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I know I should be working on Simple Math, but this one just wouldn't let me go.

I always knew I was different to him. Hell everyone did. "Abby's his favorite." "Don't mess with Abby unless you seriously want to piss Gibbs off." And for a while I loved it. Knowing there was a special place in his heart reserved only for me. And I have to admit, for a while I held hope. Hope that it would eventually go to the next level. Surely with the feelings we both held it would. After a while though I came to a realization. I was his safe deposit box. Somewhere he could put all his love and affection, knowing it would be safe. Knowing I would never let anything happen to them. I was an investment. Never to be given them fully, only to hold onto. Maybe that's why I was never fully worried about and of his relationships. Even Mann, who seemed to get closer than any other woman had in a while. He never made a withdrawal. And I guess it's wrong and I'm hurting myself more in the process but I succumbed to my position. I guess I would rather keep them safe, never fully own his feelings, than let him give them to someone else. Then again maybe one day he'll forget to pay his dues on purpose, and surrender his most prized possessions to that which is holding them.

She felt, rather than heard him approach her. God she was such a masochist. No one's presence made her feel so warm yet so shattered at the same time.

"Whadda ya got for me Abbs?"

After about a minute, she turned and looked at him. "Nothing I'm about to let go of Gibbs."

Okay please don't shoot me!