I don't own Alice in Wonderland or any of its characters. Based on the 2010 Tim Burton film.

Rated M for explicit adult content and bdsm.

So Tired of Waiting For You, My Dear

Tarrant and Alice let the Queen provide them with a carriage home so that they wouldn't have to walk all day and part of the night. Both were caught by surprise by this gesture but, thankfully, the horse took them and did so without a human driver. However, the horse would periodically call comments back to them.

"Are you doing all right in there? Having fun, Hatter? Do you need me to slow down, Alice?"

The couple inside ignored him as best they could, even though they each giggled from time to time.

"Isn't his name Prate?" Alice asked, "and doesn't that mean a gossip?"

"More like 'prat,'' Tarrant countered. "I've a mind to slap that nosy horse's scut all the way back to Marmoreal!" He was obviously becoming annoyed rather than amused.

Alice giggled again and kissed her naked lover. Well, not entirely naked. He still wore his top hat.

"Oh, Tarrant, I should have carried your clothes for you!"

He shook his head, trying to ignore the raging erection that was so sweetly tormenting him. "Nonsense, lass. I have plenty of clothes at home. Besides, I don't think I'll need any for awhile, do you?"

Alice's eyes widened and she burst into helpless laughter. "No, I don't think you will!"

At last they arrived home and and Tarrant gave the horse a hearty swat on the rump.

"Git ye scut back to the Palace!" he growled irritably.

"Well, if that's the sort of gratitude I get for carrying the two of you all the way here then..." Prate began indignantly.

"Shush, you! Go!" Alice said, shooing him away. "Don't test him!"

The white steed snorted and trotted away, but not before leaving behind a 'gift' for Tarrant.

"Ack! Th' stinch!" the Hatter cried, holding his nose. "Disgustin' beast!"

Alice kissed him to calm him. "Don't worry, you know the dung worms will get it in no time." She paused as she reflected. "When I first came here I always wondered why there was no dung anywhere! Then McTwisp told me about the worms. So Tarrant, no need to fuss about it; let's just go home for now."

They went inside and Alice lead them to their bedroom. Alice untied the ribbon that was in Tarrant's piercing and knelt before him. She could see how badly he needed relief. Besides, after this, it would take him some time to recover and she wanted him to be able to take his time with her for what she wanted him to do next.

She grasped his buttocks and pulled him forward as she slid her tongue over the head of his cock and Tarrant swayed on his feet and grasped her shoulders for balance.

"Ah, lassie!" he groaned, squinting his eyes closed with the sudden rush of pleasure. He didn't know why she was pleasuring him when he should be the one pleasuring her, but it was not his place to ask. But perhaps she was just teasing him; testing his threshold of control.

"Tarrant," she murmured, "I love this ring you have." She circled it with her tongue and then gently turned it with her fingertips. Tarrant cried out and clutched her shoulders more tightly.

"Lassie, if ye keep tha' up Ah can nae hep mehself!"

"Hmmm...the piercing makes you more sensitive when I play with it?" she asked, gazing up into his lust-filled eyes.

"Aye. Ah'll nae las' long. 'Tis nuthin' Ah can dew te hold mehself bak."

Alice nodded and returned her attention to the quivering pole and let go of the ring. She contented herself with teasing him with her lips and tongue before drawing him fully into her mouth and grazing her teeth lightly up and down his length. His groans were so loud now that she felt the reverberations against her mouth as she sucked on him.

She clutched his hips and worked more diligently now, but still slowly. She wanted him to enjoy every moment. Up and down with her tongue on his shaft; then in and out of her mouth. Then she licked his ring again and finally took him deep into her mouth and sucked hard. Tarrant groaned once more and his fingers spasmed against her shoulders as he came powerfully, thrusting his pelvis forward. Alice was ready for this and so she did not gag as his juices spurted in the back of her mouth and she eagerly swallowed every drop.

Suddenly he pulled out of her and fell onto the bed. "Ah'm...fergive meh, mah Alice. Ah can nae stay standin.' 'Twas wunnerfully te much!"

Alice grinned mischievously and sat beside his limp and spent body. "That's all right, Tarrant. I wanted you to come. I need you to be able to take you time with...what I want. What I need."

Tarrant sat up, his breathing still ragged. "Alice? Anythin' fer ye!"

"Anything? Good. I want you to make me completely yours, Tarrant. I want you to take my...virginity."

Tarrant gasped. "Alice? Ah...Ah did nae dew tha' before! Ah need it te beh yer choice! Wuns given' lassie, thar ain' new tekkin bak!"

Alice nodded. "I know."

"Are ye sure?" He knew he shouldn't be questioning her, perhaps, but she had to be absolutely certain of that choice. He knew he would love her forever, unworthy slurvish man that he was, but if she wanted him he was hers. Even if she did not want him, he was hers. He had already given her his heart and soul and there was no getting them back if she ever decided to reject him. But that was the chance he had taken when he realised that he loved her.

"Tarrant," she said softly, taking his hand and tenderly squeezing his fingers, "I love you. I love you with all my heart and everything that I am. You already possess almost all of me. Now, I need you to possess my body in that one very special way."

Tarrant had to make one request of her. Just one. If she agreed...

"Alice, will ye marreh meh?"

He was shocked when she immediately replied. There wasn't even a moment's hesitation on her part.

"Yes, Tarrant, I will! In fact, I've been expecting that we would marry as soon as possible!" Alice said this so confidently, but her eyes filled with happy tears, nonetheless.

Tarrant gasped in astonished delight and kissed her so thoroughly that when they finally broke the kiss both were out of breath.

"Then, lassie, jus' tell meh how ye wan' meh te take ye!" However, in his mind he knew that no matter what she would tell him he would be as gentle as possible. This moment would only come once and he wanted to do it right. He wanted it to be special for her; unforgettable.

Alice was breathing heavily and her heart felt strangely constricted. He would have refused her if she hadn't agreed to marry him! She should be piqued, at least a little, but she wasn't. He had drawn a line with her; and that line was that they would never come together completely unless it was in complete trust, devotion, love, and commitment.

"Well," she hedged, not having thought that far ahead, "what do you suggest?"

Tarrant cradled her face between his hands and he felt the flush of her cheeks warm his palms. He gazed into her wide blue eyes, her pupils so dilated that he felt that he could almost read her innermost needs and desires. He took a few moments to compose himself. He wanted his brogue to disappear for now. He wanted to be completely in control of himself at this most precious time.

"Well, my Alice, you can relax better if you are on your back. However, if you are on top, you can set the pace and go as slowly as you need." Tarrant gauged her reaction and he was a bit surprised. He had expected her to be brave about it all, but he hadn't expected her to simply quirk a brow and smile saucily at him.

"Which is better for you, Tarrant?"

"I...ah...it doesn't matter. Any way with you will be like a dream come true," he admitted. "Don't you think this should be more about you for a myriad of reasons?"

Alice giggled at his counter-response. "Fair enough, my Hatter! Now, help me out of these clothes. I don't want anything between us but our skin."

Tarrant felt his breathing become ragged once more as they stood and he began to help her with her gown. He didn't rush as he unbuttoned her dress and her movements were languid as she turned her back to him and lifted her hair. He leaned down and breathed in her scent from the back of her neck and she shuddered deliciously. He gently kissed her delicate nape as he continued to unbutton the dress and she leaned backwards against him.

"Ah, ah! Naughty!" he teased when his hands were trapped between them. "I can't undress you this way, Alice."

She sighed in frustration and moved forward again. His work-rough fingers were grazing against her bare skin as she was, as usual, corset free. She shivered as his knuckles glided along her spine and her knees began to weaken with a sudden surge of arousal. That, coupled with the dampening between her thighs momentarily made her remember that she was supposed to be in charge, not Tarrant. She couldn't bring herself to care, however.

Alice chose to take the top position. Tarrant was eagerly on his back and looking at her with the lust she had missed for over a month! Well, there was more than lust. There was love and desire; caring and loving. And he looked...honoured. Alice drank in the sight of those love-filled eyes and his gentle, yet hesitant smile. He truly was honoured beyond her comprehension. Alice felt tears mist her blue eyes. She was giving him her most Precious Gift and he was humbled and so grateful to receive it. And she knew he would Cherish it Always.

She carefully positioned her wet maidenhood over the head of his new erection Tarrant gently took hold of her hips and helped support her weight as she carefully took a tiny part of him inside her.

There was a twinge of discomfort for Alice, but not much. However, this was just the beginning. Tarrant winced as he felt her tightness.

"Tarrant, are you all right?"

"Of course," he murmured, "but I'm afraid of how much this will hurt you. I can feel how tight you are and I don't want to hurt you, Alice!"

"Tarrant, don't spout such nonsense! I'm ready!" Of course she wasn't, but she was not about to let this become an issue. She wanted this to be lovely and cowardice and fear wouldn't make for a lovely First Time.

Alice sucked in a deep Muchy breath and lowered herself until her body forced her to stop. Goodness, how tight was she? It hurt worse than she had anticipated. She had believed that there was a barrier that would rend with one quick tear and then it would be over. Oh, how wrong she was! It was, in reality, a matter of tight, untried muscles trying to force themselves aside to accommodate something quite large, indeed! At least that's what it felt like.


"I'm fine, Tarrant, love," she whispered. She leaned down and kissed him, careful to keep her hips high enough to cause her no further pain for the present.

Tarrant smiled indulgently and held her hips until she nodded. Then he felt her press down and suddenly he felt such pleasure from her warm, tight, and welcoming walls that he feared he would lose control.

"Don t...ungh!...you dare!" Alice gritted out. "You'd better wait for me, Tarrant Hightopp!" She pressed down, ignoring the intense discomfort until she was seated upon his pelvis, his member fully inside her.

Alice wanted to sag in relief, but at the moment every tiny movement was either uncomfortable or downright painful. She smiled at Tarrant and saw his eyes glowing with pleasure and victory. Yes, they had done it! They were now truly One. Tarrant gently pushed his index finger in between their bodies to feel that sweet place where they were joined.

"Ah, Alice! I'm completely yours and you're completely mine!"

She couldn't help but giggle. The pain had lessened significantly. "True, Tarrant! But right now, I'd say you are more mine than I am yours!"

That made absolutely no sense to Tarrant, but he didn't question her. She began to rock slowly atop him and he groaned and reached for her breasts.

Alice groaned in pleasure now. The slow rocking did not hurt her, and in fact, the rubbing against her clit and the tiny ring there felt divine! She now was able to enjoy the feel of his piercing inside her. Before, she had only felt the uncomfortable enormity of his erection; now she could focus on the good feelings of his fullness and the rubbing inside her slick walls that yearned for the sensations only he could give her!

Soon Alice was moving more quickly and Tarrant's breath hissed out through his teeth as he fought to maintain control. He subtly helped her by grasping her hips again and beginning to urge her to ride him faster.

Alice soon caught on to the rhythm and wondrous sensations began to assail her. It seemed as if every nerve in her body was centered between her legs and she was beginning to feel as if she were soaring. She closed her eyes and the feel of Tarrant's fingers pinching and tweaking her nipples plus his increasingly frantic movements against her delicate and hyper-sensitive walls soon had her gasping and moaning.

"Alice!" Tarrant cried out, alarmed; wanting her to know that he was out of control of himself.

"It...it is...all right, Tarrant!" she screamed, reaching her peak just before she felt the warmth of his fluids spurting inside her. She collapsed over him in exhaustion and very, very intense satisfaction.

"I love you, Alice!" Tarrant said.

"I love you too, Tarrant!"

"Yes, you are doing just fine, Tarrant!" Alice said, she she sat in his chair slightly away from the table. "That feels...oh...incredible!" She shuddered violently and hurriedly set down her tea cup lest she spill its contents.

Mally approached and Alice smirked. "You're late, Mally!"

Mally studied the scene. "So, ye're back, are ye? Where's Tarrant?"

Alice's brow furrowed. "Where's Tarrant? Why, he's here, Mally!"

Mally frowned. "I don't see 'im!"

Alice casually lifted her skirts and revealed Tarrant. He was completely naked, kneeling close to her, his face buried in her wetness busily tending to her desires. Alice lifted the fine chain that was now attached to his cock-ring.

"You see? He's right here, Mally, just where he wants and...ah...oh! needs to be."

For the first time in her life, Mally, the brave dormouse and Hero of Underland, fainted.

I hope you enjoyed this conclusion to my story. I hope it wasn't too fluffy, but I wanted to keep Alice and Tarrant's love for each other in the forefront despite their sometimes odd ways of expressing it!

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