I've been sitting on this idea for a while, and I finally decided to write it down. for those of you who are reading 'What Is a Demon', I'm still working on it, but I have major writer's block. Updates will probably be really slow now that school is starting.

Dear Amane,

It's me, Ryou. I'm sorry it's been awhile since I wrote to you last, but it's been really hard to find time since I'm moving into this new apartment and all. So far, this seems to be going along just like any other move, anyway. Except this time I'm moving to Japan! Yay!

Okay, that yay was meant to be sarcastic. I'm really not looking forward to it.

How are things going with you? Is Mother happy? Be sure to let her read this letter too. I miss her so much.

Anyway, Domino City looks like it should be nice. My apartment has a really pretty view of the ocean, and if I open up the window in my new room, I can hear the seagulls. Do you have a nice view of the ocean where you are?

Well, I guess that's a stupid question. Of course you do. You can see every ocean in the world when you're in Heaven, can't you? It must look really beautiful all the way up there. Or is it ugly? Well, I suppose an ugly Heaven wouldn't be much of a Heaven, would it?

I'm acting stupid again.

I start school at Domino High tomorrow. I hope the lockers in this school are too small to fit me this time. Ha, ha.

Sometimes I wonder why I don't fight them back, even though I'm really angry with them, and I really want to hit them just as hard as they hit me. I guess that's what I get for being a fucking retard.

Sorry. I know you hate it when I swear.

I really wish you could be here, Amane. I feel really lonely here all alone. Father doesn't even bother calling me anymore. I wonder if he hates me. Is he mad at me for surviving that car crash? It's not my fault, was it? I was asleep when it happened, then when I woke up I was in the hospital.

I'll never forgive myself for fighting with you before you died. We were arguing over a stupid Duel Monster card! Then Mother put me in the front seat, and I fell asleep right before we crashed.

I never even got to apologize. But I'll try to make it up to you. I carry that card with me everywhere, now. I even take it with me to church.

I'll never let the Change of Heart be taken away from me. Not even by the bullies who keep picking on me. Because it's one of my last reminders of you.

Well, that's quite enough of me being depressing, now isn't it? Well, I hope things are going well for you, and I'll be sure to write to you as soon as I get the time.