, babe!"

"I should quit so you would actually have to dance on the dance floor." He squinted at her, folding his arms over his chest.

"You're making me sad…on my birthday, too."

Camille twisted off the cap and took a long swing as the pair continued their humorous exchanges. She sort of felt out of place when Moose wasn't by her side. Even after being here many times, she couldn't shake off the feelings of discomfort. Since Tyler left Baltimore to tour with Nora and now resided in California, life for her was not the same. Having transferred to MSA second semester and meeting Moose, it helped fill the empty void she had been carrying in her heart for years.

Anala chuckled softly and arched a sexy red eyebrow. "Unfortunately, Dean. This little cutie is taken by that mop of curly hair over there." She pointed to Moose, who was freestyling in the middle of the dance floor, a cheering crowd surrounding him.

"Ugh! The pretty ones always are. My two weeks notice starts now," Dean grumbled before he stalked off to serve another group who stumbled straight into the bar. "Hey! Don't put your ugly face there! I just cleaned there!" The girls burst out laughing. Anala knew he was joking about his two weeks notice. He loved it here as much as the Pirates did. He just couldn't handle the rejection that came with the job.

Anala brushed some of her hair behind her ear. "I'm so glad you were able to come."

They exchanged a quick hug, and Camille asked, "I was invited?" She blinked at the older dancer, confusion filming her gaze.

The redhead mirrored her expression, "Of course you were! You did, after all, help us win the World Jam. I'd also like to think of you as one of my friends. I made sure to let Moose know. But he said you were going to be busy tonight. I guess you finished whatever your doing early."

"Yeah, I did. Happy birthday by the way." She smiled, giving her another hug to steer her away from the topic of their discussion. This issue was of a more private matter, something her and Moose would have to talk about...alone. He had told her earlier that he had forgotten about the party. Did he not want her here with him? Yet, he dragged her here anyways. He was so confusing sometimes!

"Thank you. Man, do I feel old." Anala laughed as the track ended and a slower song drifted through the speakers and she began to sway from side to side, humming along. Moments later, she stood rigid, and Camille noticed her smile melting instantly.

"Come on, Blue," A voice said, and the younger dancer swung in its direction. Jason was now sitting at the far end of the bar. The same girl that Anala was doing body shots off earlier was standing before him. At first glance, she was half a head taller than Anala, oddly making her boyfriend's five-foot-six frame appear short by comparison. A dark, woolly beanie was now perched on top of her head, sweat coating her mocha skin, her casted hand hung limp at her side.

Jason reached to touch her cheek. She flinched away from him. He dropped his hand with a defeated sigh, dismayed. "You need to cut this shit out. Its time to grow up and learn to 'forgive and forget'. Its in the past, so leave it there because you're beating a dead horse."

The way her cobalt eyes narrowed suggested that she wasn't pleased by his method of reasoning with her. Her back straightened as rigid as a post, her lips parting to inhale sharply. Intricate features twisted with sudden anger as her right hand began trembling. Before anyone could blink, her fist collided with the side of Jason's jaw and he toppled off the bar stool, hitting the dance floor, dazed. "Man down, man down!" Dean shouted, peering at dancer on the ground over the bar's counter. "Code blue! Or code black! Oh wait, that's racist…code blue!"

"Shut the hell up, Dean!"

"Aw, hell…" Anala muttered, throwing Camille an apologetic look before rushing forward toward Jason and signaling the rest of the Pirates for their aid. Blue Eyes was storming through the crowd by now, making her way to the exit and leaving the others angry, flustered and the focus of inquisitive attention. Camille's eyes were wide. Did that really just happen?

"Chameleon!" Moose slid to a halt beside her. "Did you see me out th-"he followed his girlfriend's gaze, looking at Jacob and the others trying to help Jason to his feet. The side of his face was red, beginning to swell and he looked angry and confused. "Whoa! Who lay the smack down on Jason?" He couldn't hear him sigh, but his body language told him there was one. Jason touched the tender spot on his jaw where she had hit him, regretting his action when he winched slightly.

"A girl with blue eyes." Camille shook her head is disbelief. How that girl, half of Jason's size, managed to knock him down with one punch was unbelievable. He looked as though he was taken by surprise. It may have been a lucky shot, something he had not anticipated.

"With a cast?"

"Yup. He got Akuma KO'd."

Moose inhaled sharply through the clenched fist that covered the front of his mouth as he leaned away from her a little, "Daaaamn, son! Mama must have told her to knock him out!"

Camille found herself laughing aloud at his comment. However, she hadn't forgotten that he had lied to her and for some unknown reason; she felt it wasn't going to be the last. When he kissed her, she thought that things were going to change, now that they had a title. That he would put much effort into their newfound relationship, just as much as she was. But, she couldn't shrug off this intense feeling in her gut that maybe, for some reason, he was holding himself back.

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