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Save the Last Dance

Tseng was not happy about this mission. Well, to be honest, it wasn't so much the mission that he had a problem with as Elena's role in it. As the only female on their team, Elena often got tapped for undercover work. However, they had not had a mission that required her to be in the same position as this one, and while he knew she was a Turk and could take care of herself, the part of him that was her lover was not at all happy.

That was because Elena would be going undercover as an exotic dancer at a club. Tseng had seen her costume already. It consisted mainly of strategically placed scarves of blue and green silk. And it wasn't that he disliked it exactly, he just didn't want anyone else besides him to see Elena in it. But their target had a fondness for both dancers and blonds, and this was the best chance to eliminate the man easily. Even if Tseng didn't like it.

Which explained why he was sitting in the back of the room glowering as he watched the show. Elena had yet to come on stage yet, but it wouldn't be much longer. Their target was already here and seated up front. Tseng glanced around the room checking on Rude who was working as a bouncer and Reno who was subbing for the bartender. He would spike their target's drink just before Elena came out. Once Elena had finished performing, she would offer the man a private show, and that would be Tseng's cue to slip out and head up to the room that had been prepared.

There was a pause in the music and then a burst of applause as Elena stepped out on to the stage. She wore a veil over her face, but Tseng knew that it would be coming off before too long. He took a moment to admire his partner and lover. Elena was a beautiful young woman, and the colors she currently wore suited her quite well. Then the music started, and she began to dance. Tseng did not watch. He had a great deal of self-control, but he wasn't sure how well it would hold up in this instance.

As Elena's music ended, Tseng slipped out of the room and headed upstairs where many of the dancers had rooms for private viewings. The Turks had selected a room at the end of the hallway, so there was only one shared wall, and thankfully, the rooms were well insulated. Tseng swiftly located the kit he had left in the room earlier and prepared the drug cocktail that he would be injecting to their target. Between the drugs and the man's own health problems (which he pretty much ignored rather than treated), their target should be dead very quickly.

It wasn't long before Tseng heard footsteps in the hallway, and then the door began to open. Tseng stepped back into the shadows. Within moments Elena led their target inside, doing her best impression of a giggling idiot. It was entirely clear that the man was completely absorbed with Elena and not noticing much else. Elena darted around the target in order to close and lock the door.

"Now, snookums, we'll have a little fun here to relive the tension, and then you can come home with me and have some more fun."

Elena just smiled and shook her head. "Sorry. I'm going home with him."


Tseng chose that moment to stab the syringe into the target's neck. The man collapsed within minutes with Elena skittering out of his way as he fell. She knelt down to check the man's pulse, and Tseng got a good look at her for the first time since she had come out on stage earlier. Elena was barely clothed. Most of her scarves were missing. He wrapped his coat around her which she accepted with a smile.

"He's dead," she informed him.

It took the two of them very little time to arrange the room appropriately and plant the necessary evidence. When the man's body was found, it would be assumed that his death had been caused by his indulgence in alcohol and drugs. That would neatly solve most of the problems the man had presented in the rebuilding of Midgar, and it would be next to impossible to link with Rufus.

Once that was done, they were free to leave. Rude and Reno would slip out as well sometime tonight, and they would regroup in the morning for a mission debriefing. But for now, Tseng was taking Elena home. Their work was done for the evening, and Tseng was more than ready to leave. He held out a hand to Elena. "Shall we?"

She nodded. "I can't wait to get out of here."

Neither could he. Especially since now that the mission was over, he no longer had to be a competent professional. He was very much looking forward to getting her home and out of that outfit of hers. It was rather distracting, even with his coat over it. Thankfully, the trip back to their shared apartment was not very long. The second he had her inside, Tseng pressed her up against the wall.


She shivered at the sound of his voice, titling her head up with an inviting smile. Tseng pulled her close and trailed kisses down her neck. Elena made a soft noise in the back of her throat, and then wiggled out of his arms with a mischievous smile. She dropped his coat to the floor and stepped back into his arms, looping her own around his neck and kissing him. Elena spoke between kisses. "Bedroom. Now."

Tseng was more than happy to oblige.