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Summary: What happens when Naruto is born with the Sharingan, well not only will hell be unleashed, but he will be an ANBU to watch as it does. Well I don't think hell will be unleashed I'm just going to tell you that he will be an ANBU. No pairings until notified. Read and Review.

Warning: I have a warning to whom it may concern, Madara is not going to be in this story, he actually dies in the Valley of the End fight with Hashirama. Kyuubi was inside of Kushina, but escaped earlier in the story, and went into hiding, to regain his strength and also because he didn't want to be around any Uzumaki's because he kept getting sealed into them. And lastly I have yet to figure out how he is going to act in this fic, I might have him act like Itachi, oh and speaking of Itachi, Naruto gets born two years earlier, so he'll be fifteen when the others are thirteen. Also pain is still looking for the Jinchuuriki, but isn't being manipulated by Madara/Tobi.

Naruto: The Blue Eyed Uchiha Chapter One: The Birth of a Legend

The night was that of a Friday, I know that doesn't matter in a ninja village, but this night was special as… "Ahhhhhhhh hurry up and get this baby out of me!" somebody was giving birth. And yet at the same time, it was a day of destruction as a demon was attacking the village. Except this wasn't just some weak run of the mill type of demon, no, this was the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the strongest demon known to man.

Why was it attacking the village, that is a question no one knew, and they weren't going to ask it as it was killing every ninja that was in its range. But with tails that, with a single swing, can cause earthquakes, tsunamis, and many other natural occurring disasters, everything was in its range.

*In the Hospital*

Namikaze-Uzumaki Kushina was not what you would call a patient person, she was yelling to the doctor to hurry up and deliver her baby. "Come on keep pushing I can see the head…" the doctor spoke as she helped Kushina give birth.

Her husband, Namikaze Minato, was right by her side encouraging her and having his hand squeezed, "Come on honey breathe, breathe, AAAHHH!" he yelled as his wife squeezed his hand a little too hard.

The doctor had most of the infant out, "Alright give me one last big push… ahh, congratulations Namikaze-sama it's a handsome and healthy baby boy." she said as she let Minato cut the cord and cleaned the baby off before handing the baby to the tired mother.

Kushina smiled down to her new born child, "hello little one, I'm your kaa-san, welcome to life." she said softly as the infant began to cry, before she started to rock it gently to calmness. "Minato-kun, what she we name him?" she asked her husband knocking him out of his stupor of finally becoming a father.

Minato wrapped his arms around his wife and kid as he made a shadow clone to take their first picture as a family. "We'll name him Naruto, Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto." He said, but unfortunately the moment was interrupted when an ANBU came in.

The ANBU bowed as he spoke through his dragon mask, "Hokage-sama, the Kyuubi is nearly at the village, you have to help us." The ANBU begged as the Yondaime dismissed him with a wave of his hand.

Minato then turned to his wife who had tears in her eyes, "its time isn't it." she said under her breath, as she continued to rock her child. "Can I just have a little more time with him?" she asked this time kissing her son all over his face.

She kissed his head again as he opened his eyes and she seen his freshly blue-grey eyes. She smiled down at him as her own emerald like eyes bled, into red as her Sharingan came to life, to help memorize her son's smiling baby face.

You have to understand her history first, her grandmother on her mother's side of the family was an Uchiha, and her grandfather on her father's side of the family was a Senju, but not just any Senju, this one was Hashirama himself. She herself married a Namikaze and she's an Uzumaki, so her child was literally going to be the strongest ninja in history, maybe even exceeding the Rikudou Sennin.

With the Uchiha's bloodline, the Uzumaki's longevity and large chakra reserves, the Namikaze's stamina and amazing techniques, and the Senju's military intelligence, analytical minds and their uncanny ability to be Kage level, then its no question just how strong Naruto will become.

She could tell that she didn't have much time, since she had lost a large amount of blood, and no amount of blood pills would bring it back. Her fully matured Sharingan eyes morphed into that of a four pointed star, "Tsukiyomi." she whispered as she sent her son into a three day long Genjutsu that only lasted a single second in real life. What she did in the three day span will most likely be known later in his life when the memory of the event is systematically unlocked later in his life.

What was weird though was that her chakra levels seriously plummeted, the machine monitoring it was going crazy at the sudden drop.

Minato had seen what his wife did, but like always he didn't have time to panic as she was done a second later, but who said he didn't panic as he watched the machine go crazy a second later as his wife's chakra levels dropped down from 85% to 25%. "Oh shit." he muttered as he quick stepped to her bedside and popped a soldier pill in her mouth, and her chakra levels rose to 35%, but he didn't see that, all he seen was her Sharingan fade from view. He wasn't the Yondaime for nothing as he noticed a slight flux of energy enter Naruto before disappearing all together, 'Ooh I understand now.' he thought as Kushina gave him one final kiss to Naruto's head and gave him to her husband saying in a very low and raspy voice, "go save the village." she said that with tears in her eyes, as they shared one final kiss knowing they weren't going to see each other in this life. Just when he stopped the kiss and left, the nursed finally entered to check on Kushina after hearing the chakra machine.

Kushina gave last thought as she felt her life slip out of her body, 'Take that, Kyuubi, its time for you to enter yet another Uzumaki, and after this one you'll never experience freedom ever again.' she thought as she fully passed, with a smirk on her face.

*On the Battlefield*

The ninja of the village were still doing battle with the Kyuubi when the Yondaime appeared on top of the toad boss summon, Gamabunta, the chief toad. "The Yondaime is here, we're saved." A random Jounin yelled. Another giant toad appeared, on top of this one was Jiraiya and the Sandaime, this toad was Gamaken. "And Jiraiya we're even more saved." the same Jounin yelled again.

And though reinforcements had arrived the Kyuubi was still doing damaged to the village and he even wounded Gamabunta in his left eye. That was seconds before the retreating shinobi witnessed a bright flash of light, and when the battlefield became clear again, they only seen Gamaken, with the Sandaime and Jiraiya on his head. No Minato, Gamabunta, or even Kyuubi. It took a second for them to realize that the Kyuubi had been defeated, they expressed their immense joy at the defeat of the great Kyuubi no Kitsune. And it was all thanks to the Yondaime, and speaking of the Yondaime, "Hey where's the Yondaime." a Jounin asked the question that made many shut up and think about it.

They now knew that the Yondaime gave up his life to get rid of the great demon fox, they took about a second to mourn the loss of their Yondaime before they renewed their cheering of their victory over that of the Kyuubi.

Closer to the disappearance of the Kyuubi was Jiraiya and Hiruzen, and they were searching for the body of Minato. Even after a thorough search for the body they still couldn't find it, even after a flux of charka filled the air minutes ago, they just couldn't pinpoint the location it came from, with all the left over youki in the air. They were beginning to give up on the search, until they heard the sound of crying inside of one of Kyuubi's larger and deeper footprints, at least a dozen feet deep. "We found them." an ANBU yelled to his leader.

Soon Jiraiya and Hiruzen, and a squad of ANBU were at the site. The Sandaime and his student jumped into the crater and walked to the blonde pair. Minato was pale like his soul was recently taken from him, and little Naruto was still crying, nobody knew what was happening to him, but the Sandaime took a closer look as he bent down to pick him up, what he seen nearly made him faint.

In the child's eyes was a fully matured Sharingan and the commas were spinning crazily before vanishing from view, returning the infants's eyes to their original blue-grey.

This truly was the birth of a legend.

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