Holding Hands

Harry Potter: Harry/Draco Slash

Beta'd by M.K.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and its various characters belong to J.K. Rowling, and no one is trying to prove otherwise.

Harry's laugher rang out through the halls and right into his ears. Always his ears. He couldn't get away from those green eyes and beautiful smile. And his hands!

Draco watched from the shadows as the golden three got closer. Then he peeked out and met those beautiful green eyes, before ducking back into the shadows.

"Hey guys, I just saw him," Harry said, his eyes going to where he saw Draco.

"Okay, okay, Merlin," Ron muttered, "Just don't go walking around holding hands again."

Hermione rolled her eyes and grabbed her boyfriend's hands and pulled him away. "Go have fun, Harry." She said. "I'll see you tonight."

Harry smirked after them before running towards where he saw his Slytherin.

Draco reached out and caught Harry before he passed, pulling him into the dark and slamming him into the wall.

"Hello Harry," he purred, and parted Harry's legs with his knee then kissed him.

Harry moaned, his head falling back against the cold stone walls of Hogwarts. Hands tangling in Draco's hair as the silver-eyed teen's mouth latched onto his neck.

"Sweet Merlin, Draco!" He cried in bliss.

A flash of light went off and Draco growled as he turned and glared at Collin Craveey.

"Get out you, mudblood!" He snapped.

Collin squealed and took off at a run.

"Dray…" Harry began only to be cut off by Draco's tongue being shoved down his throat. "Hmm…" he moaned as Draco went back to groping him.

"Harry, class will be starting soon," a dreamy voice said.

Draco growled again.

Harry laughed, "Come on love." He pushed the blond away and grabbed his hand. Tugging him out into the hall, Harry smiled at Luna Lovegood.

"Hi Luna," he said cheerfully.

Luna smiled dreamily, "Hello Harry, Draco," and skipped off. "Hurry or you'll be late."

Together Gryffindor and Slytherin walked towards their potion class hand in hand.

Collin hid around the corner and snapped a picture just as the boys rounded it. Draco hexed him and he ended up in the hospital wing for the next two days, but the picture turned out fine.

Harry Potter reserved it as a Christmas gift later that year.

Draco and Harry holding hands.