Ch.1-Day at the beach

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"Your mission is to collect hearts at Destiny Island." Saix explained to Axel and Roxas who stood before him.

The two Nobody glanced at each other, thinking the same thing.


Axel and Roxas stared at the clean beach ahead of them, both of them wearing swimming trunks.

"Are you sure it's okay to go to the beach?" Roxas asked, staring at the Chakram wielder.

"It's fine." Axel answered. "We did our mission already, so its okay."


"Come on." Axel grabbed Roxas's wrist and dragged him toward the ocean. "Let's build a sandcastle!"

Saix looked at his clipboard, mentally checking off who had already RTC'd from their missions. He frowned slightly when he noticed that two Nobody hadn't RTC'd and it was already sunset.

Where were they? The clipboard said that they had already finished their mission, so why hadn't they returned to the castle? Saix sighed as he lowered his clipboard before he opened a corridor of darkness and walked toward the wormhole.

Saix glanced around as he emerged from the corridor of darkness, searching the half-empty beach for two specific Nobody.

He soon spotted them near the shoreline, building a magnificent castle.

"What are you two doing?"

Axel and Roxas paused in their sculpting to see Saix standing a few feet away from their castle.

"Uh-oh…" Roxas muttered.

"What is that thing?" Saix stared at the sand castle that Axel and Roxas crouched in front of.

"It's a castle." Axel said. "Like the one we live in?"

"Why are you creating it out of…" Saix pushed the sand with his foot. "Crushed rock?"

"First, it's called sand. And second, we're building it 'cause we want to."

"Interesting." Saix murmured as the dark corridor opened a few feet behind him. He pointed toward it as he said sternly, "Back to the castle."

"Aww…." Roxas and Axel groaned as they grudgingly trudged toward the dark hole.

Saix shook his head as he followed after the two, mildly noting that the two Nobody were lightly touching each other's fingers.

Aww, day at the beach. Like they always wanted. ^^