I don't own Alice in Wonderland or any of its characters. Based on the 2010 Tim Burton film.

Rated M for explicit adult content.

Warning - non-consensual sex and BDSM.

Alice has returned to Underland. Tarrant has been waiting for her to patiently declare her feelings for him. When she does not, he decides to take the decision out of her hands.

So Tired Of Waiting For You, My Dear

Alice blinked and squinted as the light fell across her face. Sleepy and a slightly dazed, she cracked her eyes open and saw the sunlight filtering through the window onto her face. Morning, already?

Sighing and stretching, the nubile young blonde sat upright on the edge of the Hatter's bed in his guest bedroom. It had been wonderful to spend the past several months here with him. She knew that returning would be the right thing to do! And now that for some reason unknown to her or their other friends, the Room of Doors was locked, so she would not be able to return to her own world. But that was all right with Alice, for she didn't intend to return. She had returned to be with Tarrant.

Tarrant. What a wonderful man! She knew it was right to come back to him. Her heart felt it, her mind knew it, and her soul ached for it. But she was too shy and nervous to tell him how she felt about him. He was always so gentle and caring and such a gentleman. But every time she would look into his deep green eyes she would feel that she should tell him, but then she would falter.

Perhaps he did not feel the same about her! He seemed to, sometimes, but he never told her so. His rough and calloused hands would brush hers and she would blush and he would smile, but he did not say the words she longed to hear.

Of course Mallymkin's jealousy may be influencing him. It was obvious that the tiny dormouse wanted Tarrant to herself. But how did she suppose that she and Tarrant could love? Of course they could love, but they could never love each other in the manner of a man and a woman. But the dormouse didn't seem to see that Tarrant was obviously a man of passion beneath his mischievous grin and cheerful demeanor.

But Alice knew it. She had seen him looking at her in a way that made her uncomfortable, yet flattered and very pleased. He found her beautiful and when he looked at her when he thought that she did not notice, his gaze would rest on her lips, or her bosom, and sometimes her stockingless legs. And then he would lick his lips, or smile in a different way. His eyes would sometimes turn a reddish purple. Alice reasoned that the color must mean desire.

She ached with desire for him, too! At night, when trying to get to sleep she would begin to feel the most curious sensations in her breasts and between her legs. Her soft center would heat and grow very moist and the girl would sometimes moan and toss her head. Why, oh why was she so tormented? Last night she had caught herself groaning and sighing more loudly than usual as she touched herself, vainly trying to make the aching go away. She silenced herself for fear of waking the Hatter. For a brief moment she could have sworn she heard heavy breathing outside her bedroom door, but when she listened more closely there was only silence. It must have been her imagination.

She rose and washed and dressed for Tea. Alice yawned as she made her way to the table. Tarrant was at the head of the table, as per normal. But she noticed at once that Mally and Thackery were absent. She was about to inquire as to their whereabouts when Tarrant rose.

"Alice, my dear! Come, come, let's have Tea and pastries. We are alone this morning because I requested it. You see, I want us to be alone today. Completely alone."

His eyes were gleaming with a mixture of lime green and purple as he held her chair out for her.

Alice smiled and thanked him as she seated herself and he pushed her chair in for her. The he sat again.

"Tarrant, I'm happy we're alone, but why did you want us to be?" Alice caught herself blushing but she couldn't stop it and so there was nothing for it but to just hope that the Hatter didn't notice. "Is there something you would like to discuss with me privately?"

Tarrant smiled at her and for the first time Alice slight vaguely uneasy in his presence.

"Why yes, there is, my dear Alice. You could indeed say that and you would indeed be very, very correct." Tarrant took a sip of tea and Alice did the same, swallowing it nervously.

"All...all right," she said. "What would you like to discuss?" She hoped her nervousness didn't betray her, but she had the feeling that it did and that he was most acutely aware of her unease.

"Your place here, Alice. You have come back and you have come back to be with me, isn't that right?"

He sounded calm as he gestured to a pastry and obediently Alice began to eat it and nodded in response to his question. He smiled in approval.

"Good girl, you must keep up your strength. Now, since you've come back to be with me, I've decided that you shall indeed be with me, as I will with you. However, I have tried to be patient and figure out just precisely what your feelings for me are. As open and guileless as you appear, I find that you are still a puzzle to me." The Hatter paused his speech and steepled his fingers under his chin, leaning his elbows on the table and staring straight into Alice's curious blue eyes. "So, I want you to know two things, sweet puzzle. First, I love you. Second, I am so tired of waiting for you, my dear."

Alice's heart leaped to her throat. "You...you love me?" she gasped. When Tarrant nodded in affirmation she set down her pastry. "I love you, too! But what do you mean you are tired of waiting for me? I just could never summon the nerve to tell you! I didn't know if you loved me the same way or not!"

Tarrant smiled in purest joy and stood and pulled Alice to her feet. As she rose to meet him he pulled her into his arms and they kissed for the first time. Alice's heart was pounding so furiously she could barely think. Tarrant caressed her lips with his own and when he gently ran his tongue over her bottom lip she groaned.

"I heard you, you know," he said softly against her trembling lips, "I heard you last night. You know, my dear Alice, that I can help you. I can make all that aching between your pretty little thighs go away."

Alice gasped but Tarrant kept her close to his mouth and she softly moaned in surrender. "I can help. I will help. But it will be my way, now, lass. I've waited so long and now I have to make sure you will be mine completely and utterly and in every way."

"Yes," she said, straining against him and trying to kiss him more thoroughly.

He smirked against her mouth. "Alice, don't say yes so easily. Ah, but what does it matter? You're going to be mine any way I want you and there's nothing you can do about it. You are going to give me your maidenhood in every way, my dear. And you're going to accept that."

Alice felt herself grow very wet between her thighs when he caught her bottom lip between his teeth and gently nipped it. Her knees buckled and he laughed softly. "Oh, this is going to be so very much fun, Alice! Well, more for me than for you, but, who knows? Give it a chance and you may find yourself craving every thing I do to and with you."

"First of all, Alice, you need to learn Humility and Obedience," Tarrant told her as soon as breakfast Tea was over and they were inside his cabin in his living room.

"Obedience?" the girl timidly asked. Did he mean to give her orders and she was to obey despite her own better judgment? Her upbringing told her that this was not unusual when a woman belonged to a man, but her independent self rebelled at the idea. However, the tell-tale moistness began to seep to the crotch of her pantalettes. How...how could she be aroused by this?

Tarrant looked at her as if she were his property and that he liked what he saw. Yes, he obviously liked what he saw very, very much.

"Yes, Alice, Obedience. Now, take off your clothes; every single stitch, and if you don't I will make you sorry." The look in his eyes was one of pure lust and his small grin betrayed triumph and amusement.

Alice felt an aura emanate from him that told her she had better hasten to obey or he would follow through on his threat to make her sorry if she refused him.

Her hands trembled violently as she knew would soon be showing him her body! She wasn't even married to him! Yet the crotch of her pantalettes was getting wetter and she began to feel a strange fluttering sensation deep in her belly. Her nipples hardened and she knew that, like it or not, she was aroused by her situation.

She fumbled with her blouse and the Hatter grinned more widely as he saw her struggle with her buttons. She did not yet remove her blouse, as she was still too shy and horribly embarrassed to do so. So she then removed her slippers and socks. When she hesitated at her skirt he growled low in his throat and Alice hastily corrected her behaviour.

She grasped the tie at the back of her skirt and unfastened it. The Hatter's eyes began to glow more brightly.

"Faster!" he hissed.

Alice dropped her skirt and then quickly shrugged off her blouse. As she had no corset on she was bared to him completely. She heard his sudden intake of breath as he saw her naked breasts for the first time. Alice blushed furiously and trembled even more as she slid her thumbs beneath the hem of her pantalettes and then slowly edged them down. She slid them down far enough that they suddenly pooled about her ankles.

Alice couldn't help but blush even more and gaze at her feet.

"Well, very good, my dear," the Hatter whispered, his breathing ragged and his fists clenching and unclenching at his sides. "You are so beautiful," he managed to add. "And you belong to who, Alice?"

"You," she whispered, still unable to meet his gaze.

"Very good," he said. "Now, look at me."

She did, shivering. He crooked a finger and gestured for her to approach him. Hesitantly, she did. When she was standing so close that he could smell her hair he did, breathing in her Alice scent of strawberry shampoo. He bent to press his nose against her neck and she shuddered while he inhaled the scent of her vanilla cream flesh, slight perspiration, and innocence and fear. He smiled. Yes, this was perfect.

He coolly removed his thimbles and gloves and bandages while she remained where she was, still trembling so delightfully. Then he slid two fingers between her thighs and she gasped and fell against his chest in suddenly pleasure and arousal. He chuckled softly and when Alice recovered herself he drew her wet fingers back and held them up.

"I see you like this, my dear," he said softly and with a victorious gleam in his eyes. While Alice's eyes remained wide and fixed on him he licked one of her fingers clean.

"Ummm...quite delicious, my innocent girl. Now, you lick the other." He slid said finger against her lips and she hesitantly opened her mouth. Her tiny kitten-like tongue licked his finger.

Tasting...herself? Alice could barely believe it. But she did as he bade and licked the offered finger. She was surprised. She didn't taste bad at all. Slightly peachy, actually, and not off-putting. But she could see that the Hatter liked her taste very much. That knowledge shot more moisture between her thighs and she moaned in frustration.

"What is it, Alice?" he asked her softly, but still with a tone of command.

"I...I feel strange. Down there," she admitted, glancing down at her triangle of blonde curls.

"Would you like my help with that?" he asked with a lascivious grin.

Alice looked at his pleased and satisfied gaze. She knew she had no choice. But, she also realized, she didn't really want one. What was happening to her? She was standing naked before the man she loved and he was turning her into a sort of slave, wasn't he? So why didn't she mind? Well, she did, but not as much as she thought she would when he had first kissed her and told her that he would have her any way he wished.

"Yes, please," she whispered, looking into his face. She both hated and accepted that her face and eyes were pleading with him.

"Well, my dear, I shall. But you shall have to earn it, first."

Obedience? Humility? Well, she was definitely experiencing humility and she had been very obedient as the Hatter tied her, still naked, to the top of the Tea Table. He had swept off enough dishes and cups to make room for her and had her lay on her back. Then he had tied each wrist and ankle and fixed them to the legs of the table that supported its long middle. So, she would be naked on top of the table when Mally and Thackery came for Tea in just half an hour!

She had been lying there, spread-eagle, for over an hour. Earlier, he had kept her naked and made her walk with him to the stream. Tarrant remained fully clothed and only touched her hand. He merely smiled when the sentient flowers began tittering and asking Alice why she was naked.

Alice blushed and tried to ignore them, but Tarrant had no such modesty.

"Flowers, she is naked because I forbade her from wearing clothing. She is learning to obey me and she will do anything I wish from this day forward."

The flowers fell silent at this, not certain if he was being serious or not. But as they passed them by Alice heard their whispering resume furiously.

"Just ignore them, Alice," he said, carefully leading her along and watching carefully for stones or roots that may hurt her feet. He didn't want her injured. When they reached the stream he had her wait. She was shocked and pleased when he released her hand and began to disrobe. Finally, she would be able to see him naked!

And he was a sight, to be certain! Alice blushed more and more furiously the more he revealed himself. He was pale all over; as pale as his face. His chest had orange-red hair, but not too much. She could easily see his tiny nipples and the fine lines of scars. Then she felt sad for a moment. When he bent over to remove his shoes and socks she felt tears in her eyes as she saw the thick scars on his back. Those were the scars he had taken for her! Those were the scars Stayne gave him to protect her identity when they were in the Red Queen's Castle.

Alice didn't dare to meet his eyes when he straightened before her. Her eyes were fixed upon his manhood. It was greyish in colour and quite thick. The head was a darker grey and she saw a drop of liquid on it.

"Now, you should examine me. You'll be experiencing most...unusual sensations from me later. And especially from my cock."

Alice was taken aback at his candor. Of course she had heard the term 'cock' before. But she would have used the term 'penis' if she would have used either of them at all!

"Say it, Alice," Tarrant said, pulled her forward and placing her hand around his erection.

Oh, it was so very long and hard! And the thickness made her feel both aroused and frightened. She gripped him a little tighter and felt a surge of pleasure and arousal when he groaned.

"Cock," she murmured, and then unfolded her fingers in order to run their tips along his length. Tarrant's breath hissed out from between clenched teeth and his eyes screwed shut. Alice smiled and continued to stroke him. Tarrant allowed her to stroke and touch him at her leisure until he suddenly growled again and seized her hand and pulled it off of him.

"Stop!" he said at last, eyes flickering open and reddish-purple. "No more! Not now! Let's go into the stream now, my dear."

Alice was disappointed to have to stop touching him, but she obeyed. The cold water sent shivers and gooseflesh all over her. Why had he made her stop touching him? Was she doing something wrong? But surely he knew that she had never touched a man so intimately before! Well, she wasn't about to ask him so she simply decided to make the best of the situation. And the stream...it reminded her of many fun times from her childhood. She had so much fun with Margaret and their cousins! They used to play in the water but she hadn't been in a stream for years. She waded to a deeper part of the stream and, feeling a surge of mischeviousness, suddenly turned towards Tarrant and flung water at him from cupped hands.

He was startled, but then he laughed and splashed her back. For some minutes they played in the water and by the time they were tired and Tarrant began to dress himself again Alice realized why he had brought her to this place. He wanted her to become accustomed to being naked whether she was indoors or out. And he had brought her to a delightful place to experience being naked and uninhibited for the first time!

But now she was tied down atop the Tea Table. Tarrant came out of his cabin behind the Windmill House and brought out a kettle of tea and a plate of cookies. As he was setting down the items Mally came up and hopped atop the table. When she saw Alice she gasped. Alice closed her eyes in complete mortification.

"Why is Alice naked, 'atter?" she demanded. She didn't seem to care whether or not Alice was frightened or not. She just seemed angry and...jealous?

Alice's eyes fluttered open. Mally was indeed angry! And she looked as if she was extremely jealous. So, all of Alice's past suspicions of her were correct. She was in love with Tarrant and wanted him for herself! But she was a mouse. How would they ever make love? She was furious that Tarrant loved and wanted Alice so badly that he would take her in such a forceful and blatant way! Alice found herself pleased even in her present and most embarrassing circumstances.

"Because I want her to be naked, Mally," Tarrant smoothly. "She's mine and I want to enjoy her any way I desire."

"Well, it ain't proper! 'Ow am I supposed te eat my dinner with 'er bein' all naked an' all?"

"Well, you can always return in the morning, Mally. I promise I won't have Alice on top of the table then."

"Good! I'll go then and tell Thackery not to even bother with Tea tonight!" The dormouse stomped off in a huff.

Tarrant began to giggle. The giggling increased in volume until he was cackling so maniacally that Alice was truly afraid of him for the first time. However, he gradually regained control of himself and quieted down.

"Well, my dear Alice, I suppose it will be just you and I." He released her and she sat up, rubbing her sore arms and legs. He gestured to the chair beside his own. "Tea, Alice?"

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