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"It's official! I H. A. T. E. my boss!" I happen to be complaining to no one in particular as I sat alone in my tiny living room. But what's a girl to do when she wants to complain yet no one's around? Not complain? Yeah right!

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Jade Hennings. Currently I'm also a waitress with perv of a boss who likes to hit on girls who happen to be thirty years younger than him, creating the kind of horrible mood I'm currently in. (In case you missed the hint, I'm usually his target.) Yeah, he's like, sixty-five (I got that by counting his age lines, most accurate way ever), and I'm twenty-two! Age difference! It might be slightly less creepy if there was at least an obvious reason for it. I don't even have much to be perved over! That isn't modesty either, it's fact. I'm just a plain redhead with untamable curls and jade-colored green eyes (thus the name Jade), and signature redhead pale skin. Ok, maybe that doesn't equal plain, but it certainly doesn't equal gorgeous, trust me! And why like me when I work with her? If beauty was personified, it would no doubt be my co-worker. She has dark mahogany waves for hair, complimented by perfect gray eyes in a fair, but not china doll like mine, face. And to boot, she has the perfect figure whereas I'm rod thin, nearly absent of any curves.

I huffed out a frustrated breath at all the thoughts about work, before slowly letting out a sigh from my nostrils to calm myself.

Ok Jade, just forget about him, just forget about work. Just forget by watching some mind numbing Naruto. Yesss, Naruto.

I sluggishly heaved myself up from the couch I had just collapsed on after storming in from work, gradually getting more energy and less annoyance as I approached what I like to call the Closet of Naruto. This closet so happens to be filled to the brim with Naruto DVD's that spilled over their shelves, packed to the point of bursting. It's my own personal heaven. I pulled one out at random and shoved it into my DVD player, knowing that no matter which one I picked I'd be content. Then I promptly collapsed back onto the couch in my former heap and grabbed the remote, pushing the tiny green play button.

I lazily watched as the always epic opening theme led to a scene in a cave. It didn't look familiar, which is odd, because I've seen all these episodes at least fifty-trillion times. I leaned forward, interest caught, straining to remember which episode this could be, when the screen suddenly froze up. I scowled at TV, chucking one of the couch pillows at it, which sadly had no effect.

Stupid old piece of junk!

I got up and stomped over to the TV, completely ready to kick it, when I heard the sound. It was a slow dripping that slightly echoed. Although strange, that wasn't exactly the weird part. The weird part is that I saw the source of the dripping coming from the TV. Small droplets of water were coming from the screen and rolling to the floor or… Were they going inside the TV?

More confused than nervous at this point, I cautiously inched my way towards the TV, my wide jade eyes watching the water drip down onto the neat, uncluttered little stand my TV rested on. Slowly, almost being drawn forward, I leaned closer to the screen, until I was close enough that I could see the individual lights making up the picture.

Mesmerized by the TV, I slowly raised my hand to touch the screen, the source of all the water. However, the moment my finger brushed the cool glass, I felt a tugging sensation. Well, if tugging is the equivalent of nearly ripping my arm out of its socket.

I gasped, quickly waking from my daze as I was torn through the screen!

I do not remember this being in the instruction manual when I bought the TV!

I slipped through the chilled glass with an odd sensation similar to that of jumping into a pool of water, and then I was plummeting straight into the cave.

I swear I didn't scream. It was a tough shout of surprise... Okay, I screamed.

Then my back connected painfully with a hard rock floor. I sat still, stunned by the impact for a moment, before gasping and starting at the sound of a somehow familiar voice.

"Dare ga anata o sa re, dono yō ni anata ga koko ni kuru nodesu ka?" The voice that had spoken was dark, and I could practically feel the power seeping from it. But somehow, though I certainly didn't know anyone who spoke like that, or in whatever language that was for that matter, familiarity was tingling the back of my mind.

Eager to figure out who was speaking and where I was, I stood up quickly and faced the owner of the voice, and I swear my eyes nearly popped out of my face. I was staring at Itachi Uchiha. The Itachi Uchiha! Complete with sharingan eyes and everything!

My first thought was I was staring at an intense, very realistic cosplayer, but then three thoughts flitted through my mind. One, why would a cosplayer be in a cave? Two, I'm pretty sure a cosplayer wouldn't be so calm if a girl fell from the ceiling. And three, I don't think the contacts cosplayers use can swirl like that!

"Itachi?" My voice went pale with shock.

His eyes narrowed dangerously after I spoke, and he questioned me in a strange language again, his words becoming absolutely deadly.

"Dōshite shi~tsu teru no ka?" What language was he speaking?

The language suddenly clicked in my mind in Japanese, and through my shock it vaguely registered that it made perfect sense for Itachi to be speaking Japanese. After all, Naruto did originate in Japan.

"Shitsumon ni kotaete, on'nanoko." This time his voice took on an even sharper tone and I could see him shift ever so slightly under his cloak.

I began to panic, realizing very clearly that not responding to an S-ranked criminal was not something you did if you had any desire to live. Sweat began to pool on my brow, and I scrambled for a sort of response while at the same time watching him for any movement.

"I-I'm sorry! I would do whatever you want, but I don't understand your language!" Hey, what else was I supposed to do?

Itachi narrowed his eyes and stared at me as though I was speaking gibberish (which to him I probably was), before pulling out a katana from within his cloak. Normally I would be squealing to see Itachi in person, but all of the sudden I was acutely aware of how dangerous this man before me was. I gulped and stumbled back as he approached me, so quickly that he was a blur to my eyes. I flinched back and closed my eyes as I realized that the katana was rapidly approaching and screamed the first thing that came to my mind.

"I wish I had a shield!" Then I got a surprise.

I felt a sudden weight in my arms and heard the clang of metal on metal. I pried open my eyes and nearly fell over in shock from what I saw, although that may have also been from how strong Itachi's strike was. In my arms was a shield, the kind you'd see in medieval movies, and positioned right in the middle of it, creating a huge dent, was Itachi's sword. He slowly ripped his blade from the metal, tugging my shield from my slackened grip in the process, all the while giving me an intense stare that pinned me to the spot and caused my heart to take on the pace of a rabbit's and my breath to catch in my throat.

Before I could even begin breathing again, I was held by my throat against the wall, my feet dangling uselessly above the ground.

"Nani ga atta ka?" Anger was laced throughout his voice now, and he was staring straight into my eyes, his face still expressionless.

"I'm sorry! But I really don't know what you're saying!" My brows moved together in frustration as I choked out words through his grip on my throat.

Itachi gazed into my eyes for another long minute while I grew more and more oxygen deprived, his gaze deep and penetrating.

Then the tomoes in his sharingan spun, and all went black.

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