The Megas




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Story Start


Naruto couldn't help but wonder how the Elemental Nations would have turned out in his era if technology was more advanced. He now saw why those with the ability of travel went between worlds and observed its inhabitants. Learning about their cultures and adapting to their way of life was also pretty interesting.

Without a doubt learning the technology and adapting to piloting was one of the hardest tasks Naruto ever had to adapt to. All and all he felt it was worth it especially since he was fixing up a mechanical unit that he found in a trash heap of all things. He took his time the last few weeks modifying it from weaponry and other items he happened to bring with him from the previous world he had visited.

Naruto currently sat in the pilot seat as he was doing some diagnostics when the alarms went off. Out of a portal appeared a single mech. It had the same original scheme that the original Mega had before Naruto modified it.

''This is Commander Kiva Andru of the Earth Coalition. That's mech you're sitting in is a vital key to the future of my world and I need it back.''

The redhead was pretty attractive from what Naruto could surmise from the view screen. Something about Red heads always made Naruto pay extra attention. The woman in question from the image on the screen was wearing a white and blue combat outfit that showed off her well-developed body and those emerald eyes of hers were definitely something fierce.

''Listen! We need Megas to avert an alien invasion in the far future. We captured that robot from the Glorft an advance race that conquered Earth so we can use it against them. I spent the last two years modifying Megas so I can take it back to the point in conflict where we can help change the outcome of the war and future.''

"Look, if there's anyone who is sympathetic to a person's plight in protecting their home its me, but I have the ask why the hell is the vital key of the future doing in a trash pile in this time period?''

''That robot was sent back to this time by mistake.''

''Huh...well I don't know what to tell you, but you might be out of luck. I did a complete overhaul to its system. . Not to mention I installed a scanner and installed a security system which will only allow the ''Megas'' as you call it to interact to my DNA interface unless you know the override sequence.''

The redheaded female looked shocked. Someone from centuries past had figured out how to modify the prototype taken from the Glorft?

''Damnit!" she swore as she took a moment to contemplate her next decision." Then I guess I have no choice. You'll have to do.''

"Wait what?" he replied, wondering what exactly did she mean."

"Don't complain, if you haven't ruined the prototype I wouldn't even be bothered with you.''

''Ouch!" he remarked with mock hurt. Considering how much time Naruto put into the mech he didn't want to part with it so easily. "So if I go and help you defeat these Glorft guys I get to keep the Mech right?''

''We'll see...'' The two of them moved their mechs to a location outside of city limits while Kiva was 'accessing' the changes done to Megas. ''Damnit! There's no way I can fly it in this condition.''

''Told you...'' Naruto told her as he shook his head.

''What happened to the Time Drive?'' she asked as she shot the blond a pointed glance.

''The what?'' he responded to her question in confusion.

''You know Black Box? Center of the control module?'' she furthered explained hoping the blond would understand what she meant.

''Oh that thing?" he replied after he took a moment to recall it. " It was busted when I found it. It's at my places and in pieces.''

''Great, just great." She let out a sharp exhale. " That means were stuck here in the past until I can repair it. That could take months and I'm not sure if my people can hold on until then. Is the Megas at least ready to go?''

''Hey I don't know what to tell you. I can tell you if I don't finish running tests and making sure everything is installed correctly the Megas might break down and would be useless to the both of us. I'm not from this time either; hell I'm not even from this world. I just came to look if this planet had any interesting technology. As such with the varying degrees of technology used in the mech I would recommend not doing anything that would result in it breaking down."

"Fine. Do your tests. After you're done, we need to repair and activate the time drive and you can help us defeat the Glorft."

"There is one problem with your plans Earther. We're already here." This voice was on a voice only channel. The female's mech looked up at a gigantic ship. Several dozen green mechs launched from it and surrounded the earth mechs."Step out of the prototype and we might let you live. Failure to comply will result in death."

''That ugly as green squid thing is the Glorft? No wonder there trying to blow up the Earth! If I woke up looking like that I run towards the nearest thing I could find and kill it too!"

''What did you say you petulant human!'' The Squid alien creature roared.

''Ugly and hard of hearing that's even worse.'' Naruto remarked with a shake of his head.

''Attack!'' The Glorft leader roared.

The numerous amounts of foot soldiers in the hundreds swarmed the Megas. Naruto flipped some switches as Megas hands receded into the arms and two large machine gun barrels took its place. Activating switch at the side of the handles they began rapidly firing round after round as Naruto used the handles to steer and direct his shot. Naruto went for head shots as the nearest Mechs and for those farther away he went for leg shots to throw the mechs off balance and slow down mobility. After mowing down fifty of them the charging mechs switched tactics and began launching some odd energy beams.

''Hold on tight!'' Naruto exclaimed as he pressed three buttons in the overhead compartment and suddenly activating the thrusters as the Megas suddenly jolted to the side causing the commander to fall into Naruto's lap. ''Told you to hold on...'' He said as the beam blasted into Megas. ''Shit!''

Recovering almost instantly Kiva tried to maneuver herself out of the blond's lap and end up blocking his view. ''Will you quit before you get us both killed.''

The commander relented with a scowl. Not only was this inappropriate of someone of her standard, but highly embarrassing as well.

''Alright...time for some Spider Missiles!'' The blond declared as the shafts inside of Mega rotated. Several blue tipped red-rockets were launched that exploded into nets trapping the Glorft Mechs by the dozen. ''And now Drill Bit missiles!'' The Shaft changed once again as missiles with Drills on them were launched, flying through the sky as the drills activating and pierced through the Mechs, drilling through them one by one. ''Thank you Swat Kat reruns!'' (1)

Naruto declared as three mechs fired from his back side. Both humans cried out as the blast sent a shock wave through Megas.

''Systems scans! Shields at 92 percent! Damage at one percent! Diagnostics and Tests incomplete!''

''You installed an AI and shielding system?'' Kiva asked in awe, she couldn't help herself. But then again the man did said he wasn't from this time and dimension.

''Unfortunately I haven't installed everything. I haven't even come up for a name for the AI!'' He pouted as he flipped some switches. ''AI status reports on Weapon and Technology systems.''

''Transformation sequences off line. Turbo system off line. Drones and other defensive shielding off line. Most Weapon system off line or not installed.''

''Any finishers?''

''Scanning. Sunrise ray (1) is currently online. All other forms of finishers are off line.''


"Essentially a one hit kill attack for enemies that can't be taken down conventionally. AI! Please tell me at least the Sonic system is online!'' Naruto said as he avoid the red blasts from the remaining Glorft Mechs.''

''Sonic system. 67% efficiency! Warning: Prolong use could drain shield power and overheat the Megas.''

''AI...activate the Sonic System!'' He said as energy began to surge around Megas. The remaining Glorft mechs charged only for Megas to disappear in a flash of light. One by one an unseen force began picking them apart. One was ripping in clear half as it two halves which were used to knock off the heads of two more. Five attempted to flank the superior mech from the left, but were blown to pieces when the Megas clapped its hands together; causing a sonic wave that ripped them apart.

One by one Naruto had spread through the flanking units until only about a hundred were left.'

''Warning: Sonic system limit reached!''

'Deactivate the Sonic System!'' Naruto ordered as he the Megas appeared on the other side of countless destroyed of Glorft Mechs. ''Power up the Sunrise Ray!'' Naruto stated as he took out a key and opened a special class case above him and pressed one of the multicolored buttons.

The Megas began transforming, its limbs extending and the outer shell switching with its inner shell as Solar powered mirrors extending from its arms, legs, back, and chest.

The mirrors began to glow as it took in energy, causing the Megas to glow as well. Right before the Glorft descended upon them Naruto gave the command, ''Fire!'' From the mirror and Megas's arm fired a series of golden blow beams of sun light as it completely eradicated the forces in front and all around them in pure solar energy for several Kilometers. After about thirty seconds the beams flickered out as the Megas went back to its original state.

''AI! Status!"'

''Power output at 52%. Shield power at 78%.''

''It appears I grossly underestimated you Earther! I shall eliminate you myself!'' The Glorft leader said as he descended from above and landed on the ground in a mech that was much larger by far then it's foot soldiers. It then transformed into a Squid or was it an Arachnid shape? Naruto hedged his better on the latter as it did have eight limbs. The machine leaped and Naruto maneuvered out of its path and fire with standards bullets that bounced off the creature's shell.

"Then I'll guess will settle it with fists!'' Naruto declared as the Megas charged forward. He maneuvered out of range of the creature's strike as it right fist connected with its jaw in an uppercut. The machine reacted by slamming one of its inner legs into Megas's torso, sending it crashing into a building. Recovering, Naruto fired off more Drill missiles that the Mech dodged, only to get a foot to the face.

''Enough games! Send in the UMD!''

Mechs upon mechs were sent out as they began to form a giant fifty story bulking humanoid mech with a squid head.

''Prepare for your doom Earth scum!'' The Glorft leader taunted as its image appeared on Megas's monitor.

''AI! Dodge!'' The massive Mech swung its arm as it's fist collided with the ground and sent a shock wave. ''Scan the enemy mech for any possibly weak points!''

''Scanning...No visible weak points.''

''Perform another scan for density inconsistencies around the cockpit and torso areas.''

''What are you doing?'' Kiva wondered.

''Getting ready to defeat this so called unbeatable machine.''

''Scanning...analysis review the cockpit area is made from different material then subsequent mechs used to form it.''

''Can we destroy it?''

''At this time no active weapon systems have the power to pierce through the alien material.''

''What about the Sunrise Ray?''

''Current power below necessary requirement to use the Sunrise Ray.''

'' main power into the Sunrise Ray weapon and focus the blast through right arm cannon.''

''Scanning...probability shows the result of an attempt would rupture the Megas's right arm, destabilize the hydraulics...''

''I know...switch to the backup generator and immediately plot a course back after the results of the attack.''

'''I hope you know what you're doing.''

''The way I see it commander if I don't so something were screwed anyway. AI! Go the auto-pilot and move into position to fire. If you don't mind commander,'' Naruto said with a smirk as Kiva got up, with a flushed expression. ''If this doesn't work then you and what's left of Megas should make it back to my base. No matter how advance or powerful this machine is once it trips the security protocols my brother and a legion of machines called Gundams will rained down upon these Glorft if I don't shut off the system in an allotted time no matter how powerful that giant ass mech is supposed to be I don't think it's going to last long again a legion of Gundams.''

''Then why not retreat now and call for back-up? This just seems stupid and suicidal!''

''What can I say I'm a stubborn person. I buckle up if I were you,'' Naruto said as he slipped down the hatch into Megas's core. As Naruto went down several feet passed wires and the rest of the metallic parts of Megas's eternal drive he came across the source of power that powered the Megas. An emerald of power he managed to get his hand during one of his adventures . Naruto grabbed two plugs and sighed. ''This is so gonna suck ass!'' He murmured as he yanked out the plugs and quickly plugged them back into the opposite's circuits causing them to react by shocking him.

''What's wrong Earther! Realize that it's hopeless and the only thing you can do is flee?''

The Megas had been using what little power it could channel into the thrusters while it maneuvered into position. Though one of the thrusters gave out causing Megas to tilt over into the side and knocked towards the sky by one of the UMD's blows.

''Enough games! It's time I finish this! Activate the techtrocon beams!'' Two small arm cannons appeared out of the UMD ad it began charging.

The thruster that went off burst on and off as Megas haphazardly floated into position.

''Power transfer complete...Sunrise Ray activated...system transference to Arm cannon initiated! Firing in 5...4...3...2...1!'' The multiburst beam of sun energy was condensed in a single shot and fired a wide beam about the width of Sedan at the massive Mech. It shot through the sky as it collided between the cockpit and top of the UMD. Despite its aim being slightly off small explosions occurred as metal that was phased out of existence in a burst of pure energy was blasted clear.

The shock wave caused the Glorft pilots to jerk and when they reached out to balance accidentally jolted the controls causing the Massive Mech to tip over. It's massive size equating to power becoming its biggest draw back as not only to weight smashed a lot of the internal mechanism to smash, but it was too colossal to pick itself up.

Once the UMD fell over the Glorft leader ejected and flew away in a pod as he broad cast this message.

''You won this time Earth Scum, but next time you and your entire planet will be annihilated.''

A slightly singed and smoking Naruto climbed up into the cockpit. ''Did we win?'' He asked as he stumbled forward, only for Commander Kiva to catch him by the arm.

''Easy there while that stunt was not only idiotic and potentially dangerous it got the work done I suppose.''

''If that's your way of saying that was amazing I'll take it, but what are you going to do now?''

''I don't know...The Glorft will probably going to come back with reinforcements.''

''If they traveled the way you did they'll probably need the time drive which is in places back at my place.''

''And how do you figure that?'' she wondered.

''Karmic Justice? I just have a feeling or more like I'm praying that's what ends up happening. It'll be a pain in the ass having to deal with all of them. Anyway since you're stuck here, what are you going to do?''

The Commander sighed, ''The only thing I can do is attempt to fix the Time Drive.''

''What about food or shelter?'' he asked her, wondering what her plans for that was.

''I'll guess I'll have to worry about that until the time comes.''

Naruto himself sighed and made an offer, ''Listen...since you're not from this time maybe I can help you out a bit. You can stay in my guest room...but,'' he paused. ''...between helping out with the Glorft and giving you shelter you'll give more consideration on my claim to Megas."

''Seems like a fair deal...but I can't speak on the behalf of the Coalition on whether or not they'll be willing to give away such a powerful prototype, but I'll see what I can do."

'''s hard to find a woman who's skilled, sharp, straight to the point, and beautiful on the get go.'' He responded with a flirtatious wink.

''I'd cool it if I were you...I already have my eye on someone else...from my time.'' Despite her statement the tone and body language she gave off wasn't so convincing.

'Well I always do enjoy a challenge.' Naruto thought before he responded. ''Have it your way Commander.''

''Just if we are ever in public we'll have to be inconspicuous so...''

''Aah yes...well I'm...just Naruto then,'' He said as Megas began to descend at Naruto's base.


Chapter End




1. Sunrise (Or was it Sunshine?) Ray. For those who watch or know of Kikaider then they recognize the name of the special attack of Jiro's older brother whose name escapes me at this moment.