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~*~ Normal P.O.V~*~

When May was out of eyesight Eleanor quickly motioned Misty toward the elegant dining room. The extensive table was covered in an angel white tablecloth with laces at the ends. Sunlight shined through the tall glass windows that surrounded the room.

Seventeen year old Misty sat the far end of the table, her mother at the front of the table.

Misty had orange medium length hair which had grown from her fairly short style she had years before. Today she decided to have her hair in a small ponytail on the side on her head, letting the rest of her hair flow freely. She had striking cerulean colored eyes to match her hair. She was wearing a sky blue strapless dress with a waterfall effect at the ends of her dress. The outfit hung on her frame, showing her curves; while the sky blue helped bring out her eyes. She matched it with a pair of Greek sandals that laced up her long legs, just a few inches from her knees. Around her neck was a beautiful pearl necklace with an aquamarine in the middle. In short, she looked like an angel.

Eleanor on the other hand, had beautiful sunflower blond hair. Her hair was put in a side bun; a few strands fell from it. She also had dark scarlet eyes that stood out like the eyes of a fire. She wore a violet long sleeved gown that touched the floor. There were golden outlines at the ends of the dress and at the neckline of the outfit, which slightly showed her cleavage.

"Misty, Prince Drew will be holding a ball this spring for his seventeenth birthday. I want you to prepare for the big event my dearest child," Eleanor said with an overly-sweet voice. "Oh, I almost forgot. I want you to stop visiting that mere pauper, Ashton or whatever his name is. You may never, ever associate with him again."

Poor Misty hearing this flashed with anger, causing her to clench her hands while thinking of a million ways to kill Eleanor. Luckily, her hands were well hidden under the excessive tablecloth." His name is Ash," Misty spat out, trying hard not to show emotion to her mother. Sadly, you could still hear a trace of venom in her voice.

"Do you understand Misty," Eleanor threatened. Her eyes narrowed, seeing if Misty would dare defy her.

Misty eyes widened in horror when she realized what would happen if she didn't listen. She wouldn't allow it to happen like last time." You, you wouldn't!" Misty said.

"I would if that's what it comes to," Eleanor replied.

"I, I understand," Misty said in defeat.

She quickly stood up. Using all the strength she could muster, she ran straight to her bedroom, shutting the door tightly then quickly locking it. She took a quick breath and slid to the ground, using the bedroom door for support and started crying.

Back down in the dining room was Eleanor; who was still sitting in her chair, at last stood up." I'm glad you understand," Eleanor said quietly. She then broke into a cruel laugh. Even when saying it quietly her tone of voice was so venomous that it would make you shiver. She started walking away, laughing silently toward the house's basement.

~*~Misty's P.O.V~*~

My heart was beating like a stampede. I felt like I had no other reason to live, as if my body and soul was withering before my very eyes. It felt as if a million needles were piercing into my skin. I wish I could say no to Mother, but that would only result in Ash getting hurt by her. I don't want it to end like what had happened to Dawn.

I had such passionate feelings for Ash, yet I would never be able to tell him.

Suddenly, memories of us together flashed through my mind like waves


I was walking along the seashore towards the rocky edge. My mother, Eleanor Waterflower, just got married to a man named Norman Maple. I just don't get why he wanted to marry Mother. I know that he is single but, why Mother? He only met Mother and me a couple of times. It was like something possessed him to marry her.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't notice where I was going and ran into something solid. "Stupid rock," I muttered darkly without looking up.

"Hey! I'm not a rock!" The rock answered.

Wait, did the rock just talk? I screamed loudly in shock while I jumped a mile up in the air. I took a closer look at that ghastly 'rock' or whatever it was.

Turns out it wasn't rock at all! It was just a stupid boy with black hair and bark colored eyes. Forgetting my manners I asked," What are you?"

The rock (It's more appealing) replied stupidly," Well I'm a boy… I think."

Idiot! What does he mean he "thinks" he is a boy? If he is a boy, he is a boy. If he isn't, well to bad! I swear. Does he have a brain? Ugh, I better re-quote that.

"Who are you?" I asked with a stretched sigh.

"Ash Ketchum at your service!" the rock said with a cheesy grin. Who does he think he is, the prince of Alice?

Then curiosity hit me like a rock, literally. How you ask? I was standing there like a normal girl would, when suddenly a rock the size of a tennis ball hit me on the head, hard. Then the rock, I mean Ash, fell to the floor laughing so badly tears started forming.

After a few silent curses I asked, "What are you doing here anyway?"

"What's with all the questions?" He asked back.

"Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because I just happen to run into a rock in the middle of nowhere? For all I know, the rock might be out to kill me!" I said while throwing my arms up into the sky.

"I'm not out to kill you! You ask way too many questions!" he yelled back.








"AHA! You agreed with me! I don't ask a lot of questions!" I said with a triumphant grin.

"That was a fluke!" the rock/ Ash said with fury.

His eyes rapidly widened as if he just remembered something. I quickly noticed that he was eyeing my lunch basket. I left right after breakfast and wasn't planning to go home until nightfall. If I went home, I would have to accept that Mother got married. I needed time to think. Then bam! The rock was running away with my lunch and dinner.

"I need to borrow this! I'll return it as soon as I'm done with it!" he said as he ran toward SliverLatern Forest.

Okay, that was the last straw! "Get back here if you know what's good for you!" I screeched with flames in my eyes as I ran after the rock/Ash.

OH! That Ash Ketchum is going to get it! That boy is a thief! A thief! He has a Misty Macho Punch with his name on it! If he lays at least a touch on my food, he will never see the light again!

I passed at least a dozen trees before I reached him. He was crouched on all fours, as if searching for something. In his hand was my money's worth of Poke block!

"Hey give that ba-!" I said before I was cut off by a loud "Shh!"

I ran up to him with an angered look. I whispered," What The heck are you doing with my Poke block?"

He quickly replied," Quiet down! I am trying to find Pikachu!"

My mind searched until it came to my mental picture of Pikachu.

Type: Electric

Height: 1'04''

Weight: 3.2 lbs

Evolves into Raichu

Mouse Pokémon.

The information kept coming until I was satisfied about the Pokémon.

"Pikachu?" I asked. My head was turned in confusion. Why was he looking for a Pikachu?

"Ya, he ran off while we were looking for some jobs. I was looking for him when I ran into you. Pikachu usually likes ketchup, but I guess Poke block will do," he said, not really paying attention to me anymore.

"Why didn't you just say so?" I mumbled and went on my all fours also. I then quickly snatched a bit of Poke Block out of his hand.

"What are you-"he began to ask, but quickly stopped once he noticed that I was helping him."Thanks," Ash said and then flashed me a sunny, toothy, breath-smelly smile.

"Urgh! After this, I'm making you brush your teeth," I said as I twisted my face in utter disgust.

For the rest of the day, we gave out urgent calls to Pikachu till the sun was slowly setting in the horizon. Swiftly, a panicked look flashed across my face when I heard a low rustle in the bushes .I crouched down and covered my ears. Please don't be a bug!

Ash turned his head toward me, a worried expression evident on his face." What's wrong…um…ahh…"

"M-Misty," I stuttered, growing more petrified by the passing moment.

"So Misty, what's wrong?" he finished asking in a gentle tone.

"Bu-bugs," I replied, not caring about how embarrassing it was telling some kid I barely knew my strongest fear.

"Oh! I know how to cheer you up! My mom used to it all the time!" Ash said gleefully. He then broke into a peaceful tune.

Slowly, my worries started fading and I hummed along with him. Bit by bit, my eyelids started dropping.

In my head I was picturing a beautiful picturesque beach. The sun's reflection was shimmering against the salty water which we called the sea, casting a twinkle in the water. The small grains of sand were sparkling like small diamonds. In the middle of this scene, were a small girl and her mother. The girl's smile was warm as she looked at her mother, so happy…..

I slowly opened my eyes, tears declining down my cheeks. I quickly turned my head as I heard a rustle coming from a bush on my right.

Gradually, a Pikachu fought its way out of the bushes. I smile quickly broke out of its face as it recognized Ash. I ran up to him and leaped into Ash's open arms. "Pika! Ash!"

Ash grinned as he rubbed Pikachu's cheek against his. I slowly grinned, realizing that as long as I had Ash with me, no matter how much of an idiot he is, that I would be ok. Not that I was going to tell him that.

I leaned back from my sitting position, placing my hands on the uneven and woody ground, wondering what adventures I'm going to have with my new friend.


Ugh! What's taking Ash so long? It's been a year since I met him, and he still is as slow as a cow, unless it involves food, of course. I sensed a timid tug on my baby blue gown. Yes, I was wearing a gown, apparently its "not womanly" for a girl to wear trousers, but that's beside the point.

"Misty, um, what's taking so long? If we don't hurry, Miss Maple is going to get angry," May inquired as she looked around.

My heart boiled with wrath. Ever since my mother married May's dad, she started treating May like a slave. I had once even heard her tell the headmaster of removing May from Roselia Academy. Because of all my mother has done to her, it took awhile to earn this sweet girl's trust. Ever since then, I vowed that I would make May's life as easy as I could in my current power. Some day though, when I'm older, I will free both of them, both May and Ash. Ash may be a dumber than a bull, but he also been through more hardships than I could count. Maybe then I would go and search for my only step-brother, Max.

"Misty?" my step-sister said once again, staring at me with her large blue eyes.

"Sorry May," I said as I smiled with guilt. I quickly put on a cheerful grin and said," I'm sure he will come soon or I'm going to give him a Misty Macho punch! "At the end of my heroic speech I added thumbs up.

She let out a merry laugh." Ash is in trouble!" She replied while stretching "trouble" out.

After a few more seconds, I started tenderly shifting my weight against my feet. If you didn't know who I was or my actual reason for this movement, then you highly would have guessed that I had a bladder the size of a fly and badly needed to pee. If this friken continues, I'll send gummy bears after Ash, make them pin him on a stake, light a ring of fire around his legs, then sit back and enjoy watching him scream. I smile, allowing these thoughts to ease me while I continued waiting. Finally, I saw the black haired boy's silhouette in the distance.

After a few more moments of intense waiting, he finally was able to reach us." Mist, I'm so-"Ash tried to say. He never draws a close to his excuse as I gave a swift uppercut, the skin of my fist crashing into the tanned skin of his chin. He flipped backward and flew across the great horizon.

"I think that's an all new record Misty! He flew almost a whole mile up in the air!" May believed. She placed her hand above her dark eyebrow, imitating a sailor looking for land.

I put my fist up and smiled proudly,"What would you expect little miss? That's what happens when he makes us wait."

May chuckled, "I know what I should get you for your birthday."

My smile slightly faltered as I looked at her with confusion. How had she already found out my birthday? Most importantly, when?

After a minute, the laws of gravity finally took action and Ash fell towards the ground. Ash quickly sat upwards, an angry look twisted on his face. He stood up and marched over towards us, his arms stiffly swinging back and forth." Misty! What the Blaziken's was that for?

I replied," That's what happens when you make us wait! We don't have all the time in the world!"

He quickly countered," It's not my fault I had to help a pregnant lady go to hospital!"

I sneered, "You so did not, liar."





"GUYS!" May hollered. We quickly stopped and stared at the girl blankly. Where did she get that voice? May mumbled and pretended to rub her temples, "To think that I'm the youngest here."


It was a bright summer day. The sun was gleaming on the flower meadow that grew within Hawthorn Park. Of course, though Ash and I were too busy bickering to notice. May, whom was accustomed to this by now, ignored us. She was picking some flowers before we got back to the household, where she would go back to being my mother's slave, much to my burning anger. Out of the corner of my eye, I could she May's peaceful face.

Suddenly an unfamiliar voice called out, "DUCK!"

I turned around, trying to find the source of the voice first. Out of nowhere, something collided with my face, momentarily causing me to go blind. Thoughts danced around, the worst one struck me deep in my heart. Oh, Lugia, don't be a bug!

The last thing I remembered was Ash trying to reach out towards me. His yes were widened with shock. His hands reached towards me, only to grab a handful of thin air. "Mist!"

Then everything went black as I collapsed towards the hard grass.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't think that Moon would give her such a shock!" a guilty voice whistled past my ears. Who was that? The only thing I could make out from it was that it was defiantly a female voice.

I slowly lifted my eyelids, letting the rays of the sun scorch my eyes. I narrowed my eyes as I tried to make out my surroundings. Everything was hazy, though. Also, everyone looked as if they had ten heads and eighteen eyes. I tried to shake my head to clear my thoughts. Is that even possible?

My eyes blinked a number of times before I could see clearly. Ash was a few inches from my face, his large brown orbs staring into mine. Up close, I noticed that he had specks of gold sprinkled in his eyes. In the background, May and two unfamiliar faces looked at me. All had looks of worry evident on their faces. I quickly took notice to the strangers' appearances.

The girl was wearing a collared short-sleeved dress that reached her knees and had a ruffled bottom. The edge of her folded collar was also decorated with ruffles. She also wore an apron that went down just a few inches above the knee. The apron had ruffles at the edges and where the apron touched the arms. At the back, there was a large bow that touched the ground. She had dark raven hair that went to her shoulders. She also had two small pigtails placed at the sides of her head. The pigtails were a single large curl which was held up by a crescent shaped barrette. Lastly, she had a pair of dark chocolate eyes.

The boy, on the other hand, had flaming red hair which faded to a brown as it reached the center. He wore a plain white shirt and some khaki shorts which reached his knees. He also wore a short-sleeved, red plaid button-up. He left it unbuttoned, though, using it almost like a sweater. Lastly, he had blazing golden eyes. They kind of reminded me of the sun, and the specks of gold in Ash's eyes.

Soon, my thoughts cleared and I finally realized the predicament I was in. My eyes widened in embarrassment. Ash was only inches away from my face! His lips were hovering over mine, one single push and our lips would collide.

"GAH! What are you doing?" I cried as I quickly pushed him away. I was now sitting up, a crimson splashed on my face. That idiot! Doesn't he know not to get that close to a girl's face?

A voice interrupted the moment. "I'm sorry! Moon didn't mean to startle you!" I looked up and found it was the girl whom was standing with May moments before. So she was the voice I heard earlier.

I smiled. "It's fine, but...ah, who is Moon?" I just couldn't help it; she had the aura of innocence and all the good stuff in the world, wrapped in to one. My mind quickly went back to this so called Moon character. I prayed with all my might that it wasn't a bug. I wonder if I have ADHD with all of these constantly changing thoughts,

"Oh! You never actually met Moon!" She quickly crouched down as she picked up an unusual Pokémon. "This is Moon!" I narrowed my eyes. I've never seen this Pokémon before. Not even in the books! Trust me; I know I have read my fair share.

It looked like a small fox. Its fur was midnight blue except for the tip of its tail, its paws, and its stomach, which were pale blue. The Pokémon had a small pair of pale blue wings which faded into white. Lastly, it had dark golden eyes, even darker that that boy's eyes. "Ny Ny ri nymph! I'm sorry, miss! I didn't mean to!" Moon said.

"It's fine. It's not like you startled me on purpose," I answered. This was such a cute and polite Pokémon!

The girl's eyes widened in astonishment, "You understand Pokémon!"

I blushed in embarrassment. "Um, well, yes." I can't believe she discovered my secret! How could I have been so careless? I didn't even know this girl! I need to be more careful.

She replied, "Wow! That's so rare! I don't usually run into any people that understand Pokémon."

Now it was my turn for my eyes to widen. Whoa, wait. Back the steamroller! What did she just say? "Wait! You've seen others? Others like me?"

She smiled happily. How unusual; her smile kinda reminds me of Ash. Great, now I keep comparing things to Ash, just great. "Of course! Obviously you know your friends can understand them. I've also seen some in my travels."

Ash suddenly popped up and asked, "Wow! Where have you traveled?"

I swiftly bonked him in the head. Ash crouched down as he held his damaged head. "Sorry, he's just naturally rude," I said apologetically as she opened her mouth. I didn't realize until later, but I was being rude for interrupting her.

It looked as if the girl was going to say something. Then May suddenly piped, "Whoa! You travel?"

"May!" I said desperately. "Not you, too!"

The girl waved her hands. "No, no! It's fine! It's only natural that you're curious."

"Ny mph nymph ri nymphri! I don't think I've ever seen someone who wasn't curious about your travels!" Moon said.

Ash dropped his arms in front of him as he leaned forward. "Whoa, what kind of Pokémon is that?"

I narrowed my eyes. "Ash..."

He jumped back and put his hands up in defeat. "Calm down, Mist! I'm just curious!"

"Yeah, tell us, miss!" May said. She leaned forward, signaling her attention.

She teasingly waved her finger at May. "Tsk, tsk. I'm not that old," the girl said with mock annoyance. Her eyes though, were shining with merriment.

"Just tell them already," a calm voice said. I looked to see where the voice was coming from, only to find out it came from that unfamiliar boy. The way he walked kinda reminded me of, oh no! Not again!

The girl stuck her tongue out towards the young lad's direction. "Meany!" She quickly turned towards our direction, a smile evident on her face. "This is a Nymphri. There are lots of types of Nymphri's, kinda like the evolutions of Eevee. Like a grass-type Nymphri and so on." She turned towards the boy. The girl pointed at him and winked. "Of course, this little boy's Nymphri is a special type."

The boy quickly bonked her in the head. She crouched down, now in the same position as Ash was a few moments before. "Moron, I'm older."

Ash walked up, awestruck. "Whoa! I would love to see your Nymphri! Um...what's your name?"

The boy glanced at the girl. They stared at each other for a few moments, as if speaking to each other.

"It's okay, we aren't bad people," May said for assurance. My eyes softened. That was so darn cute!

They stared at each other a bit more before nodding and turning towards us. "I guess we never did introduce ourselves." She cleared her throat for emphasis. "You can call me um...Annabelle! I'm eight years old." She was the same as my little May! She quickly picked up her Nymphri. "As you already know, this little troublemaker is Moon."

"I'm...Kyle. I'm nine years old." He gave out a low whistle. A few moments later, another unusual Pokémon came towards us. "This is Sun. He's a Nymphri, too."

The Nymphri he'd called looked a lot like Moon, except for its color. Sun's fur was a beautiful golden-red which faded into a yellowish-orange as it reached its stomach, paws, and the tip of its tail. The wings on its back were light orange which faded into a white. Its eyes, though, were still a striking gold.

All of a sudden, my stomach failed me as it let out a low grumble. Ash and May's stomachs joined mine as we grumbled in harmony.

Ash scratched his head in embarrassment. "I guess with all of the excitement, we completely forgot about lunch."

I swear I saw a light bulb over her head as Annabelle clapped. "I know! Why don't you come and have lunch with us before you guys go? Then we can talk some more," Amy said happily. "Come on, Kyle. Can they? Pllleeaaasseee!" She begged.

I saw Kyle's guard falter against her puppy eyes as he nodded.

"I'm not too sure about this. We kinda eat a lot," I said.

"No worries! Come on!" Annabelle said. She quickly grabbed my hand and dragged me away.

Ash and May's eyes widened as they found out that they were being left behind. They quickly yelped in unison, "H-hey! Wait up!"

Kyle said, "Don't worry, she's just..." He quickly stopped as a look of horror passed his face. "Crud! RUN AFTER HER!"


"We'll miss you, Annabelle," I said as I gingerly hugged her.

"I don't want to leave, but we've got to get going. Grandma Chi needs to find some better business," Annabelle replied as her head was buried in mine as she hugged me. Okay, just to clear this up, Kyle and Annabelle are not related. Annabelle travels with Kyle and Grandma Chi. after a few more moments, she went and hugged May and Ash.

"We enjoyed having you here, Annabelle," Ash said as he shook hands with her. "You too, Kyle. I'll beat you next time we meet!" Ash said enthusiastically as he quickly knuckled Kyle.

Kyle gave one of his rare smiles. "Train hard, Ash."

May walked up to Kyle; a blush was splashed across her face. She shyly stuttered, "By-bye K-Ky-Kyle." Tears brimmed in her eyes as she quickly tackled him in a hug.

A look of shock was evident on his face. He glanced at Annabelle, as if asking her what he should do. She made a small hugging motion and quickly winked. Slowly, Kyle wrapped his hands around her and returned her hug.

"Children! We must get going!" Kyle's grandmother called from their caravan.

He started walking toward the caravan, for he had already said his goodbye's moments before. "Okay!" Kyle called back. "Annabelle, we gotta get going."

Annabelle gave a swift nod. "Got it." She then turned towards us. "Well, this is it. Hopefully we will see each other in a few years." She quickly smiled and reached into her small beaded blue bag. She walked up to each of us. For May, she gave a delicate music box. It looked as if it was carved from the flames itself, for it gave off a warm glow. For Ash, she gave him a Thunderstone, which was hung on a fine leather necklace. As for me, Amy gave me a beautiful glass jar. It looked as if a sea was captured with it.

"ANNABELLE!" Kyle called from the caravan.

Annabelle rolled her eyes and quickly jumped into the caravan as it started to move. Annabelle waved as she said, "It's a gift! Goodbye! We will miss you!" I waved back until she disappeared from the horizon. Then I noticed something was stuck to the bottom. I pulled out the piece of paper and unfolded it. My eyes widened as I read the note that was left behind by Annabelle.

Watch out for May. She has developed a crush.



I stared at the Togepi he had given me with wonder. Togepi was cutely waving her arms and calling out to me. "Ash, why are you giving me this?"

Ash gave out one of his signature grins. "Isn't it obvious, Mist? It's your birthday present!"

I took a step back from shock. My navy skirt rustled against my shins. I hugged Togepi tighter and asked, "H-how? How did you know that it was my birthday?"

"May told me. Who knew your birthday is the exact same as mine?" Ash replied.

I couldn't believe it. We shared the same birthday? Of all the days in the world! "You lie."

"I'm serious, Mist!" he cried. Ash walked up and poked my cheek. "Come on! You know you're happy!"

I gave a doubtful sigh. "What are we? Twins?"

"If we are..." Ash pondered the question. He then broke into a grin. "Then I guess we'll have to celebrate together."


"Why do you just let her put you down like that!" Ash screamed once again.

We were having a fight, but it was different this time. This wasn't our usual pointless fight; this was serious. Ash had seen my mother speak to me about...about Dawn.

I threw up my balled fists to the sky. "Don't talk to me like you know how I could possibly feel!"

Ash gestured towards me vigorously. "It's not your fault about what happened to Dawn!"

Immediately, tears streamed down my face. "Yes it is! If I listened to her, none of this would have happened! As long as I shut up, I keep people safe! If I listened, Dawn wouldn't have been cornered that night, and she wouldn't have...she wouldn't have..." I fell to the ground bawling. My hands covered my eyes, the tears sticking to my flesh. It was my fault. Dawn's fate was my weight to carry. Through my wet hands, I saw Ash walk towards me.

"Mist," he said gently as he knelt down in front of me.

My heart gave a lunge. Why is he doing this to me? One minute he's literally trying to bite my head off, then the next he's gently with me. "Shut up!"

"Mist!" he said more insistently. "You have to stop blaming yourself!"

"Shut UP!" I lashed out. "It's my entire fault! It's my entire fault..." I continued saying as I rocked back and forth.

Then a pair of warm arms embraced my body. I instantly realized that the arms which held me so protectively were Ash's. And he whispered in my ear, his breath dancing against it. "Mist, you can't put the blame on yourself. Dawn never want to see you in this state. Try to forgive yourself."

I realized Ash was right. Dawn would never want to see me like this. She always told May and me to smile, because we always looked cutest smiling. I sniffled as I leaned my head on his chest. "O-okay."

Even though I couldn't see it, I knew he was smiling. He stroked my back comfortingly. "Thank you."

As the minutes dragged on and Ash continued reassuring me, my eyelids grew heavy. My eyes stopped leaking the painful tears, even though my eyes were now swollen and the streams of tears still were evident on my face. I smiled.

With Ash gently stroking me, I slowly closed my eyes and rested.


"I'm sorry, May, but I can't return your feelings," I heard Kyle reply back to May.

I stifled a gasp from where I stood. Why didn't I notice before? May had a crush on Kyle!

I peered over from the tree trunk, only to be pierced down by Kyle's eyes. He knew, yet he didn't rat me out. He knew I was looking out for May.

I glanced at May. She looked at him with a forced smile. "I'm sorry I troubled you."

He walked up to her and patted her head. "You will find your prince charming someday, but your prince charming isn't me. I'm sorry," he said kindly. He gave her one last glance and left the clearing. As soon as he left, May broke down into sobs. I was frozen. Should I help May or seek advice? I tore my gaze from my stepsister regretfully and retreated out of the forest.

I ran as quickly as I could towards Ash's run-down house. My legs were screaming in pain, yet it did not bother me as much as the fact that May liked someone. I guess my sisterly love finally kicked in. Soon everything in the scenery blurred. The only goal on my mind was reaching Ash to seek help. I continued running, letting out a barely audible apology every time I hit a pedestrian. One had tried to grab my arm, but I quickly pulled away, not making out the words the person tried to say and continued on.

Soon, I reached his wooden doors, fully acknowledging that I probably looked like I just got out of the mental hospital. "Ash!" I screamed. My mind went blank as I feverishly looked for Ash, opening door after door.

After what felt like years, I heard a low click from the door. I glanced up. Ash looked at me with surprise on his face. He dropped what I later learned was his groceries. "Mist, did you forget your Pokémon again?" He quickly rushed to my side. He hoisted me up and led me to the tattered couch. He allowed me to sit and knelt in front of me, hands placed reassuringly on my thigh. He smiled and said, "So?"

"No, you idiot," I said, trying to sound angry. It came out more like a meek whisper though. He slightly nodded, encouraging me to continue. I sighed. "You really shouldn't use that face recklessly." I took another intake of air. "May got rejected by Kyle, but for some reason, she likes him. I don't know what to do! Should I tell her I saw her confess? How am I supposed to comfort her? Annabelle told me she had a crush, but I always assumed it was you. Now I find out it isn't, and I don't know what to do! I don't know why I'm even asking you when you're clueless about love. Am I talking too fast?" Words flowed out of my mouth. I clamped my mouth shut after all of those words spilled out. Did I really just say all of that? This was the first time I rambled in front of him! My face quickly flushed with embarrassment. I just confessed all of my fears in a span of two minutes, and to a clueless idiot, no less!

He stared at me, looking straight into my eyes. He spoke of nothing, as if wondering if I would continue. As soon as he realized I was finished, he threw his head toward the sky and started laughing. I balled my fists up and tilted my head towards the floor, a shadow casting over my eyes. I knew it. Why did I think about telling him this? My mind must have been jumbled up from worrying if I ran to his house. I noticed small drops of water were hitting against my tan skin. It's not raining, so what's hitting my hand? I reached towards my eyes. My fingertips met a pool of salty water. I didn't realize it until right then, but I had started crying.

After my realization, Ash must have also noticed because his laughter stopped abruptly and he spoke with guilt hanging off his every word. "Oh no, Mist! I didn't mean it that way!"

He reached up and tried to poke my cheek. My anger quickly flared, and my face hardened like a mask. I batted his arm away. "Of course you did, Ketchum."

"Misty! Let me explain," Ash said. His voice was quavering.

I wanted to look away and leave, but a small part of me wanted to know. I looked him straight in the eye. My eyes sent one message: You got three minutes, Ash Ketchum!

He got the message and spoke quickly. Luckily, I've known him for a while, so I could understand him. "I found it so surprising that you would be so concerned for her. I kinda laughed because I never knew you could be so loving towards her, and I never noticed. I think, um…" His voice trailed off as he gathered up the last of his thoughts. "You should eventually tell her, but comfort her. Yeah…"

I stared. Yup. This is officially one of the most tiring days of my life. First I hear a confession, and next I get advice from the densest person of all of Alice Kingdom. I blinked and cleared up my thoughts. "Um, thank you."

He smiled the same smile I saw when I first met him. He kissed the tip of my nose, sending electricity throughout my entire body. "May is lucky to have a sister like you."


I had hitched up my skirt and kicked off my shoes, allowing the water to massage my toes. I furiously sent a splash of water up while I sat by the tide pools. I clenched my hand together as I replayed the same events over again.

It was early in the afternoon, and the sun was shining like no tomorrow. I ran through the mass of merchants and across the market square. My legs slowed down as I neared the Ponyta stables. I gingerly touched the secret pocket May had made; making sure Ash's gift was still intact. Ever since I found out we shared the same birthday, we continued to celebrate together. This year, both of us will be turning seventeen. Excitement prickled my very blood as I turned the corner.

Suddenly, I heard Annabelle's voice float through the humid air. "Ash, you are just so sweet! I never thought you would go that far last night!"

I quickly stopped and peeked over the corner. Standing there, together, were Ash and Annabelle. Annabelle was near Ash, her eyes shining with admiration and a slight blush on her cheeks. I could faintly see Ash's face as well. He was smiling happily at her. My heart felt as if a hammer had hit it, and anger pulsed over me. What the heck did Annabelle mean, Ash would go that far!

I saw Ash reply to her. Then the unthinkable happened. Ash suddenly wrapped his arms around her. Oh. My. Gosh. I think they were kissing!

My eyes burned with angry tears, and I started running in the opposite direction. I needed to get to the water. Only that could calm me now.

My face squeezed with anger once again. That little turd betrayed me! I picked up the loose pebbles and tossed them towards the sky, where they made a large arch and dived into the sea. I continued the same motion over again, every pull of my muscle making me think of more insults to Ash. Stupid Ash! *plunk* Stupid Annabelle! *plunk* Stupid everything! *plunk*

Then I saw a mass of hair that I quickly identified as Ash's. Oh, speak of the devil! "Mist!" he said, waving as he came towards me. "Mist! I knew you were here!" I quickly kicked the water with gusto. Screw him! Why did he show up now? He finally neared me and rested against one of the looming rocks. He took a steady breath. "Mist, how come you didn't come to the stables like you said you would?"

I glared resentfully at the water and kicked it again, allowing another spray of water to arise. I gritted my teeth. "You were too busy with Annabelle," I said, putting a lot of emphasis on her name. I felt terrible for feeling such anger towards Annabelle. Why should I be feeling like this, anyways? I haven't been this emotional since May experienced her first rejection. It's not like I was jealous! Yet somewhere in the back of my mind spoke that I actually was jealous and said the unthinkable. I squeezed my eyes shut and pushed the thought away. There is absolutely no possibility that I was in love with that stupid, clueless, airheaded Ash Ketchum!

Ash finally spoke. "Mist? You were there? How come you didn't come out?"

"You seemed just fine! You even ran second base with her, you idiot!" I screamed, releasing all of my steam. I took deep, slow breaths to calm myself.

Ash looked at me quizzically. He walked up and tried to reach out to me. "Misty, what the heck are you talking about?"

I quickly batted away his arm and said, "Don't play dumb! I heard you too. She said she couldn't believe you would go that far."

"No, you misunderstood!" Ash said. He sat down next to me. When he tried to poke my cheek, I turned away. "She meant she didn't think I would go that far and clean Grandma Chi's caravan."

I raised my eyebrows at what he had just said. Turning towards him, I asked, "Why would you clean Grandma Chi's caravan? That place is a mess!"

"I know. I did it so I could get you this." He reached into the mailbag and took out a beautiful, small box. It was decorated with seashells and pearls and the edges. He handed it to me and said, "Happy birthday, Mist!" He flashed me a goofy grin.

I gingerly opened it up. Inside was the most beautiful necklace I've ever laid my eyes on. It was an elegant pearl white necklace. In the middle was an aquamarine, which shone as if the sea was within it. The edges were decorated with gold, a mass swirls going around it. It was mesmerizing. . I feel as if when I'm near that necklace, I just feel so much calmer. Then my thoughts cleared, and I realized, I do like Ash. I liked Ash Satoshi Ketchum.

I smiled. It felt as if a big weight was off my shoulders. I turned towards him and put a gossamer kiss on his lips. "Thank you."


It was the last day I had with Ash, at least for a while. We were spending the day together. Tomorrow, he would be going to the Kingdom of Sakura for some more evidence of his parent's death. By the time he was back, I would be too busy with my studies to visit.

"I wish we had a way to contact each other," Ash said as we walked on the sandy shore. I shot him a look. He knew we couldn't send letters. Mother would find it in an instant. Ash must have understood me because a moment after, he grinned at me. He hurriedly glanced at Pikachu and Togetic to make sure they were still okay. "I mean like Morse code. But we live too far away to do that." Suddenly, Ash stopped. He lifted his foot, leaving an imprint in the sand. He dug through it and pulled out a purple seashell. He stared at it for a moment, and then shot up like a rocket. "I've got it!"

This has got to be good. He dashed towards his bag, rummaging through all of his useless knickknacks. I was quickly growing impatient. "Would you hurry up?"

Ash just waved at me from a distance and ran over. He handed me a glass jar and ordered, "Start collecting seashells, Mist!"

I looked at him as if he'd lost his dear mind. "Why the heck would I be collecting seashells? Have you lost your pea sized brain?"

He was too busy digging through the sand to notice. (Déjà vu moment.) "Just start collecting! I'll explain it on the way!"

"So let me get this straight. Each seashell color means a different thing?" I said as we sat against the grassy edge. I turned the glass jar that held the seashells, letting the light make reflections against the glass. They glittered in an array of colors. We had spent the whole morning and half of the afternoon gathering nothing but seashells.

Ash leaned back on the grass, hid lags hanging off the ledge. His eyes looked at the baby blue skis." Yep! It's perfect! It's small and easy to hide! I'm a genius!"

I gingerly lay down and joined Ash. I rolled my cerulean eyes, even though I knew he couldn't see it. "Sure you are Ash."

We laid there for hours in a comfortable silence. All we did during it was looking time go by through the sky. Soon, the once blue sky had dimmed to a dark scarlet.

Ash spoke, "What would you do if I didn't come back?" He rested his hand on the palm of his hand. With his free hand, he twirled my orange hair against his calloused fingers. His face was sullen.

I stared into his dark brown eyes with conviction. I spoke, my heart beating rapidly."You will come back. You have to." Each word I uttered out of my lips was filled with sincerity and my determined hope.

He leaned down and kissed me. My eyes widened in shock before I closed them and responded to his kiss. I slowly grabbed my arms around his neck. It wasn't a perfect kiss, we had hut our noses hit against each other plenty of times, but it was one of the best kisses I ever experienced. Eventually, the human part of ourselves screamed for oxygen, thus making us let go.

Ash smiled contently as he gazed into my eyes. The sun was setting behind him as he spoke," Just in case if something happens."


I hurriedly wiped away the last of my tears. U walked over to my desk and grabbed my pen and paper. My teeth were clenched; making sure none of my tears would hit the paper. I'm not going to let Mother hurt Ash like she had done to Dawn.


I have something I had wanted to tell you for a long time. I never want to see you again! I only stuck with you because I pitied your state. I realize now that you -hold me no merits. You have been nothing but a thorn on my side. I had hoped you would have stayed in Sakura kingdom forever. Then you decide to come back. All this gifts you gave me? In the trash. Seriously? You give me nothing but trash. You actually thought I liked you? Well, you're more than wrong. I hate you!

Never speak to me again,


Silent tears descended down my cheeks as I sealed my letter. This was the only way. I whistled for my Pidgeotto. I clumsily tied my note to the Pokémon's leg and pushed out my window for it to send. Usually I would give it food before, but I needed to get this out as soon as possible. I didn't care if Mother read this either. She would want this. She had got what she wanted, again.

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