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Naruto: The Blue Eyed Uchiha Chapter Fifteen: Recuperation and Infiltration

(Hi no Mura) (Village of Fire)

Itachi and Kakashi landed just in front of the gates of the village, and began leisurely walking, while Pakkun sniffed out Hana and her dogs.

"So how long do you think Naruto-kun's been fighting this guy?" Pakkun asked while sniffing the ground.

Kakashi looked at Naruto on Itachi's back and looked over his wounds. "Well I really cant tell, just from his wounds, but this is Naruto…" he said to remind them of the fact. "We can only guess that they've been fighting since they've met each other, eye to eye."

Pakkun took a short break from his sniffing to look at Kakashi, "So how long do you think he'll be out?"

"Judging from the amount of dried blood on his face, coming from his eyes, I would say that he used the Mangekyou techniques." Itachi said joining the small conversation.

Pakkun looked at Itachi confused, "That doesn't reall-"

"Those techniques empty the user's chakra reserves, like nobody's business." he said interrupting Pakkun. "So he'll be out for at least a couple of days."

"Not to mention that he was fighting this brute right here." Kakashi said pointing a thumb at Kaosu on his back. "So add maybe a day or two, unless the Kyuubi puts in overtime to refill Nauto-kun's already large reserves."

Pakkun nodded his head and got back to sniffing the ground.

"Speaking of Kaosu, why is it that he isn't dead? I would have been sure that without an acceptance, Naruto-kun would have killed him." Itachi said knowing how Naruto felt about facing enemies, he liked not giving them a chance to enact revenge on him.

"We'll ask him that when he wakes, which reminds me of something…" Kakashi began as he scratched his head. "Now with Naruto, temporarily, out of the picture… do you still want to have the fight without him?" Kakashi asked the conscious Uchiha.

The ANBU Captain began thinking, "Without Naruto, it wouldn't be as… challenging to just focus on one opponent. That's the only reason why its always been a triple threat, to keep us alert of another enemy. But if you want we can still go and the victor can face Naruto, whenever he's at full health."

Kakashi smirked behind his mask, "Would you shut up, I've finally pinpointed the girl's scent." Pakkun said below the two Sharingan users, before leaping on the rooftops.

The two nodded and followed the dog, following it on the rooftops.

(Ai's Tea and Dango)

Hana was miserable at the moment, she could sense the fight between Naruto and Kaosu was over. But Naruto had yet to return to her. 'Where could he possibly be?' she thought slowly spinning a straw in her full tea cup.

"So this is where you were?" a voice said behind her.

Hana perked up at catching a whiff of a highly familiar scent. She turned around, not to see Naruto… the way she expected. Hana ran to Itachi and caressed Naruto's head. "Sweet Kami, please tell me he isn't dead." she told Itachi.

Itachi shook his head, "He isn't dead, he's just extremely exhausted from his fight with Kaosu." the man said reassuring the lady.

At that point a middle aged woman walked up to the group, "Hello, unless your going to order something, I going to have to ask you to leave. Your dripping blood on the floor." she said pointing to said floor.

All the ninjas looked at the floor to see a small puddle of blood below Kakashi. "Oh that reminds me, Hana did you find an inn yet? We need to patch these two up." he asked her.

She nodded and they began walking with Hana and her dogs leading the way.

(The Forest of Death)

Ai stood in front of the gated forest. Both of them were armed to the teeth in equipment. "Are you sure this is a good idea, an unsupervised trip to the Forest of Death will most likely kill us." Ai said loud enough for her team to hear, her pony tailed hair blowing in the wind. She was dressed in a dark green shirt, short enough to show her midriff. A short dark green skirt with black biker shorts underneath. On the back of her left hip was her ninja pouch. A shuriken holster on her left leg and black boots topped off her complete attire.

Hinode sat on a rock drawing seals in a scroll, "Well just in case, I'm making a chakra storage scroll, in case we run low." she said with her silver hair also blowing in the wind. She too was also dressed for battle, she wore a black sleeveless leotard, with the top part of it being mesh. Over her leotard she wore a short dark green blouse and a pair of black pants, and black sandals. She wore a large pouch that took up her whole hip, that she used to carry all of her scrolls. On each of her wrist and ankles were weights, each weighing fifty pounds each. But these weren't like weights Lee uses, these were tattooed seals, she herself drew. So she could cancel them any time she wanted.

"Don't worry Ai-chan, all we have to do is survive for two days. We're Naruto-sensei's Genin squad, the best squad since the Legendary Sannin, we can handle this." Hageshii said sitting on a nearby tree branch. He wore the same color scheme as his female teammates, with a loose fitting kimono and hakama. On his lap was one of his blades, it was plain in design but in his hands it could cause all sorts of damage. He was in the process of sharpening said blade, with his teammates not caring about the sound it caused.

"Yeah I know were good but, still, no one doesn't even know we're going in there. And plus a lot can happen in two days." Ai said now pacing in front of the gate. "What if we run into a hoard of icky spiders, or any other bugs, then what do we do?" she screamed frantically, revealing her fear of insects.

Now finished with her last seal, Hinode let out a laugh, "Are you serious… bugs. Your more scared of bugs then surviving in the Forest of Death, not to mention bugs are barely bigger than my big toe?" she said looking at Hageshii as they shared a laugh.

The bluenette blushed in embarrassment, "Yeah so, I'm afraid of bugs, what girl isn't?" she said.

"Well I'm not for sure, also you have the females in the Aburame clan, and any other real kunoichi." she said counting off her fingers.

After hearing Hinode's statement Ai's left eye (Hey it rhymes) twitched in concealed anger. "Did you just insult my status as a kunoichi?" she spoke with malice leaking off of her in waves.

Hageshii not needing to be able to sense the anger coming from his blue haired teammate, dropped from his branch and landed between them. "Alright that's enough, lets get inside that forest. No need for ill will to be between us, when we need it most." he said looking at Ai.

Said girl began to glare at her male comrade. "Fine, but when we get out, I'm killing her." she said stomping towards the gate and jumping over.

The male Genin let out a sigh, "Like she could kill me…" Hinode said behind him, as she too moved towards the gate. "I'll just throw a grasshopper on her." she said before jumping over.

(An Hour Later)

In front of the three Genins was the remains of what used to be a large… very large centipede. Its blood everywhere, mostly around its severed segments, where even more kunais and shurikens were pierced into.

Hageshii was busy swinging his sword to flick the excess blood off of it, while Ai was glaring at Hinode. "Barely the size of your big toe my ass." she said as the Hyuuga had the decency to blush in embarrassment.

"Well how was I supposed to know it was going to be the size of a tree. Its my first time in this place." she said as the veins around her eyes became less pronounced.

"Judging by the size of this centipede, I can only guess the rest of the wildlife is the same size." the brown haired male said, sheathing his blades into the sheaths on his right hip.

Ai looked terrified, "That means we have to get out of here. There's no way I'm staying in this nightmare." she said trying to make a run for it.

The male Genin grabbed one of her shoulders, preventing her escape. "Would you quit being a scaredy cat, we're here to protect you. Also even if we get separated, you still have your tiger summons." he said relaxing his teammate.

Ai thanked her teammate and they each set out to look for a safe place to set up camp.

(Hokage's Office)

Sarutobi stood in front of his large window, stared out his window as a pair of clones did his paperwork. He puffed on his pipe and blew out a puff of smoke. 'They should have been back by now. What's taking them so long.' thought as he started walking around his office.

He sighed blowing out a stream of smoke as he dispelled his clones and sat in his chair, pushing the spare to the corner of the room.

As he sat down, a trio of people entered his office. The old man looked at the youngsters before their sensei walked in the room. "Hello, Tou-sama." Asuma said.

Hiruzen smiled at seeing his son, "Hello Asuma-kun, to what do I owe the pleasure?" he said refilling his pipe with new tobacco.

The Jounin shrugged his shoulders, "Nothing really, we just came to get a mission."

The Sandaime rose a brow, "Really? Why have you come to me personally, when you could go to the mission hall?"

At this Ino spoke up, "Because every time we go there, Iruka-sensei gives us some crappy D-Rank missions. I, for one, am tired of those missions." she said with a large tick mark on her forehead, angry just by thinking of picking up trash again.

"I hate to say it but I agree with Ino on this one, picking up trash is a drag." Shikamaru said slowly scratching his head.

Choji just picked up a handful of chips and stuffed them into his mouth, not needing to say anything to express his agreement with his teammates.

Sarutobi stared at his son, 'I've got to admit, in only a week they met the fifteen D-Rank quota, before asking for a C-Rank.' he sighed before looking at the team. They each had the look of readiness on them, even Shikamaru. Sarutobi could tell that during the past week they had reluctantly trained hard in anticipation of this moment. He mentally shrugged his shoulders before he dug through one of his drawers.

Ino's eyes lit up at seeing her Hokage dig through his desk, mostly likely looking for a mission scroll. She wasn't disappointed when the old man rose a small scroll above the desk and opened it, browsing through its details, before putting it back inside the drawer, in hopes of finding a better mission, not involving any enemy ninja, but one that'll fit this teams specialty.

"Ahh" the old man sighed out, after reading through the latest scroll. "Alright, here you go." he said tossing the scroll to his son.

Ino jumped and caught the scroll before her sensei could catch it. "Let me see this." she muttered reading the scroll.

"What's the scroll say Ino-chan." Choji asked with a new bag of chips in hand.

The blonde looked at her plump teammate, "Well simply a group of bandits have been attacking the villages on the edges of the country and retreating to the nearest country to escape our wrath. That's where we come in, we're being sent to what is their next target, near the border of Yu no Kuni." she explained perfectly.

"Quite a young kunoichi you have there." Hiruzen commented on Ino's analysis.

Asuma released a puff of smoke in pride, "Yup, she sure did change after a week of doing meaningless chores huh." he said laughing with his hand rubbing her head, ignoring her shouts about him messing up her hair.

"Alright Team 10, this will be your first real mission… I wish you luck." he said as they nodded and headed to pack up for the mission ahead, only Asuma was left behind. "Protect them Asuma, they'll need your guidance." he said as his son nodded and left to wait for his team at the North Gate.

(The Forest of Death)

The two females in the team watched as their male comrade plopped himself on the ground in front of a river. "Do you think he's going to be okay?" Hinode asked as the swordsman ripped off his shirt, where three diagonal, bloody, slashes were seen, starting from his right shoulder, and ending just in the middle of his chest.

Ai looked at the ground in guilt, "I hope, after all it was my fault all this happened."

The Hyuuga smacked her friend in the head, "Now don't go and start accusing yourself for what happened. It was my job to keep a look out for threats like that panther."

Even with that statement Ai still seemed sad that Hageshii got hurt because of her.

"Its okay you two, I'm alright." Hageshii said from his spot in front of the river, currently splashing water on his wound. "Luckily the wound isn't as deep as it looks." he added.

At this Ai reluctantly nodded her head, still feeling guilty about the turn of events. Naru-sensei was going to be so disappointed in them.

Hinode walked up to Hageshii and crouched next to him, digging into her pouch getting a sealing scroll from her pouch. And from the pouch she unsealed a small medical kit.

After about ten minutes of careful work, Hageshii's upper torso was wrapped in gauze. "Have I ever told you I love that you're not stuck up like the rest of your clan?" Hageshii asked his silver haired teammate.

Hinode chuckled, "Several times." she said patting him on the arm as she stood. "Ai summon your tigers and have them watch the perimeter." she said looking at her female teammate.

Ai scoffed, "Who died and made you leader?" she said regaining her usual disposition as she did a couple of hand seals.

She slammed her hand on the ground and six, four foot, tigers appeared. "Nice to see again Ai-sama." a tiger with a scar going vertically across his left eye, said with a deep voice.

"What is it that you want of us?" asked a tigress.

"I'm going to need you six to watch the perimeter while we have lunch." Ai said as Hinode began to unseal their rations.

"You know, maybe we should have brought that panther with us, it would have been better than eating our supplies." Hageshii said from his spot by the lake.

"And who exactly was going to carry it here?" Hinode said in an annoyed tone. "Not only was it bigger than us, but it most likely weighed half a ton."

Ai rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to her summons. "Yeah, how about after the food is all done and eaten, you can go and find that panther, or anything else you find in this place." she said as the tigers nodded and left the area.

(The Village of Fire)

For the past hour and a half the trio used their knowledge of medicine to patch together the two fighters. As they finished Hana began her story about how the first half of the fight went.

The two Sharingan users were engrossed into the story, finding it unbelievable about how devious the Iwa-nin was. "And that's when he ordered me to leave…" the Chuunin said with her head down. "As I was leaving I felt an ungodly amount of chakra feeling the air, I would have went back but I knew I was only going to be in the way." she added brushing a strand of hair from in front of the blonde's face.

"What's truly amazing is that was only the first half of the battle, only those two know how the rest of the fight went." Kakashi said looking at his little brother.

Itachi just nodded too busy looking at Kaosu, who was resting on the other side of the room. 'I'm going to have to test my own skills against this man, just like Naruto-kun.' he thought.

Because he knew that, even though the three of them have their fights every now and again, they never got ultimately serious and tried to out rightly kill each other. To do that would lead the winner to commit suicide, because of the guilty depression.

"Ugh, my head is killin' me." everyone heard a voice say, only to look down to see Naruto holding his head, while his eyes were shut tight.

As soon as realization dawned on everybody, Hana pounced on him, crying tears of joy onto his bandaged chest. "…" everything she said was a mumble as she was buried in the blonde's chest.

The only thing Naruto could do was yell in pain, but Hana didn't care, she was too happy. "Hana-chan… get… off of me." Naruto rasped out as he tried opening his eyes only to get temporarily blind because of the bright light. "Ahh!" he dramatically screamed immediately shutting his eyes.

Hearing his scream, Hana got off of Naruto and began checking on him, "Are you okay? Tell me where it hurts? Oh please be okay." she said freaking out.

Itachi put a calming hand on her shoulder and it did its job in calming her down, "Naruto, this is Itachi, tell me what's wrong."

Naruto moved his head in Itachi's direction, knowing that's where his voice was generated from. "Uh, isn't it obvious? I overexerted my eyes, I'm going to be blind for a while. Don't worry though, our fight is still on for tomorrow." he said giving him a thumbs up.

"Are you crazy? Your not fighting anybody, not after what you just went through. After we get you and Kaosu to the hospital in Konoha your going to have to sit out the fight." Kakashi said from Naruto's right.

"I agree with them Naruto-kun, even with your advanced healing ability it'll take at least a week to, not only become 100% again, but to also regain your eyesight, well at least to safely use your Sharingan again. You'll be able to see in maybe a day or two…" she said after doing a diagnostic scan on his eyes. Even though her skill revolved around animals, she could also do a couple of things for humans.

Even without his sight, the trio could sense the disappointment in Naruto's eyes. "Well, that means that I'll just have to see without seeing, for the meantime huh?" he said softly mostly to himself. "So when do we hit the road, I don't feel like staying in this place for a long time, I would like to sleep in my own bed." the blonde said trying to get up.

He was prevented by Hnaa's hand, "You sir, are going to have to deal with it. We're going to stay here for the rest of the night… doctor's orders." she added taking her hand off of his chest before going to check on Kaosu's current state.

Kakashi and Itachi stared at Naruto, knowing what he was talking about, it was taught to every ANBU, to memorize every part of their surroundings. To see without seeing is to extend one's own chakra in an outward sphere around yourself. When the chakra hits an object, said object is processed within the mind and the person can then see without seeing. It is a risky technique to use, because it forgoes the art of stealth, because your chakra acts as a homing beacon for anyone that can sense chakra, within distance of course.

Even though it is taught, it was only mastered by the absolute best, that the distance of the sphere goes from arm length to a maximum of fifteen feet. 'No one thought of a name for the technique, even with its simple and yet complex characteristics.' they both thought, each of them only ever achieving basic skill with the technique, as they preferred other skills.

Currently the blonde was looking at the ceiling, concentrating on extending his chakra. "I would advise against that kit." the voice of the fox and a mild feeling of pain stopped Naruto from trying to 'see.'

'And why would I do that, I need to 'see' furball.'

The fox let out a sigh, "I'm sure you felt it, because I felt it. That painful feeling was because not only did you overexert your eyes but also your chakra coils. You should have dropped immediately after your fight was over, but you were still running on adrenaline." the fox explained.

'I know that now, I've been thinking about something though.' Naruto inquired.

"Care to share?"

'My purpose for fighting…" the Kyuubi stayed quiet prompting Naruto to continue. 'Before I was even able to fight, what was my purpose to learn?' he asked his tenant.

"Self defense. Strength. The list is short, but I believe I know what your talking about. You need a deeper meaning to fight…" the fox began as he began thinking on the subject while viewing his containers life. "Try fighting to protect, not to just protect your village, as you did in ANBU. Fight to protect your most closest and precious friends, your family, your lovers, your team. Fight to protect them, at all cost, because you know they'll do the same." the Kyuubi ended his speech, leaving Naruto speechless.

'Wow furball, I didn't know you were that deep.' the blonde thought in astonishment as he began to think about the people the fox listed.

(The Forest of Death)

"AHHHHHH! GET IT AWAY FROM ME!" a certain blue haired girl screamed as a man sized praying mantis was currently dueling against the trio of Genin.

Hinode could see Ai freaking out with her active Byakugan, "Would you get it together, just do what your good at. Launch a technique at the bastard." she growled ducking under a very sharp appendage.

"I swear after this is all over, I'm tossing you in the Aburame compound." Hageshii said backing away from another swing from the large and fast insect.

"ITS NOT MY FAULT… I HATE BUGS!" Ai screamed again.

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