THis is something I started and don't know if I'll finish it.

Untitled P&P fanfic. January 13th 2010

He lingered around in the grounds; his mind was far from at ease. He had no idea how to react to this, how would he ever regain his sanity again after such a downfall?

He returned to the great house, he was interrupted by his cousin, he could not find the words to reply his question, and he just wanted to be alone, to rest in his own mind. To solve the puzzle inside of him. Why would she not have him? He who is both wealthy and well connected? He who, despite of her faults and lacking connections, made her an offer which would raise her social status and save her family? He was amiable and many a young lady has tried to catch him to use a vulgar phrase.

He removed his cravat and loosed his shirt, he felt restrained by them. He wanted to amend the accusations but by her. The first being about Charles and Miss Bennet, he could not and would NOT correct this because it is true.

But the second about Wickham, the mere thought of him, the mentioning of the name made his bones shriek his skin crawl and his mind uneasy. That insufferable scoundrel with his false charm has he enchanted the woman he himself loved and wanted. He admired her courage for standing up to him. A thought crossed his uneasy mind that made him smile, the thought that it was himself she defended, that one day she might do so. Oh no! she will never do so; she hates the very thought of him and stated that he could never make her an offer she would accept. The smile fated into other expressions; grief, anger, disappointment and hopelessness.