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Chapter 1: Domino High

"MIND CRUSH!" Did you hear that? Well, that was the sound of Atem Amun, mind crushing someone. Why did he do that? It's because the poor soul who played him lost the game. A shadow game.

We are at Domino High, and here a lot of weird, unexplained things happen. See that poor guy lying on the ground right there? His name was Randal, and he lost a shadow game to the King of Games, Atem Amun. Atem and his friends were laughing their asses off, but bolted when they saw one of the schools security come walking by.

They always did this. Atem would never decline a challenge, be it a game, a dare, or a fight, or whatever. The guy just loved to win. So far, he was undefeated.

The three boys stood against a wall to catch their breath. The one who was Atem was the one with the spiky crimson tipped hair, with lightning streaks, and gold bangs to frame his face. His eyes were a deep crimson color, that showed only malice and arrogance. He stood at 5'8, and was well cut in the muscle department. All three boys had a nice deep egyptian tan.

Another one was Bakura, and he was another little psycho who loved to play games. He stood at 5'9, and had a strange scar under is right eye. His hair was white with a dark tint, his eyes were a deep red brown, and he to had some muscles on him.

The last one was Marik, and he was the most insane of the three. He could have been marked unstable. His hair was platinum blond, wild and pointing in all directions. His eyes were a deep lavender color, and some how menacing. He stood at 5'10.

The date was september 8, was to start. The boys were walking off still chuckling. They knew that Randal would be sent to the hospital, and then the looney bin just like all the others.

Bakura cried out openly,"The Yami's struck again! WOOHOO!" That's what they called themselves. The 'Yami's'. Means dark or shadows. They were their own gang. Everyone avoided them, knowing they were nuts, violent, nuts, mean, nuts, nasty, and I mean NUTS!

"Hell yeah! We are gonna have an awesome school year! Can't wait for some more players! I get the next one!" exclaimed Marik. "HA HA HA! Calm down Marik, you'll have your turn relax!" Atem howled. They stopped when they heard someone go 'tsk tsk'. The three turned around to look at at Atem's older cousin, Seto Kaiba.

"What did I tell you morons about keeping you powers in check?" growled Kaiba. "We were just having some fun!" whined Marik. "Yeah! And besides, Atem was the one who mind crushed him-" "You big mouth Bakura! Come here!" Atem then got Bakura in a head lock, and Marik wooted for them. Kaiba was losing his patience. He knew about the Yami's and their powers, after all they did live with him in his big mansion. He wondered where they wondered off to so early in the morning, so he went to the school to see if they were there.

"ENOUGH!" Kaiba screamed. The three boys stopped their rough housing. They usually listened to Kaiba because of a few good reasons. 1. Is because they live with him. 2. They work for him at his gaming company Kaiba Corp. And 3... Well, more on that later.

"You guys are Juniors for Christs sake, so act like it!" yelled the CEO. The Yami's just entered their Junior year, and Kaiba was in his Senior year. The Yami's grumbled their annoyance but said nothing. Even though they liked to do what they wanted, Kaiba was the boss.

Atem then said,"So, everything alright with the company over here Seto?" He asked that because the Yamis usually were in Egypt, running another Kaiba Corp office there. They decided to go back to Domino though for... certain reasons that they didn't want to explain. Not even to Kaiba.

"Everything is going well, thank you Atem. Though, I doubt I need much of your help." said Kaiba. Bakura then snickered,"What you need is to get laid Mr. CEO!" The Yami's laughed at that, and Kaiba merely scowled. The CEO lost his virginity when he was a sophmore, to some bimbo who had gotten him so stoned, he didn't know what he was doing. He hated women with a a passion ever since.

"Whatever. Let's just go to class,"growled Kaiba. They all had the same homeroom. Atem and the others followed suit; he was clutching his puzzle that hung around his neck on a chain as it started to glow. Bakura's ring, and Marik's rod were glowing to. The three stared at each other in confusion.
Not sure of what to make of this, they just followed Kaiba to class.

-Meanwhile in the Attendance Office-

"My name is Joey Wheeler Miss!" said a young tall boy with scruffy blond hair. Joey, and three other boys were just finishing their registration, into the school. They would be freshman. The woman said,"Thank you Mr. Wheeler. Your registration is complete. You boys have a nice day, and welcome to Domino High!"

The four boys said their goodbyes to the lady, then the boy with the white hair and brown eyes said,"Well, I hope we have a smashing time here gentlemen!" He had a slight british accent. "I'm not worried Ryou! I'm actually excited!" exclaimed the boy with the egyptian tan. His name was Malik. Joey spoke up next saying,"Let's get something to eat first! Class hasn't started yet, so how 'bout we go get some grub. You down Yug?"

The boy named Yug, or rather Yugi nodded his head shyly, still not saying anything. Joey laughed and ruffled Yugi's unusual hair as the boy blushed. Joey couldn't help but say,"Your so small and cute!" And it was true. Yugi was only 5'0, with a child like face, big round amethyst eyes, and tri-colored hair.

So they went to the cafeteria to go eat. Unaware that their school days were going to be one wild ride...

-Meanwhile in Homeroom-

"I'm huuuunnngggrrryy!" whined Marik. The Yami's and Kaiba were in homeroom waiting for class to start. The Seniors and Juniors had homeroom together, while the Sophomores and Freshman roomed together.

"Then go and get something to eat!" Kaiba growled. Marik happily cried out,"YAY!" And bolted at the door to the cafeteria. Atem and Bakura got up saying,"We'll go to." No way were they going to let crazy Marik go off by himself. And with that, the Yami's headed off to get some school breakfast.

-In the cafeteria-

Yugi and his friends were busy eating their school breakfast, when Joey said,"I gotta go to the bathroom guys. Be right back." Joey walked off, and the boys continued eating. All was peaceful until...

Yugi, Malik, and Ryou turned their heads to see a very angry looking Marik yelling at a very amused Bakura. "MAKE ME!" challenged the pudding thief. Yugi saw Marik try to punch Bakura's face open, when the theif dodged, and threw the pudding cup to Atem. "HA! COME AND GET IT MARIK!" yelled the king. Yugi watched horrified as Atem ran over to their table.

Yugi also noticed that the crazy teen looked a lot like himself. Just a more wild and crazy DEVIL of himself! Ryou noticed that another teen who looked similar to him ran over to his table. Atem yelled,"Bakura CATCH!" The boys noticed that the one called 'Bakura' grabbed the pudding cup and yelled,"Thanks Atem!"

Malik watched with a terrified expression as Marik literally jumped on top of their table, knocking over their food yelling at the top of his lungs in a manic scream,"I WANT MY F%$#ING PUDDING-" "Alright Marik here ya go, we were only teasing" replied Bakura.

He handed Marik the pudding cup, which calmed Marik down. Marik sat on the table, happily eating his cup of pudding. Yugi, Ryou, and Malik watched frightened at the three boys who now surrounded them. Atem finally noticing the boys stares growled,"What are you looking at?" Yugi turned his head at Atem's death glare.

Atem then looked at the boy more closely. He then noticed that the kid looked like a chibi version of himself. His puzzle glowed even more than before. Bakura saw Ryou and stared at the boy, with surprised eyes. Ryou looked like a kawaii version of him! Yugi and Ryou were to scared to say any thing to their tough look a likes. Bakuras ring glowed.

Malik, who was furious glared at Marik and said,"What the HELL is your problem! I'm talking to you!" Marik was about to punish the younger for yelling at him when he noticed his rod was glowing. He glanced back at Malik and his eyes widened.

Everyone was silent. Then the bell rang signaling for classes to start. Malik then grabbed Yugi and Ryou, and bolted away from their look a likes, off to class. The Yami's stared after them. They then went back to their homerooms.

Malik, Yugi, and Ryou managed to make it to class on time, and they saw Joey sitting in the back row. He motioned them to come join him.

"Sorry guys. I tried to come back to the cafeteria, but when the bell rang, a teacher dragged me here" Joey apologized. Malik shook his head and said,"Whatever! You won't believe what happened when you left!" "Why? What happened?" They were interupted by the teacher who gave the boys a glaring look.

They stayed quiet as the teacher introduced himself. "Hello class. My name is Dr. Saxton. And I will be your teacher for the semester." As Dr. Saxton explained the rules of his class, the boys were passing notes to each other.

Joey:So what happened? Spill.

Joey passed his note to Malik.

Malik:When you left, these three guys were rough housing, and cornering us. It was kinda scary.

Malik passed the note back to Joey who immediately read it, then started scribbling.


Joey then passed the note back to Malik. Ryou tapped Malik on the shoulder to indicate that he wanted to write something down.

Ryou:Relax Joey, we're fine. But here's the weird thing, the three guys actually looked like us! Only meaner! And tougher!

Ryou passed the note back to Joey, who read it, and looked shocked. He mouthed,"Seriously?" The three boys nodded.

The teacher said,"Now I understand that some of you have signed up for the Junior/Senior Freshman Program. Which of you kids signed up?" Joey hearing this cried out,"That would be us Sir!" He pointed to Ryou, Malik, himself, and Yugi. Some of their classmate snickered. Who would want to sign up for something like that?

This program was so that a Freshman would get a Senior or a Junior to be their partner. Show them around the school, help them study with homework and tests, etc. And to make new friends. Usually kids who were hard at making friends were chosen, or signed up. The Senior or Junior gets to pick their kid.

After homeroom was over, Joey and his friends were sent to the office to go and meet their Senior or Junior. They were real excited. "I want to get a Junior. That way next year he or she will still be around!" Ryou squealed. Joey turned to Malik and said,"What about you?" "Me? Well, I'm hoping it's a guy, and that he's hot!" Malik replied honeslty. He was gay.

Yugi, still stayed quiet, just listening to his friends chatter. He heard them talking that maybe Yugi will finally get laid, and he blushed madly at that. His friends noticed and guffawed out loud. They reached the office, and waited patiently for their 'partners' to arrive.

-Meanwhile with the Yami's and Kaiba-

"ARE YOU SERIOUS!" "NO FREAKING WAY!" "WE'RE NOT DOING IT!" "SCREW YOU!" yelled the Yami's and Seto Kaiba. They have just been told that they were in the Senior/Junior program, and were assigned to Freshman!

The principal, Mr. Harrison held up his hands. He was a little frightened of these boy, as he had heard many nasty rumors about them. Like how they seem to have black magic, supernatural abilities, and other scary things...

"Please boys, calm down! The only reason why I'm making you guys do this is because I feel like you need to soften up! Plus, it will give you boys major extra credit points as well!" said Harrison trying to convince the boys. Kaiba replied coldly,"How long would we have to put up with the freshies?" "The whole school year," was the reply. Kaiba gritted his teeth.

Atem was about to say something nasty but stopped when he heard Kaiba say,"We'll do it."
"WHAT?" yelled the Yami's. The principal let out a sigh of relief. "Thank you Mr. Kaiba. You won't regret this!" "Yeah, Yeah. Jackass!" Kaiba hissed below his breath as he and the Yamis's exited the principals office to meet their new partners.

They got a big surprise.

The Yami's and Seto saw Joey and the same boys who stared at them in the cafeteria! The chatter stopped between Yugi, Malik and Ryou when they saw the Yami's. Only Joey was still talking.

"...And I really hope that my Senior isn't some stuck up snob, who'll treat me like crap, you know what I'm saying Yug! Yugi?" Joey stopped talking, and noticed the other boys in the room, and nearly fainted when he saw them. They looked almost exactly like his pals! Only meaner!

"What the..." Joey trailed off. The Yami's paid no attention to Joey, only to their respective look a likes. Almost without thinking, Atem bolted towards Yugi, grabbed him in a bear hug and yelled,"THIS ONE'S MINE! I CALLED HIM!" "WHO CARES! I PICK THIS ONE!" yelled Bakura who grabbed Ryou. Malik's eyes nearly bugged out of his head when he saw Marik clinging to him yelling at the top of lungs,"WELL IIIIIIIII GEEEEETTT THIS ONE! WOOHOO!"

There was struggling, cursing, Joey saying,"Let go of them you bunch of FREAKS!" The blond was about to let his fists fly, when he was suddenly grabbed from behind by Kaiba who said,"I guess I'll have to take this one." He then dragged Joey away who protested. When they were gone, Malik yelled,"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU GUYS WANT FROM US? WHO ARE YOU GUYS?" "WE'RE THE YAMI'S!" Marik yelled into Malik's ear.

Bakura then said,"Yeah! And you know what else? We are going to be your knew partners for THE REST OF THE YEAR!" At that the three boys looked horrified. These three maniacs were going to be their partners? Oh no! "Oh yes little one, for the rest of the year, you are mine!"Atem whispered in Yugi's ear. Yugi shivered in fear.

Their Freshman year was going to be one horrible nightmare. Maybe.

-Meanwhile with Kaiba and Joey-

"Let me go ya big palooka! Get your hands off me! Who are you any way?" asked a pissed off (and scared) Joey. Kaiba then threw Joey against the wall and put both his arms on either side of Joey so he wouldn't escape. Joey saw with fear that Kaiba had a mean grin on his face. "First off mutt, my name is Seto Kaiba, and I am not a nice person. You do as I say, and no harm will come to you. Second off, the only reason I decided to do this stupid program is that so I could have some dirty fun."

Kaiba paused, letting Joey take all that in. He heard Joey whisper,"My friends..." Kaiba laughed ruefully then replied,"Relax mutt. You should be thankful. I may not be a nice guy, but at least I'm tame. Your friends however are with some of the most insane boys I've ever met." Kaiba wasn't saying this to make Joey feel any better.

The CEO then pinned Joey's shoulders painfully to the wall. "You're kinda cute..." muttered Kaiba. Joey cringed away from him. Kaiba then let Joey go and said,"I'll see you at lunch, okay mutt? And don't worry, I will find you." And with that Kaiba walked off to his next class, leaving Joey shaken, and scared.

-Meanwhile in the office-

The Yami's still gripped the three frightened boys when they realized they had to get to class. "AH MAN!" yelled Marik. He liked hugging, or rather choking Malik. Bakura then said,"Let's head to class," and letting go of Ryou, dragged Marik away from Malik. They exited, and Atem Still holding Yugi asked,"What's your name?" Yugi finally said,"Y-Yugi M-Motou, Sempai." "Yugi huh? Cute name. Well, see you at lunch today Yugi."

Atem finally let Yugi go, and jogged to his next class. The boys were scared, confused, and angry of what those maniacs said and did. Well, they picked up their stuff and walked quietly to their next class. Their Freshman year was going to turn very eventful...


Me: Well! Not so bad if I say so my self! Oh, and if you thought that Atem was a little OOC here, don't worry, it's how he used to act in Season 0!

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