Riders in the mood

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Summary: It's on and off. They have a great time, then he goes riding away on his motorcycle, leaving Kagome with the insecurities. This time is no different, yet the circumstances make it life-changing. Two-shot, AU

Chapter Warning: AU and what some might consider slight, slight OOC-ness.

It was dark and cold, and most importantly, she wasn't wearing lingerie. As Inuyasha would say, she was thong-less. A smirk appeared on her lips subtly, because she was not what you would arbitrarily call a bitch. You wouldn't even get to call her a bitch, since the only one with the right to call her that – because she was his bitch – would have you six feet under ground in two seconds flat.

But he wasn't there at the moment. Her mind reeled with taunting images of him and other, random women that he used to satisfy his eccentric and frequent needs while away. She scrunched her nose – it didn't really bother her anymore – only sometimes – because he always came back to her. When he got tired of his "baby", he'd come riding back to his other "baby" because – as Inuyasha himself had the habit of wording it – there was nowhere more at home than between her legs, inside her pussy.

He had such a lewd vocabulary, but Kagome loved it like the little whore she was.

Of course, she was not allowed to see other men – the hypocrite – because he'd smell them on her from more than three miles. Once she'd made the ultimate mistake of daring to defy him, and even though it had certainly pissed the hanyou off tremendously, which had pleased the girl some, it had also left scars on her quite fragile heart. But despite all that, Kagome couldn't stop loving Inuyasha. Now it was within reason that she wouldn't force his hand, because there was always the memory of that boy she'd tried to vent her frustration with, that had suffered the dire consequences of her noncompliance, and as much as she'd relished seeing her boyfriend enraged, the poor boy that had become a punching bag had truly not deserved such pain.

There was a second in which she hesitated before hiking up her already short dress – again, she wasn't wearing underwear – and her fishnet stockings of a dark, alluring gray made quite the impression, which was why she caught the attention of several cars passing by. A couple of them stopped and offered a ride, but after a 2-second overall assessment, Kagome concluded they were freaks, so she refused graciously with appealing smiles, so much that the 'gents' had no way of responding other than going on their way. The third was the charm, because she found herself in the car of a very, very attractive, obviously older guy with fascinating green eyes. He was quite blond, although not entirely, and the combo strangely made her trust this stranger. Inuyasha had taught her to read people.

"How're you gonna pay, vixen?" he asked slyly, taking his eyes off the street for a few seconds to gauge her reply.

She only gave him a simple smile.

"You'll have your pay on the spot."

He smirked and focused on the road again, undoubtedly eager to get her out of the car for a quickie. What he didn't know and what made Kagome increasingly nervous was that, depending on his level of cockiness and stubbornness, he might get the beating of his life once he stepped out of the four-wheeled vehicle.

She'd told this green-eyes stranger to drop her at the nearest gas station. Of course, she knew exactly which one it was and she also knew it was the place where Inuyasha had stopped. He'd called her on the cell phone half an hour before and had asked her – actually, commanded her – to come greet him. The fucker.

There were a few exchanged words, a couple of minutes of silence, and a lot of not-so-subtle smiles. The blond guy sneaked his right hand on her bare, though stocking-covered thigh, and she delicately pushed it away.

"It builds the tension," she explained the gesture.

Then winked.

There was also a smirk before she focused her entire attention on the window and what was beyond it. Houses, fields, trees, bushes, more houses. The night was young and she suddenly felt so old. She missed Yash.

It was always like this.

He'd stay with her for a couple of months, they'd have the time of their lives, she'd almost convince him to stop doing drugs, and as a result, he'd unpredictably decide to go on a motorcycle 'tour'– as he called it – with his bros either in Austria, or Switzerland, or God knew where.

And he'd be gone for months.

This time she almost felt like crying, but she knew it would do nothing to change him.

Still, she loved him. She truly, honest-to-God loved him, and she couldn't help it. The fluttering of her heart when their shoulders brushed, the unbearable silence that always pounded so loudly in her temple every time he was away. There was no faking the shaking of her knees and hands whenever he breathed sweet, loving words in her ear. And maybe, perhaps, possibly-in-his-own-twisted-way he loved her back with just as much intensity. Whenever he was back in Japan, Inuyasha was only hers. He never even had the chance to call his own mother – that much time he spent with her.

"We're here." The smooth voice cut through her thoughts and her blood froze. It always did, no matter how many times she'd done this before.

"Oh, fabulous," she replied with fake enthusiasm, the necessary quality of seduction hiding a couple of layers under her usual tone.

"So, what about my payment?"

Kagome was momentarily distracted, her eyes searching for her lover in the darkness of the night. When she wasn't able to spot him she realized she was in a bit of a situation, because Inuyasha was always there on time to protect her from the weirdos that usually gave her a ride. Her heart pumped even more, freezing blood into her veins, and she could feel increasingly cold as she struggled for an answer.

On a second thought, fuck him, anyway. If he wanted her so much, then why the Hell wasn't he there? And this stranger was handsome enough to pass for a decent distraction, she figured.

Not for the first time in her life, Kagome felt like being a tad defiant.

She raked her mind to remember his last question and – oh, there it was. "Coming right up, hon," she said with a smile that didn't reach her eyes, and even if she almost couldn't get past the raging pulse and breath, she knew this was her sort-of revenge. Yash could go suck it for all she cared.

The stranger's hands were smooth and nimble as they worked on her zipper. The literally little black dress was open in no time to show her smooth back, and if the zipper had gone all the way down, the attractive stranger would have been graced with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of viewing Kagome's flawless buttocks.

"What are you doing?" she whispered heavily as he went behind her and started kissing down her faultless skin.

"What does it feel like I'm doing?" he replied breathlessly as she let a throaty moan pass through her lips. Was it wrong that she could picture Inuyasha doing the exact same thing to her, saying the exact, same words?

She was frustrated, angry, upset, nostalgic, deprived, and above all, Inuyasha still wasn't there. Well that spoke volumes, didn't it? Maybe he'd changed his mind this time. Maybe there was no 'and forever after' for them, as she'd imagined countless times.

The blond stranger trailed his hands down her thighs and squeezed, bringing her body closer to his.

"Hands off," an icy voice warned. "The bitch is mine."

Kagome stiffened with excitement pumping through her veins – she wanted Inuyasha to feel as jealous as she felt, she wanted him to have his own dose of distress. She wanted him to wonder if she preferred this tall, green-eyed man over him.

"Don't stop," she challenged, putting her hands over the man's and encouraging him to continue while looking in the molten orbs of the man she loved, who was visibly growing more livid and tense by the second. Yes, Kagome knew she was pushing the limits.

"Is she?" the stranger asked with a smug tone, encouraged by her wanton response to his touch. He naively thought she wanted him that much. "Saw her first," he said, "touched her first."

Inuyasha's face darkened with a tight scowl as he crossed his arms. By now the stranger had stopped his caresses, or else Kagome figured he would have lost at least a limb.

"Oh, really?" the half demon taunted. "So you know just where to touch her, eh? How she works, how she ticks?"

The stranger grew silent, and Kagome became worried. She could never guess Inuyasha's next move.

"Let me show you something," he said subsequently, yanking Kagome from the man's embrace. Slowly, he zipped up her dress – which in fact he absolutely adored on her – and trailed the fingers of his left hand down the interior of her thighs while molding her form back against his chest. Slowly, his claws moved to her hips, caressing gently. Her moan was music to his ears and without warning he applied enough pressure on her skin to draw a decent amount of blood while biting her shoulder painfully, his fangs penetrating the flesh. When her knees buckled and her head flew back of its own accord he knew he had her. Damn, even she knew it.

"Bet you didn't know she gets wet from that," Inuyasha taunted, boastful that he knew Kagome's body like the back of his hand.

The stranger cocked an eyebrow, looking intently at the flushed woman. "Do you know this guy?" It surely seemed she did, but the young woman was too breathless to reply.

"Something else that you probably don't know, since you're not as familiar with her body as I am," Inuyasha interrupted, "is that she is not wearing underwear right now." Kagome instantly knew how Inuyasha had figured that out. His bulging hardness was comfortably nestled between her ass cheeks, thus noticing the lack of string or material under the thin dress was an easy task.

So he was turned on by this as well, huh?

The man's eyes widened, probably in mortification that he'd missed such an opportunity. Kagome didn't have to look at Inuyasha to know that he was seething in pure rage, but she didn't care this time. Even if he'd give her Hell for this one, she was content. If he wanted to have her as a girlfriend of sorts, then the rules that applied to her should apply to him, as well. And since they didn't, he could piss off!

"Think you can defy me, bitch?" His hot breath scalded her ear and she couldn't believe this was turning her on!

"Yo!" Inuyasha looked at the man. "Scat if you know what's best for you."

It was probably the combination of the half demon's angry, liquid gaze, and the rapidly twitching doggy ears atop his head, and the deadly-looking claws he'd used to hurt Kagome with that scared the blond guy shitless, so that he hightailed it along with his car.

Now that they were alone, Kagome gulped. He heard it with his sensitive hearing and tightened his hold on her waist. Honestly, she couldn't remember the last time he'd felt so tense.

Finally, after a few torturously soundless seconds, he found the will to clear his rasp voice and speak. "Is this what you've been doing behind my back, bitch?"

She could have said no, but instead she nodded almost eagerly. She wanted to see what he'd do. Masochistically, she wanted to see if he dared to actually hurt her.

His strong hands squeezed her skin and she could imagine the snarl she knew he was sporting. The low rumbling in his chest made him all the more dangerous.

"You… bitch."

"Why, Inuyasha?" she asked, her tone quite bold. "Cause I'm not supposed to do what you do? Fuck others? How's that fair?"

In a smooth motion he turned her around to face him and she could read the uneasiness on his face that was turned to the side. He was biting his lower lip so hard that blood was flowing freely and Kagome had the strangest urge to lick it off. She'd never seen him like this; so... insecure. So extremely sad. His eyes were shiny and she was taken aback.

What the-?

"I know you have needs, Kagome," he spoke almost in a whisper. "But what if you like a man better? What if… what if you forget about me and leave me?"

Bitter beyond reason, Kagome shot the same question back at him. "What if you find some whore and forget to come back?"

He shook his head with tenacious resolution. "No, that's not possible. I can't love anyone like I love you." It was on rare occasions that Kagome got to hear such a declaration, so her heart did tiny flip flops of currently unwelcome delight. "Besides, this time there was no one else," he assured. His eyes pleaded with her to believe him. "You can ask Miroku if you want."

As if she could trust the pervert. But oddly, she trusted Inuyasha.

"Why not?"

He looked away again, and holy crap, was that a blush?

"This was the last time I went on a tour. I talked to Miroku and Kouga, and together we decided that we want to settle down."

Settle down?

"As in," she continued his words, confusion written all over her face, "get married or something?"

"Or something." He shrugged.

She still wasn't satisfied. "What about the drugs?"

His eyes darkened. "What about them?"

"Yash…" Kagome sighed, eyes locking with the ground. "If you want to 'settle down' then one day we may have children, and frankly I'd want them to be healthy."

"Keh. I was just fucking with you. Haven't snorted a line in ages," he declared smugly.

She gaped at him in absolute shock. "Are you serious?"

"You think I'm lying?"

She stuttered, tears of happiness wanting to show through, but she pulled the reins.

"N-no, but I… I can't… damn, do you really mean it, Yash? You want to be with me that much?"

He scowled and rolled his eyes.

"Woman, I told you I loved you, what more do you need to hear?"

She threw herself into his comforting arms, enjoying the musky scent of his sweat and the fine texture of his skin. It was just so hard to believe! Inuyasha declaring he loved her and that he'd give up his passion for her? Somehow, she didn't want him to be miserable and abandon the tours that he'd always been so ecstatic about, but she didn't want him away from her ever again, either.

"Yash, are you sure you can do this?" she asked, her voice muffled by his shirt.

"Well, what's the trouble?"

Was he for real?

"The tours, Inuyasha. Your friends, your riders. Won't you be missing all that?"

Then he smirked in a way she knew she wasn't going to like what he was going to say. "You'll be the one coming with me on the tours from now on. Just the two of us. We'll have short tours just for the fun of it."

She gulped and frowned. "You know I'm afraid, Yash."

"Baby, I'm a half demon. Do you think I'll let anything happen to us? My reflexes are a hundred times better than yours."

She rolled her eyes. "Kouga is a full demon and he still had an accident."

Her lover snorted. "Wolf shit is a puny excuse of a demon. That shit ain't gonna happen to us. I swear."

When he put it like that, how could she refuse?

"Alright, baby." She snuggled closer into him, borrowing his warmth and the soothing sense of comfort he provided.

"So," he said after a while, his voice meek, "who were the filthy assholes?"


"The ones you fucked." He seemed so withdrawn and adorable with his pouting lips that Kagome wanted to kiss him.

"I didn't fuck anyone," she stated truthfully. "I lied. But I was going to fuck that guy who brought me here. I thought you weren't going to come for me and I got angry." Just for good measure she punched him in the chest, though he didn't even flinch.

"Jeez, bitch." He rolled his eyes, suddenly happier than ever. Even if he intended to hide it, Kagome could sense the drastic change of mood. "You know I always come back to you. What are you, an idiot? Oh, and by the way, I'm so fucking glad I'm the only man you've ever spread your legs for."

Yeah. Nice, subtle way of putting it.

"Shut up, stuuupid." She couldn't believe his dirty mouth! Slapping his arm harshly, Kagome then hugged his waist tightly, relieved to just have him close. It was a habit of theirs to get intimate as soon as he returned from his rides, but this time they were content to simply hold each other deep into the night. Inuyasha found a sturdy branch in a high tree and jumped on it with Kagome in his arms, holding her safe, his motorcycle parked somewhere close, never to be used by himself alone again.

Sango, now Miroku's wife, was happy; Ayame was happy, as well (that damn Kouga had finally worked up the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend, though he was still dealing with her alarming sense of independence), but Kagome's happiness rivaled theirs indisputably. Inuyasha had been on his best behavior for weeks, and if that wasn't a thing to celebrate, then what would ever be?

Naturally, their recent commitment that spoke of a bright, amazing future. The black onyx engagement ring on her finger ensured that there wasn't much time left for them to act like stupid, hormone-driven teenagers anymore. They'd soon be husband and wife, with equal responsibilities and marital rights, and they honestly couldn't wait.

As it was, they'd both agreed to have one last day of rowdiness. If not for anything else, then at least for the sake of old times. At first it hadn't been a joint decision, since Kagome had protested time and again, bringing solid arguments such as, "We'll get caught" – they had already been once, in the past – or, "Your mother is going to get a look," and Kagome was unsurprisingly very reluctant to be seen in such a posture by her future mother-in-law – not that it was a fact that it would happen – or, lastly, "We are so not as quiet as we used to be, anymore."

But Inuyasha shot down all her fears.

Firstly, "I'm a lot quicker now and we won't get caught again. Trust me, I've had practice." And he winked.

Then, "Mom is away on a cruise, forgotten already? Besides, she loves you regardless of your state of clothing."

And finally, with a calculated fangy smirk, "I can kiss away your moans, baby."

All those pros combined with the heat of his breath against her ear late in the night as they were both naked on satiny sheets dissolved her resolve. And then it was all jazz and blues.

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