Riders in the mood

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Summary: It's on and off. They have a great time, then he goes riding away on his motorcycle, leaving Kagome with the insecurities. This time is no different, yet the circumstances make it life-changing. Two-shot, AU

Chapter Warning: Steam.

He leaned against the balcony door, hands crossed over his chest as curtains flowed in the wind around him, his eyes tracing her curves, her long, bare legs, the way the wind moved her raven tresses about as she sat on the windowsill.

Everything about her was breathtaking.

She was in her world again, unreachable, lost to him, and he knew what she was doing. What she was thinking. He'd known from the start. But it was therapy, he figured, her therapy. He'd pushed her buttons for so long, had hurt her unwillingly so many times that she still needed to cope with it. She still had scars.

When push came to shove, Kagome was so much stronger than he was. It had taken him nearly three years to realize how much of an ass he had been. To understand the insecurities she was battling with every day while he had his fun miles away from home.

2 years earlier

"Yash," she smiled brilliantly, waiting for him to dismount the motorcycle before jumping in his arms. His tongue entered her mouth greedily without preamble, taking her breath away, drinking her in. She let him, like she always would, because she was weak for him. Smirking against her lips, he circled her and pushed her against the motor vehicle, molding her body to his, mesmerized by how perfectly they fit together.

"Welcome home," she whispered between kisses, one sneaky hand reaching up to rub a furry ear that instinctively flicked out of her reach before a breathy moan left his lips.

"You're playing with fire, woman," he warned, grinding his hips against her to make his point. "You're risking getting not burned," he whispered hotly in her ear, "but incinerated." Pupils dilated, Kagome blinked sultrily before pressing her lips against the side of his neck, biting into his skin playfully.

"That's it," he declared, way past the point of passiveness, grabbing her neck as though to strangle her and tilting her head upward to look into her sizzling orbs. His hand moved to rub her temple, proud that this woman, his woman didn't fear him. The scent of her arousal had him dizzy with passion and he wasn't about to wait. He needed to have her.

His kiss was all too consuming. Panting heavily, Kagome wasted no time in pulling the leather jacket off his arms, her hands touching everywhere. She'd missed him so much, there was no way she could ever have enough of him. It was always like this – they always missed each other crazily when he was away. Looking at him from head to toe with hungry eyes, her brow furrowed at the sight of a small, folded paper fallen on the sidewalk.

Her boyfriend licked her collarbone sexily, lighting her veins afire, but something inside her chest was twisting, quickly distorting passion into dread.

She had a hunch.

Pushing him away, she bent over and picked up the small note, tears immediately springing to her eyes at the content. The note, it read, "Call," and then a phone number and a scribbled heart. It wasn't her writing, so a mask of fury emerging from within replaced the numbing pain she knew so well.

"What the fuck, Yash?" she screamed, face contorted in blind rage as she punched him roughly, her shirt sliding down one shoulder before she pulled it right back angrily, quickly wiping away the moisture at the corner of her eyes, unknowingly spreading mascara on her cheeks.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" he yelled right back, grabbing her shoulders and shaking her roughly, but her hands came up and slapped his away, pushing against his chest until they were feet apart.

"What's this, Inuyasha, huh? Explain. What the fuck is this?" she flicked her wrist, the crumbled piece of paper landing at his feet and his eyes caught it, narrowing before focusing on her face, and Inuyasha had to ignore how unbelievably breathtaking she looked, seething with anger like she was.

"Baby, calm down," he tried, knowing that would just rile her up more. Like an electrical wire she snapped, attacking him like a tigress, throwing punches, pushing at his chest, pulling, scratching. He grabbed hold of her arms, trying to stop her hysterics, inwardly relishing the flames of her unrestrained rage.

"You fucking – calm down? Calm down? How can I calm down when I know you're fucking God knows how many women behind my back!" she yelled, frustrated that she couldn't budge his grip, trying desperately to share some of her pain, to hurt him, physically, because it was the only way she knew how to. She was too weak to ever leave him.

"You know I sleep with other women when I'm away. You fucking know it, happens every fucking time, so why are you always going all psycho on me when I get back?" he demanded, squeezing until she flinched with pain.

"Because I can't fucking believe you, you- retard! You fucking cheat!"

"Don't call me a retard, you bitch," he said in her face, nose inches away from hers.

Biting his lower lip savagely, she took advantage of his momentary flinch to pull out of his grip and push him again, this time surprising him enough to make him lose his balance for a moment. Enjoying the brief show of weakness with sadistic pleasure, she grabbed at the roots of her hair and looked at the darkening sky, letting out a cold, piercing laughter.

Without explanation then, she turned around and entered their house, the one Inuyasha had bought with 'dirty' money, and started packing. She worked fast, knowing he'd be hot on her trail.

And soon she was flying across the room, pushed and lifted against the wall, her creamy legs hooked around his waist. Her chest heaved with uneven breaths as his claws dug into her thighs. His eyes – crazed, red, demonic – bore into hers, warning her that he wasn't playing. But she wasn't playing, either. He'd hurt her one time too many, and she couldn't deal with the same kind of addiction anymore.

"I ought to find myself someone to fuck, too," she spoke in a low, venomous voice.

Ignoring her, knowing she was all bluff, he nipped her shoulder in reprimand, licking it afterward. "You're a masochist, Kagome," he growled, his voice not his own as his tongue slid out to lick her lips, grinning at the rise of her heady scent. "You just like to fucking hurt," he said further, pushing aside her shirt and bra with one hand and cupping a smooth breast. He groaned. "If you didn't fucking enjoy busting my balls for screwing others, you wouldn't be so miserable. We wouldn't be so miserable."

Tears welled up in her eyes and he panicked for a second. She looked so torn, so small and fragile then. But he was sure he was right – she was just blowing things out of proportion, like she always did. She didn't expect him to endure an erection every time a beautiful woman passed him by and he didn't have his own woman to satisfy his needs, did she?

"How can – how can you say that to me?" she whispered, voice trembling.

He sighed, "Kagome, I told you. I am not going to change, and you're not leaving me, you hear me?" Kissing her cheek, his heart skipped a beat at her broken sob. "You're not leaving me," he continued, "ever, because you love me." His voice was tender, eyes back to their normal, golden hue. Looking into hers, he lifted his other hand to her head, cradling it gently with bloody claws. Her blood. "Just as I love you," he whispered, brushing his lips against hers and looking into her eyes, pouring his whole soul into that one look, that one, wordless, convincing statement.

"I love you," he repeated, over and over, and she cried in his arms, loving him more. Loving him always more.

He knew now how many mistakes he'd made, how utterly fragile he'd made her. But he was slowly picking up the pieces, showing her, as he should always have done, that she was the only one for him. She had always been the only one for him.

And Kagome knew that, she really knew it now, but sometimes it was hard to believe it.

He just had to give her time.

The Takahashi pool house was the place where everything happened.

There wasn't a moment during the day with no one either hanging around on the outdoor chaise longues, swimming in the pristine pool water, or arguing in the small, but impressive adjacent building. It was the place for relaxation, the place for business meetings, parties, arguments, fights, and weddings. If one Takahashi decided to spend his day indoors or out, the others would flock to the pool house anyway, filling it with life.

Inuyasha was used to it and Kagome had grown to like it. Whenever she stopped by she'd surely find someone home, and Inuyasha's family were a blast to be around. There were such intricate dynamics between them, layers of love and hate – it resembled one of those vampire families described in the most recent bestsellers. They loved and despised each other, bit into each other like sharks when pissed off – they were demons, after all – but would fight for their family like animals out in the wild. It made her feel safe and welcome. Wanted.

Inuyasha's father and brother were actually the only demons in the family, as Izayoi, Inuyasha's mother, and Rin, Sesshomaru's wife, were human. It seemed the half-demon had continued the trend of finding himself a human life partner, and Kagome couldn't be happier.

However, it was clear they wouldn't be living at the mansion, though. Inuyasha hated the place most of the time, felt it suffocated him. He was a man of privacy, and here there was none. Kagome had understood as soon as she'd stepped into the house that there would be no way to keep anything to herself among these demons, and she'd accepted it, but she figured that an entire childhood in such an atmosphere could scar a man. As it was, Inuyasha only ever dropped by to see his mother or his sister-in-law. Whenever he needed to talk to his father or brother he'd seek them at their offices.

For many years Inuyasha had been the black sheep of the family, with only his mother to support him. He'd been the only one to hate everything about the Takahashis: the fame, the mansion, the business, the inheritance. The responsibility that came with it. At sixteen he'd dropped out of high school and had run away from home, touring the States on a motorcycle he'd stolen from a neighbor when he could've easily grabbed the brand new Yamaha his father had given him for his 16th birthday. He'd had it rough then. The education he'd had at home wasn't the kind to help him get by with no money in his pocket, so he'd had to work up some questionable skills in order to survive. That small, but significant decision had become the experience of his life, because it had made him infamous among a number of fellow dealers. Not exactly the future his family had envisioned for him, but he couldn't have cared less.

One night, though, as he was fighting with a drug dealer and generally ok friend, Kouga, he'd met her.

Kagome had been a good girl then, a virgin in all aspects. She'd had the misfortune of walking by as fists were swinging in the middle of the night in a dark alley. Her eyes had been so wide at the sight of the fight and he remembered hearing her heart pick up speed along with her steps. Somehow, he'd been attuned to her from the start. And with that immediate connection an instinct to protect her had surfaced, but Kouga's instinct had been different. Dirtier.

The wolf had always been fast. Forgetting the fight, Kouga had surprised Inuyasha and those cheering from the sidelines when he'd grabbed the poor woman and had run off with her. Enraged beyond reason, Inuyasha had followed them, beaten Kouga to a pulp for attacking a defenseless woman, and had never let go of her since.

Kagome had also been the one to put an end to his dubious career and reconnect him with his family. They all loved her for that now, and she liked them too, very much.

Today the pool house was quieter than usual, as the two Mrs. Takahashi were calmly gossiping over a cold cocktail, sunbathing. Sesshomaru, who'd been checking some files for the office, had decided to leave and join his father at the company. The big meeting, the one Inuyasha wanted nothing to do with, was fast approaching, and there would soon be another party.

He'd have to let Rin know.

Inconspicuous was the word. They were trying to be inconspicuous. This house had so many servants that the news of their arrival would travel to Rin's ear in two seconds flat, so stealth was a few levels above mandatory.

Kagome's heart rate neared the speed of light and her palms grew sweaty against Inuyasha's at the thought of what they were going to do for the second time.

We're crazy. We are sososo, so crazy.

Inuyasha was thinking along the same lines, though his anticipation of the steamy, hot sex they were going to have trumped his worries. His mother was... understanding, Rin had been subjected to it before, and Sesshomaru was undoubtedly at the company with their father, since the big launch was nearing.

Dragging Kagome after him, he noticed Jaken, the toad demon servant, rounding the corner. Opening the door to his right, Inuyasha pulled his girlfriend against him, leaving the door slightly open so he could still see outside. It was just their luck that the toad couldn't scent someone even if his life depended on it. When the coast was clear, they continued toward the pool house.

Kagome was nervously debating whether there was something seriously wrong with her head when the half demon stopped abruptly, making her collide with his back. Looking around him, she inhaled abruptly.

"Sesshomaru, hey! I didn't know you were home," she said, trying to get her voice to sound as casual as possible. Even though seconds before she'd hesitated, regret at not being able to carry out with their plan after all struck her now.

"Yeah, what are you doing home?" Inuyasha asked, voice as bitter as ever. "Shouldn't you be helping Daddy?" Kagome smiled, not because she was about to witness another typical brotherly quarrel, but because she could sense Inuyasha's frustration lacing his words. He wante her just as much as she wanted him. They'd had their chance, but it was blown the moment Sesshomaru was thrown into the equation. His sense of smell would make their little adventure virtually impossible.

"Watch your tongue, half breed," the older brother warned predictably, the icy inflections of his voice no longer intimidating Kagome as they once had. "I'm leaving now. Entertain your mother, Inuyasha – she's keept my wife busy all day long."

"Lonely, much?" the hanyou muttered and almost snickered aloud at the subsequent scowl on his brother's face.

"Bye, Sesshomaru."

Nodding his head at Kagome with dim respect, a rare feat from him, the full demon left. He admired her more than he did most humans, except his wife, and it was obvious in his behavior. Soon, the implications of Sesshomaru's absence registered in her brain. The direction of her thoughts was visible on her flushed skin, and Inuyasha knew it.

Smirking, he guided her through halls and corridors to reach the back entrance of the small pool house. Entering, they got to the front door that led to the outdoor swimming pool, where Rin and Izayoi were chatting smoothly.

Sensing the change in his girlfriend, the half demon covered Kagome's mouth before she could freak out.

"You said your mom was on a trip!" she turned around and accused him with a frown, wanting to punch him for grinning like that.

"I know I did. She must've come back today."

"That's a fake excuse," she mumbled and turned around to watch the two women again, crazy reaching a whole new level in her mind, "because you're the first person your mom calls when she gets home."

Her breath hitched when she felt hot hands settling on her hips then slowly crawling under her shirt. Warm breath caressed her ear and she nearly moaned aloud at his knee-weakening words,

"Fine, I lied. But it was to get you here, now."

Swallowing thick liquid, Kagome felt fire travel through her limbs, lighting her up like a torch for him. His hands got a mind of their own, searching, probing, touching. When the rough skin of his palm rubbed her breast she almost moaned aloud, arching her back against his chest, opening her soul for him to indulge.

Smiling with his nose in the crook of her neck, Inuyasha thanked the gods for Kagome. His fingers brushed against her left nipple before he turned her around, pushing her back on a large table, the one they usually used for meetings.

Sesshomaru would flip out if he knew.

Lower lip between her teeth, Kagome looked like a goddess. Smelled like temptation, too. He breathed through gritted teeth, afraid he'd lose control ahead of time, muscles tight as a tick as he watched his vixen lick her lips and lift a finger to trail it down his clothed chest. Quickly discarding his shirt, he leaned over her, briefly checking the chaise longues to see Rin and his mother still talking, blissfully unaware. It was their luck that the two women were facing the opposite direction, their backs to the pool house, otherwise they would easily be able to spot Kagome, all spread on the business table with a half naked Takahasi Jr. on top of her. A mischievous smirk tugged at his lips right when Kagome brought his gaze back on her, delicate hands holding his head in place as her long legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer. The heat of her core penetrated his jeans to his crotch and he grunted, eyes closing in pleasure.

Looking at the two women herself, Kagome gasped as a draft unexpectedly tickled her bare folds before two fingers were suddenly twisting inside of her, making her writhe like a feline.

Inuyasha's eyes were still momentarily wide, even as he teased his girlfriend deliciously, at the knowledge that she'd come wearing no panties. When he'd stealthily lifted her skirt while her eyes had been following the movements outside, a heady amount of her intoxicating scent had slapped him right across the face, making him dizzy with pleasure. It also didn't help that the sight of her dripping pussy rippling around his fingers had him weak at the knees with anticipation of a pleasure so great he couldn't wrap his mind around it just yet.

Picking up the pace and adding a third finger, he whispered hotly in her ear, "I want to taste you, Kagome. I wanna have you all over my lips, in my mouth, I want to be inside you so badly." And right before she got the chance to let her heart skip a beat at his erotic words, his tongue was inside her, circling her clit, thrusting within and making her melt.

Outside, Izayoi was rubbing Rin's shoulder reassuringly as the younger woman sipped some delicious concoction.

Kagome was in another dimension. Biting her lip, her face became red from holding back all sounds, the flush spreading down her body, and Inuyasha smirked from between her legs, enchanted by the way she rolled her hips against his mouth. They'd done this so many times, but it still felt novel.

There was a striking urgency in her desire to reach the peak, he noticed, and it made him uncomfortable, ready to blow his load. He unhooked his belt with one hand while the other spread her folds as he licked her from bottom to top, senses sizzling from her taste. Her breath became infinitely more erratic and her hands gripped the edges of the table until her knuckles turned white, so the half demon decided to take pity on her.

Before he could send her spiraling over the top, though, something from his peripheral vision caught his attention and his whole body tensed. Blood freezing in his veins, he realized his mother was standing up, still explaining something to her daughter-in-law, but definitely almost about to notice their... activities. In a display of grand reflexes, Inuyasha dragged his girlfriend under the table, ignoring her almost mute whine, before his mother could witness him fingers deep in her.

A low chuckle escaped his lips at the thought, his senses still on high alert, although his mother was surely going to simply refill her cup of ginger tea – she always had a cup of ginger tea handy. Grunting in surprise, Inuyasha winced when his girlfriend elbowed him in the ribs, frowning at him.

"What?" he asked indignantly, before all of a sudden remembering what he'd been engaged in. A wave of something torrid washed over him all of a sudden and he realized there was no time to waste getting up again, with how close he was to the edge. His eyes clouded over and his hands grabbed her knees, pulling her to him. In a smooth motion her back was against the floor, her boyfriend leaning over her, between her legs.

Her eyes glinted even before a lazy smile stretched on her lips, and he watched her for a second. Then he ground his jean-clad crotch against her wet folds, drawing the longest moan she'd ever given as the roughness of the fabric and the pressure of his bulge sent her into the orgasm she'd been on the brink of, before.

"Shh," he whispered in her ear, arrogance coating his voice.

Biting her shoulder playfully, he unzipped his jeans, pulled out his cock and pressed it against her, thrusting inside. Her eyes, previously half lidded, widened as her body arched of its own accord, and she was unable to stop the sexiest moan from escaping.

Inuyasha's ears twitched atop his head as he heard Rin ask his mother about a strange sound, but at their dismissal of his girlfriend's moan of sexual satisfaction he kept thrusting, alternating intensities, just the way he knew it got her going. He knew every little bit of her, knew how to incite her, how to make her see stars. Gritting his teeth, he grabbed her left thigh and pushed it up, changing the angle so he could reach deeper inside her, so much more delicious.

"Mmm, baby," she said, head tilting to the side, "just like that."

And she wasn't passive, he loved that about her. Her hips rolled up with every thrust he gave, her hands were everywhere on his body when they were not desperately grabbing at pieces of furniture for support. He cringed when she pushed the table a bit by accident, making it screech. Hopefully the two women outside wouldn't catch the noise.

All thoughts eluded him instantly at the sight of his girlfriend's sweet agony, however, and he kissed her cheek tenderly, before allowing himself a little wildness.

Leaning back a fraction, he caressed the inside of her right thigh for a second, before scratching his claws against the skin, leaving four long marks in their wake, careful not to draw blood though.

Predictably, Kagome's breath caught in her throat, her walls rippling around his hardness as he pushed inside her repeatedly.

God, how well he knew this woman.

And she knew him just as well, she proved when her one of her hands found his ear, rubbed the base briefly then trailed down, scratching his chest like an enchantress, making his hairs stand on end. Everything inside him was electrified. To stifle the growl he was unable to contain he bit her shoulder again, closing his eyes tight as something overwhelming approached. Thrusting that much harder, that much deeper, faster, he cupped her breast and squeezed the nipple, swallowing her moans with his mouth. His eyes fell open and time slowed down as both reached their climaxes, the kiss they shared as erratic as the hearts racing inside their chests. He was dizzy with the incredible feeling of having her there, being inside her, filling her with his cum, feeling like he owned her. But he knew that by the same reasoning she owned him back. This time he was only hers. He'd always be only hers.

"You lost it there," he panted as he pulled out of her, sat with his back against a table leg and drew her in his lap.

"You lost it, too", she pointed out, letting her head fall against his chest. She was so tired, but the two women were still out there, so they would have to leave soon.

"God, that was hot," he thought aloud, remembering the feeling of pleasuring Kagome and his mother about to see it. A lazy smirk spread on his lips, glad that Rin had not caught them in the act this time. "See?" he boasted, "told you no one was gonna catch us."

Her head lifted to look into his eyes, and his heart skipped a beat at the intensity swirling inside them.

"Thank God for your senses, though," she told him. "I was so lost I didn't even care that your mother was about to see."

Chuckling, he patted her head as though she were a child.

"You were too busy trying to get off, hon."

"Yeah, I was, wasn't I?" she smiled, placing her head against his chest again. "Can we stay like this some more?" she asked, her voice muffled by his skin.


"That lousy cat," Izayoi complained, about an hour after Inuyasha and Kagome had managed to regain their senses and leave the mansion, more alive than ever. "I don't know why your father-in-law lets it in the pool house."

"Yeah, the noise it made today!" Rin agreed, fishing into her purse when her phone started ringing. "Yes? Oh, Sesshomaru," she said with a smile that lit up her entire face, standing up to walk around the pool, but soon stopped, looking at her mother-in-law with a frown. "Huh? What do you mean, is Inuyasha still here?" An eyebrow shot up at what her husband was telling her, and slowly her face morphed into a picture of shock, and she murmured some unintelligible things into the receiver before hanging up in a daze.

"What is it, darling?" Izayoi asked, standing up to check on the young woman, who was slowly realizing that it had been no cat they had heard earlier.

"I-I think... oh, dear God, not again!"

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