The Megas Unleashed

''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes.)

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Story Start


It was just another ordinary day in New Jersey. The sun was shining up above and it was a sweat inducing 94 degree day and Naruto just finished doing a system's test with Megas.

As far as Naruto knew, except crashing into some unseen force briefly everything was going mostly.

''You know you're going to enjoy this quaint little place. I mean they sell all sorts of Ramen with exotic ingredients I'm sure you'll love it, but first a slushie. Considering how hot it is I wouldn't mind getting one. That new Explode your teeth red sounds pretty good. I've had every flavor except that one.''

''Sounds like just another beverage; I don't see why you seemed to be fascinated by it.''

''You haven't had one so it's understandable, but trust me Commander once you had one you just can't have one. So when it got hot like days like this what did you use to cool off in your time period?''

''A ration packet of balanced electro-elitic Hydriating fluid!''

Naruto paused and could only give Kiva the patented 'what the hell' look with a raised eyebrow and slight head tilt. ''Wow...that just sounds all kinds of messed up; other words, your future is pretty damn bleak. Look for about maybe around 2 bucks you can get 44 ounces of delicious beverage and you will nary find such a great deal.'' he said as he began patting his pants.''Don't tell me I left my wallet back at the house.''

''Yeah while you do that I'll try to find what we ran into back in space.'' Kiva said as she began interacting with the interactive holographic map. ''Megas does seem to be undamaged.''

''I swear if Jamie just happened to find my wallet again and forgot to return it...'' Naruto grumbled as he checked under the seat. The two were so engross in their task they didn't notice what seem to be a meteor crashing into a nearby high school campus.

Out of the crater accompanied by epic battle music was a six-legged arachnid creature with two different sized red eyes, blue outlines along his torso and arm with black leg and silver legs and a bad ass deep voice.

''I am Regis 5! I will destroy all!''
moving out of the crater the creature though appeared to be no bigger then the person who found him. Something random black kid drinking a slushie. ''Regis will incinerate this planet and enslave all its occupants.'' he said extending one of his eyes and began firing at billboards and windows of buildings causing general mayhem and lighting the place on fire. He then randomly crawled along the crash and leaped onto one of the highways. ''You will all beg for mercy in vain! The Debris of your planet will litter this solar system.'' and like the uncaring bastards that they were people continued on their business.

Children playing catch and adults talking about random conversations and gushing over celebrities paid no attention to the sentient killer machine promising death and destruction to the planet. ''I shall suck upon your very atoms!'' and then he was thump by a beach ball. ''Stand aside or you will be struck down!'' he threatened a fire hydrant and of course since the object was just an object it did not react at all. ''Die then!'' he then shoop the whopped the hell out of it with laser beams from his eyes. ''You are no match for the supreme tactical abilities of the Regis Mark 5!'' and of course the water from the hydrant spilled onto the ground causing a truck to lose control and slam into Regis sending it clear through a truck. A moment later it erupted from the top of the truck. ''Is there no one on this pitiful planet powerful enough to stand against the Regis Mark 5?''

While Naruto was buying a slushie Kiva continued with the diagnostics. Feeling the heat Kiva undid the top part of her outfit to around her waist revealing a mid-riff bearing black tank top underneath. Upon further inspection she came across a distress signal informing that they lost their cargo, a highly dangerous and destructive program.

''You're feeble and non-efficient modes of transportation are no match for the Regis Mark 5!'' the machine said as it lifted up a yellow convertible with two of its limbs and tossed it into the mini-mark nearly hitting Naruto and destroying the slushie machine. ''It will destroy all!'' he then crashed in through the roof. ''Do not fight! You will all die!'' advance weaponry appeared out of its skull as it begin firing laser weaponry. People began running and screaming in panic as Naruto had without a doubt one of the most outraged what the fuck reactions on his face.

'What the fuck did I just see?' was the only thing that came to his mind as the machine just went on causing general havoc. 'Damnit and this turned out to be an uneventful day. Oh well...better go see if I can catch the thing or reason with it or something.'

''Damn did you see that? Some freaking spider monster thing is tearing up the town!''

''Yeah I even heard it trashed that new ramen place!''

And that moment Naruto had decided that the machine had to die! With that in mind Naruto made his way to Megas and ready to unleash all types of hell. ''Hey you little shit! You can destroy New Jersey, and you can even prevent me from knocking back a nice cold drink on a hot day, but when you fuck with my ramen the only thing you can look forward to is death.''

''Who dares challenges Regis? Destroyer of Planets? Consumer of their Rubble? Bringer of Despair? Regis is...''and with that he was promptly stomped on a few times and scraped him off against a building.

''That was sort of overkill don't you think?''

''I am a firm believer of disproportionate retribution when the situation that calls for it is nothing less than humorous.'' Naruto answered with a shrug. ''Anyway there might be more of those damn things and no telling what trouble it'll cause. AI...activate scanners and homing sensors.''

''Good thinking, maybe we can find out where that thing came from.'' Kiva said as the signal from the computer coordinate an area near the Atlantic City High School.

''Think we should dispose of that thing first?'' Naruto said gesturing to the crumpled remains of the Regis 5.

''We can after we've swept the perimeter. Like you said before there could be more and we should prioritize finding out everything we can before we attempt to dispose of it or move it. We could trigger some unknown trap or program that could damage the Megas.''

''Yeah but do we really want to leave random alien technology around like that? Seems pretty sloppy; I think we should risk it.'' Naruto remarked as he scooped up what remains he found and crushed them in his fist. He then took to the sky; following the graph on his screen. Unknown to him the central core of the Regis that had stuck to his foot had dislodged itself during take-off and activated a secondary power system. The machine then assimilated such things as a Mailbox and even a bicycle to repair itself and add to its mass.

''I am the Replicant Engineered Galactic Infiltration and Sabotage Mark 5. I can not be stopped!''

Naruto continued his stroll through town on foot. Why was he not flying one would ask? Because jet fuel is freaking expensive that's why! ''We should only be a few blocks away! But I still can't shake that feeling?''

''What feeling?''

''Let's just say I've come to the conclusion that shit tends to have in a once a week type of format or in the rare cases the really big thing would stretch out over the course of several days or if say we were watching some drama or comedy then a new episode would come on once a week. And everything I'm saying is lost on you isn't it?'' Naruto quickly caught on as he noticed Kiva's, 'what in the hell are you saying look.'

''Something tells me you have a habit of doing this with other people.''

''I assure you that I don't often don't pilot a giant mecha with someone in my lab.'' he remarked with a smirk as Kiva rolled her eyes with that flare of annoyance that was reserved for, 'enough with your jokes already.'

''You know what I mean. That strange dialogue of yours with all those references you like to use.''

''Danger! Enemy approaching! Course of action! Duck!''

Quickly maneuvering out-of-the-way Naruto avoided some eye beams as he turned to face his next opponent.

''I am Regis! Surrender and I will destroy you peacefully!''

''Okay this is complete and utter ass! I don't know how you survived the first time, but this time you won't come back!'' Naruto said as he powered Megas up for combat and charged at the machine preparing to show it the very definition of a Curb-Stomp-Battle.

Kiva had left Naruto's side to explore the remains of the destroyed machine. That Sunrise Ray of Naruto had obliterated the Regis.

''A highly unusual and adaptable alloy...'' Kiva sent the message to Naruto over her communicator. ''...complete with nano regenerative technology. With adequate power it can go on building and enlarging forever.''

Kiva fled away from the site of the graveyard. The machine ate slides and all sorts of matter as it went about reconstructing itself.

''Alright big bastard time for round two. Deploy buzz-saw missiles!'' Naruto replied as his buzzsaw missiles cut through two of the spider like legs which was quickly regenerated by the creature.

''The invincible Regis Mark 5 will not accept destruction.''

''Mark this!'' Naruto replied as Megas's right hand disappeared into its socket and an arm canon was formed. A stream of energy burned through the body of the machine, but the Regis quickly regenerated from the attack.

Taking advantage of the time it was taking to regenerate Naruto retrieved Kiva. ''You okay commander?''

''I'm fine, and so is our friend.'' she added, sending a pointed glance at the restored weapon. It limbs shot out as it grabbed all manors of machinery from cars to trucks and heavy machinery as it armed itself with new weaponry.

''Any suggestions? Being a regenerative type its just going to recover from any blast I sent at it? Any suggestions?''

''Give me a few minutes.'' she said as she begun placing the information she gathered around the machine into her wrist device.

''Alright then, guess I'll keep him busy,'' he remarked as he pressed a dark blue button on his console. ''Deploying Baby-Boomer missiles.'' two dark blue spike covered missiles ejected themselves from Megas's chest and impacted with Regis. The machine quickly regenerated and began lashing out as the Megas. ''Alright some Blowtorch...'' he switched tactics as he launched the missiles with built in flamethrowers. Bits of it were burnt off only for Regis to grab more machines to increase its mass.

Naruto activated Megas's boosters to dodge out of the way of the massive fucking chainsaw that the machine has.

''I am Regis Mark 5. I am unstoppable.''

''That damn machine is really starting to piss me off.'' he said as he deployed some smoke gas so he could attack them under the guise of stealth. ''Deploying slicer missiles!'' he exclaimed as he used his heat tracker to track the missile through the smoke and sliced off two of Regis's leg. For some reason it wasn't reacting. ''What the hell is going on? Why isn't the thing fighting back?'' he said as Kiva looked out through the top window of the Megas, seeing that the smoke nearly covered up the suns rays.

''Of course, the Regis is solar powered. We just need to cut off its supply of sunlight.''

''In that case,'' Naruto remarked as he aimed downwards at the ground and began firing towards it.

''What are you doing to do?''

''Bury it underground,'' Naruto simply answered as some his missiles began to tear through the ground and upturn some earth. ''God this is going to drain so much from my bank account.'' he said as he continued to make a hole large enough to bury the machine so it could be taken apart and safely disabled.

With the Regis safely taken care of Naruto and Kiva returned back to his base. ''So that was an interesting little distraction for today.'' he replied as he pressed in a clearance code to the keypad as they continued down an elevator.

''We were lucky to happen upon that machine's weakness. We can't depend on that kind of luck again.'' Kiva replied as Naruto nodded and folded his arms.

''But I know a way where we can improve our chances,'' Naruto countered as the elevator came to a stop and the two sets of double doors opening with a slow hiss.

''Where are we?'' Kiva wondered, the floor she was looking at was not something she recognized. The interior was chrome with black outlines with a single door on the far end of the hall.

''You'll see,'' he beckoned her. ''I'm sure you'll find it quite interesting.'' he added as she followed him down the hall. Naruto opened the door and stood to the side as Kiva gasped and looked up. ''A hell of a sight huh? So what do you think?'' Naruto asked with a grin, knowing what he was showing was the last thing Kiva expected.