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Chapter 13: BIG Misunderstanding

Pegasus waltzed into the room like he owned the place. His one eye gazed at the two boys cuddling on the sofa.

"Ah! Yugi boy! Atem boy! I trust that you two are getting along nicely." said Pegasus.

Little Yugi blushed, and Atem grinned. "Yes sir! We like each other very much, don't we Yugi?"

Yugi replied bashfully,"Yes of course Sempai."

Pegasus grinned. "That's wonderful! I'll leave you two alone so that you can... chat." He added the last part slyly.

When the white haired man left, Atem turned to Yugi smiling gently. "I hope we can be good friends Yugi. I really like you."

Yugi's face flushed. "I really like you too Sempai. Very much."

Atem chuckled then gave Yugi a quick peck on the lips. Yugi was as red as a tomato.

Yugi could feel Atem's lips pressed against his gently, then harder, until suddenly-

He woke up.

Yugi's eyes popped open, and he saw Atem in bed with him, kissing him in his sleep.

Yugi pulled away slowly, then Atem woke up himself. The elder boy blinked his eyes open then asked,"Had a nice sleep hikari?"

The younger one nodded, trying to remember his dream. He was very young, and he was talking and snuggling with some boy... It seemed so strange yet familiar...

"Yugi?," Said person looked up. Atem was leaning over him with concern. "Are you alright?"

Yugi nodded again and replied,"Just had a weird dream is all Sempai. I'll talk about it later."

Atem nodded in understanding, then pulled Yugi close.

"Just making sure." He whispered.

They stayed like that, until Atem rolled over so he was on top of Yugi.

"Now, how about we do something productive with our time, hm?" Atem smirked when he saw Yugi blush.

"S-Sempai...,"Yugi wasn't sure how to say it. "I-I don't know if I c-could d-do it again..."

Atem's face fell, then he got off of Yugi, and rolled onto his side, so that his back face Yugi.

Yugi, fearing that he had offended Atem blurted,"I'm sorry! I don't want you mad at me-" "I'm not mad. I'm ashamed."

Atem turned over so now he faced Yugi. "I should have known you weren't ready. I pushed you to hard, I scared you, I hurt you and I am completely disgusted with myself. I don't deserve you."

Yugi gazed at the elder with misty eyes, and whispered,"I love you. The past is the past." Then he reached over and kissed Atem on the lips tenderly.

Atem returned the kiss gratefully. He was happy Yugi still loved him. He would take bullet for his angel. Which he did, but that's beside the point.

As they kissed Atem got a little idea. He placed his hands on Yugi's ribs, and started to tickle.

Yugi broke the kiss, starting a fit of laughter. He tried to roll over to get out of the way, but Atem straddled his waist, and continued.

Yugi was laughing so hard tears were streaming down his eyes. "H-Help! Somebody!"

Atem was laughing himself, and he spotted a black mask on Yugi's desk, then snatched it and put it on. He gave Yugi a little break.

Yugi was breathing hard, then he gazed up at Atem and asked,"Why are you wearing my halloween mask?"

Atem smirked from behind the mask and replied,"Just wanted to try it on. Now where were we? Ah yes! Your torture!"

The older boy tickled Yugi again, and Yugi laughed and screamed for help. They were having fun. Nothing could ruin their time together.

Yeah right!

-With Grandpa-

Solomon drove through the empty streets, finally reaching his destination. The game shop.

When he got to the driveway, he jumped out the car, and froze when he heard a,"Help! Help!"

Solomon looked up at the window, and recognized Yugi's voice. He was crying for help!

Not wasting any time, Solomon quickly went into his garage, and pulled out his old trusty hunting rifle. He grabbed it, loaded it, cocked it, then ran into the house.

Once inside the house, he ran up the stairs, ran down the hall way towards the noise, then kicked Yugi's door open.

What he saw made his blood boil.

He saw Yugi under some masked freak, half naked from the waist up. The masked stranger was rubbing against Yugi, and kissing him through the mask.

At the sound of the door, both boys stopped their actions and stared at grandpa. Grandpa stared at the boys. It was deathly quiet then, nobody said a word, then-

BANG! The sound of a gun shot ripped through the air.

The masked stranger barely dodged the bullet, which crashed through the window.

SMASH! And then there was yelling.


From Yugi: "GRANDPA?"

From the masked stranger: "HOLY SHIT! WAIT-"


Solomon kept shooting at the masked stranger, who by now was running all around the room, dodging the bullets.

The masked man finally managed to slip around Solomon, and ran down the stairs. The old man was hot on his heels.

BANG! BANG! BANG! The gunshots were deafening.

Solomon chased the masked man out of the house, and ran him into the streets, still shooting. However, the gun had run out of bullets, but Solomon still gave chase.

The masked man ran inside his audi r8, and started up the car. In his rearview mirror, he could see a heavy object flying towards him.


"AAAAAHHHHHH!" The masked man screamed. His car just got hit with a chair!

That was when he had enough, and put the now shattered car in gear. He could hear Solomon scream,"GODDAM DEVIL!"

Solomon saw the car drive off, totally breaking the speed limit. The old man huffed angrily, then stormed into the house.

Yugi had put his shirt back on and was standing at the foot of the stairs when his grandpa came and gave him a big hug.

"Yugi! My sweet little boy are you alright? How did that maniac come into the house? I'm gonna go and call the police right this instant!" Solomon let go of Yugi and ran over to the telephone.

Before he could punch in 911, Yugi grabbed the phone and said frantically,"Grandpa, what are you doing?"

Grandpa stared at Yugi shocked. "I'm going to report attempted rape Yugi. That man tried to hurt you, and i'll be damned if I'm gonna let him get away with it!" Solomon grabbed the phone away from Yugi and punched in the number.

Yugi thought frantically,'I can't let him get Sempai in toruble! I'll tell him only a portion of the truth!'

Just as Solomon was talking to a police officer Yugi grabbed the phone from his hands and yelled,"Wrong number!" Then he slammed the phone down.

Grandpa was surprised that Yugi was acting this way. He was about to ask if his grandson was okay when Yugi said,"Grandpa I know that you love me, but there is no need to worry. I know who that man was."

Solomon growled,"You do? Who was he Yugi! Tell me so I can find him and tear his dick off!"

Yugi gulped. "N-Now grandpa, don't get mad b-but it was..."

Solomon prodded Yugi on. "Who Yugi? What's his name?"

Yugi sputtered, then sighed and said,"Remember I told you that I was gay, and have a boyfriend?"

Grandpa nodded his head. "Yes yes, I remember. But what does that got to do with anything?"

Yugi took a deep breath. "Well... That was him. Atem."

Solomon stared at Yugi for a long time, making the young boy nervous. Finally he said quietly,"Yugi... Were you two role playing?"

Yugi crimsoned heavily, but nodded.

Solomon sighed. "So you mean to tell me, that I was shooting at your boyfriend."

Again, the young boy nodded. Solomon sighed again then said sheepishly,"I guess I better apologize then huh?"

Surprised Yugi said,"Grandpa you're not mad?"

"No, not really. I am shocked that you would do such a thing, I figured you were too shy to get into that kind of stuff. But, nowadays young folks thinks it's hip to do all the stuff grown folks do." Grandpa put his hands on Yugi's slim shoulders.

"Yugi, we will have a talk about this later, but right now you give me the phone number of that boy so that I can apologize."

Yugi smiled and said,"Thanks grandpa. You're the best!"

And then they hugged.

-Meanwhile, With Atem-

"SHIT!" Atem screamed as he drove away. His evening went from really awesome, to really shitty. From kissing Yugi, to running for his life from some carzy ass old man with a gun. He was scared shitless.

Thr tri-colored teen drove, breaking the speed limit till he finally reached the Kaiba Mansion. Once he reached his destination, he jumped out of the car and bursted into the mansion.

Atem huffed and puffed through the mask. He was still wearing it. Then he felt the barrel of a gun on the side of his head.

"Well, well, well, what do got here? A tresspasser eh?" Out of the corner of his eye, Atem could see little Mokuba cocking the gun in his face.

Mokuba continued. "Alright mother fucker hands up!" Atem tried to talk, but Mokuba said,"SHUT UP! You talk when I say you can talk bitch!" Mokuba kicked Atem in the crotch, making the older boy go down.

"AH!" Atem groaned in pain, holding his nuts. Mokuba then circled around him, keeping the gun on him always.

"You think you can just come into MY house, and steal MY shit, you are sadly mistaken asshole!" He then paused and asked,"Where's your shirt?"

Atem moaned,"It's-" "SHUT UP! I did not say you can talk!" Mokuba kicked Atem in the side this time.

"OW! Why you little-" BANG! Mokuba fired a warning shot towards the ceiling.

"You think i'm playing don't you? You think i'm playing? 'Cause I ain't playing. I will shoot your ass down!" Mokuba shouted.

Atem was getting pissed with the way Mokuba was acting. Honestly, didn't the boy recognize his own cousin when he sees him? Even with the mask on?

"Do you know who my big brother is? Seto Kaiba, bitch! I can decide who lives and who dies! And if you don't watch yourself, you just might get capped!" Mokuba kept on talking.

Atem was looking for a blind spot, till he finally found it. He gazed over Mokuba's shoulder, making the young boy look over. "What the hell are you looking at-" "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!"

The older boy screamed at the top of his lungs and lunged at Mokuba, knocking the younger Kaiba down. Both boys wrestled with the gun.

"GET OFFA ME BITCH!" Mokuba screamed.

Atem, being bigger, finally managed to get the gun out of Mokuba's hands. Then he pulled the mask off and screamed,"IT'S ME GODDAMN IT! IT'S ATEM! YOUR COUSIN! GET IT!"

Mokuba stared up at Atem with wide eyes. "Atem? Oooooohhhh... Oops."

Atem seethed. "Oops? Oops? You almost capped my ass, and all you can say is OOPS!"


That was the doorbell. Both boys stared at the door till Atem said tiredly,"I'll get it." He opened the door...

GLOMP! Atem got glomped by some hyperactive girl.

"WHAT THE FU-" "Ouji! I'm so glad to see you again! It's been so long!"

Atem was sprawled on the floor with the girl on top of him. Surprised he choked out,"Mana?"


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