He spent several weeks in London but he felt that he needed some country air and he felt that his sister might like it too.

He spoke to his sister and she was delighted to return to their home again, he asked if she minded him bringing the Bingleys and she shook her head. He wanted to go as soon as possible and thought that instead of sending word ahead, he would just ride up to Derbyshire and make the house ready for its forthcoming guests. He asked his man to ready the horse and off he went.

It took him a couple of days to reach his destination. He gazed upon the vast grounds of his home and smiled; he was, at last, home. He rode by the stables where a very startled groom received his master and the horse.

He walked on he wanted to stretch his legs after such a long ride so he walked along the garden near the house. He walked on, deep within his own thoughts when he saw a figure near the river. Could it be? No that was absurd, it could not be her, it simply could not, why would she be here, in Derbyshire of all places?

He walked towards the figure slowly and the figure turned around facing his direction, it was her he was sure of it, his heart skipped at beat and his legs trembled. Was he dreaming? Or was she here, at Pemberley, here so near him.

He was now within 20 yards of her and his eyes met hers, instantly he felt the blood rush towards his face and he felt his cheeks blush. He gazed upon her face and noticed it had changed to a pleasant pink colour, he thought this was the chance he had dreamt of and this was the opportunity to show her that he could be civil that he was not unpleasant but kind.

He was now not more than 3 feet from her, he kept his civility and asked her about her health, family and such civilities as one is supposed to ask. Deep down he wanted to apologize to her, tell her how sorry he was about his conduct those months before. But he could not; he had noticed the gentleman and lady speaking to his gardener and he though it must be an aunt and uncle.

She answered politely and he saw that gentility in her manners that he loved so deeply, the pink colour in her cheeks made his hairs stand on end and he tried to hide his heart felt smile that rose from it.

He tried to keep the conversation going but he found himself stumbling and asking the same questions, he bowed and said farewell to her.