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Hold Them Back

"Why aren't you listening to me? Why did you bring me in here if you won't listen to me?" Sain'ja was a Yautja. Yautja had very violent tempers. He had learned and tried very hard to control his. But the Commander, as that was all this ooman allowed him to address him as (fitting really: he wouldn't tell him his true name and Sain'ja wouldn't tell him his), was beginning to try his patience.

"We have all our soldiers, all our weapons in this one spot," the GUN leader told Sain'ja confidently," we have tanks, SAM launchers, AA guns, mechs and robots and the entire compliment of the Guardian Units of the Nation. I think we're more than a match for those monsters. They're all going down here! We don't need your help!"

"I am telling you, you don't know what you're dealing with!" Sain'ja roared at him. "There was an incident on another planet, like this one, where a Dalek escaped. One, single Dalek and it killed 200 people, all because they didn't know how to fight it! I have knowledge about them that is vital to this fight. Unless you want to see all of those men out there dead, you will listen to me!"

"We have taken every precaution and every battle strategy into account. The United Federation will not fall to these devils from the stars!"

"They are from another dimension and you will fall, unless you listen to what I need to tell you!"

"I don't need to listen to you because they will be stopped here and now!"

"You will be the ones who will be stopped! They sweep aside your 'army' like cobwebs and they will kill every last man, woman and child in that city! Do you know what happened at Soleana? Do you want that to happen here?"

The Commander's hard look seemed to falter. Then, he finally sighed and shook his head. "I read the report... about what they did in Soleana... I saw the broadcast from their leader... the death of Elise... I won't let it happen here..."

Sain'ja suddenly felt pity for the ooman. So many were relying on him, so much responsibility and high expectations. Knowing that he failed in his duty, to protect the people of this city, would be worse than dying. The Wolf understood this, for Yautja had much the same ideology.

When or if defeated in a hunt, most, if not all Hunters would activate the self-destruct inbuilt into their wrist devices. This was mainly so primitive cultures wouldn't find and disassemble their technology, but also in the hopes that they would take their killer with them. To die was better than to suffer the shame and dishonor of defeat. No songs were sung of those who turned and ran from the Black Warrior.

Even though he knew the ooman wouldn't be able to tell if he was, Sain'ja smiled at him, walked up and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Then let me... let us help you. Emerl, tell him what you have learned." The golden robot nodded and stepped forward.

"I can successfully recreate the energy of a Dalek disruptor beam," he informed him, demonstrating by firing off a shot into the corner of the room. Alerted by the sound, a young soldier on duty outside rushed inside and checked around, thinking a Dalek had infiltrated the camp and had attacked. Seeing there was none, he stammered an apology and started to leave.

"Stop." The Emerl's voice made him turn around and stand at attention. "Well done, kid. That was some good reflexes and you recognized the sound of a Dalek weapon."

The young man was taken aback, but smiled a little and saluted. "Thank you, sir. I remember it from the broadcast of the Queen's execution sir."

"I think we all do..."

"Sir, if it's any consolation, I swear I will make sure we avenge what they've done, sir!" He seemed pretty sincere when he said that and it made the Gizoid smile inwardly at his spirit. Hopefully, that would be something the Daleks would find tough to break.

"What's your name?"

"Sir, Private William Jenkins, sir."

"Keep up the good work, Private. Dismissed." Jenkins saluted again and left. Emerl turned back and clapped the Commander on the back. "You got some good soldiers here, sir. I think we're gonna be alright in this fight."

"Um... thank you, Emerl," The Commander said bemusedly. "Now then... what were you saying?"

"Oh yeah!" The Gizoid returned to the matter at hand. "Now then, I can recreate the beam, but they can adjust their sheilds to it, once one of them uploads defence protocols to the others. I notice that you guys have some experimental energy weapons. You may wanna use those and when you do, for your projectile weapons and energy weapons, go for the eye. That's their weak spot. Try and use high explosives too, that should crack open the casings."

"And if those don't work?" asked the Commander, skeptically.

"Then try whatever you think might work. We only need to hold them back for long enough for a weapon we're developing to be fully ready to use."

"And what will this 'weapon' do?" The Commander still looked cynical about the prospect. This time, it was Sain'ja who answered him.

"You shall see, my friend. You shall see..."

Blaze looked out at the gathered army before them and felt herself despairing. She had seen all the destruction, the chaos and the pain the Daleks had caused first hand. She had seen the buildings in flames, heard the people screaming as the whine of a Dalek weapon ended their lives. The fact that it was going to happen here, again, and she would once again have to listen to those screams was almost inconceivable.

The princess couldn't help but think how hopeless and futile this fight seemed. They had barely stood a chance against the hate-filled cyborgs when they had first attacked and she couldn't imagine how they, even with these numbers, they could have any hope of beating the Daleks.

She tore her gaze from the mass of soldiers and weapons and over to the white hedgehog standing not too far off, looking out at the urban mass they were defending. Silver seemed to be deep in thought, but he was always prepared to drop whatever he was doing in order to help her or spend time with her if she wished it. She didn't demand him to do it, even if she tried to say otherwise, he would still insist. She smiled at this and walked beside him.

Seeing her there, he smiled too.

"Hey Blaze. I was just... thinking..." He was never good at hiding his emotions and she could tell he was troubled. She placed a hand on his shoulder.

"What's on your mind?" Silver opened his mouth, perhaps about to deny anything was wrong. He then seemed to realize that it was futile and gave a sigh.

"Well... I'm just wondering... what do you think our chances are?" She was a little spooked that her boyfriend was thinking about the same thing she was. Maybe he had read her thoughts, saw what she was thinking and talk about it to try and put her mind at ease. He did that sometimes. It was a little rude how he could just look at her private wanderings as if he were reading a book, but it was rather sweet how he talked to her about it.

"I mean, we have a small chance of beating them indefinitely until the virus is made? We can still hold off the Daleks with what we have, right?" Silver sounded so hopeful and sure of himself, but his eyes showed doubt.

"You're so naive," she told him, but smiled, "but I always loved that about you." She gave him a kiss on the cheek, laughing as he blushed from the gesture.

"So um..." he started again, stuttering a little, "uh... what do you think?" She sighed and looked out at the view.

"I can't really say, Silver. I must say that, realistically, our chances for survival are very slim. We barely escaped by the skin of our teeth the first time that we faced off against them, Sonic even got hurt in the fight. Even when we had to take down that Dalek ship, Shade got shot and now she's in a coma. Our adversaries are certainly formidable, to say the very least and that we may not live to see their downfall, if ever there will be one."

"Oh, come on Blaze!" Silver said encouragingly, grabbing her shoulders and looking straight into her eyes. "You make it sound so hopeless... but there is a chance. We blew up a Dalek saucer, we've destroyed more than our fair share of them. We know more about fighting them than we did the first time and we can pass that information to an entire army. I think that we stand more than a chance of holding them off."

"I'm not being hopeless, Silver," she retorted, though she wasn't angry, "I'm being realistic. But... when you say it like that, I guess we do. Thank you, Silver. You always know how to help put my mind at ease, don't you?"

"Yeah... well, it was nothing. I don't want you getting upset before the fight." He always was pretty modest, but he could take a compliment if he was prompted in the right way. To add some 'sugar' to it, she gave him a kiss on the cheek, causing him to blush heavily and stammer.

"I love you, Silver," she purred lovingly, smiling and resting her head on his shoulder. He returned her smile, rested his head on hers and placed his arm around her.

"I love you too, Blaze," he replied, enjoying the feeling as her warmth spread to his whole body from where she held him. He and the lavender cat had been through a lot together, as friends and as lovers. One way or another, they would get through this too. Together.

"What are you doing? Counting them?" Taser asked Tornado, as he watched the soldiers preparing for battle: filling clips, cocking rifles, charging weapons. He couldn't help but wonder if any of them would hope to survive in the fight against these monsters.

"I wonder what they're all thinking, what are their thoughts straying to," he replied, barely looking up. "Are they excited, itching to fight the good fight or are they terrified, just wanting to spend what maybe their last moments with their loved ones?"

"Why are you thinking about this anyway?"

"Just something to take my mind off things, old chap. It is a rather daunting prospect, having to face off against a fleet of Daleks, you know."

"I hear you there, pal," Taser agreed, "I have been wondering..."

"You never know, really, if you're going to live to see tomorrow. I'm not that worried about my own life, but I'm more concerned about how Amber would cope without me...if I were gone..." He trailed off, clearly uncomfortable to move on.

"I can understand that. Weren't you two supposed to get married?" That made the grey hedgehog blush a little, as a small smile came to his lips.

"Why yes, we were. It's just that both myself and her have been a little... busy," he said simply. Taser chuckled at that, nodding in understanding.

"You two are gonna be great together, I know it... if we survive this," he added unsurly, looking out at the soldiers again. "And we if we don't..."

"Then we'll give them hell trying," the British hedgehog finished confidently. The two hedgehogs now felt as if they could take on the entire Dalek Invasion Force alone, brimming with determination...

And that's when they saw their ships, dozens of them, gliding over the horizon. They were majestic and deadly at the same time, all identical in both appearance and purpose: their destruction.

"Well, old chap. Whatever luck we live by, let's hope it lasts this fight, eh?"

Alarms flashed, klaxons blared, voices shouted. "The Daleks are here!" "Get to your battlestations!" "Get those guns loaded!" It was now or never, fight or die, win or lose. As the many soldiers headed to defense points, activated mechs and flicked the safetys off of their weapons, Shadow, Rouge and Omega made straight for the frontline, armed and ready to fight.

"Well, it's nice to have a gun for a change," Shadow remarked, loading rounds into the grenade launcher he had acquired. High powered explosives, he remembered, could penetrate the casing of a Dalek.

"Sure, it's fine if you have somthing that can throw the bomb for you," Rouge remarked cheekily, pulling out one of her own bombs, tossing it and catching it as if it were a tennis ball, "but it takes real skill to use one of these."


"Omega, if I wanted someone telling me how to throw a bomb, I'd have gone back to GUN basic training."


"Save it you two," Shadow cut across as Rouge opened her mouth to retort, "we need to stay focused. Come on, here's where we're posted." He lead them off to a battalion of soldiers nearest the frontline. They saluted them as they passed, all of them scared, but trying their best not to show it. Shadow could tell.

Although he didn't want to admit it, Shadow was scared too, maybe not as much as them, but he was. He'd seen what just a small number of these creatures could do, seen the destruction they'd caused when they'd raised Soleanna to the ground. Now, they were going up against a whole fleet of these monsters. Whichever way you looked at it, the situation was very bleak.

They had destroyed one ship, back at the base. The flagship had gone off to Angel Island, which left... forty-eight ships still capable of wiping them out in seconds, with the two thousand Daleks aboard each one. Yes, it was very bleak indeed.

"Contacts! Here they come! There's so many of them!" The soldier pointed out across to the ship, where, even from this distance, they could make out hundreds of Daleks, flying towards them on wings of death.

"Alright, this is it everyone!" Shadow raised his weapon. "Remember, stay focused on the group that target us. Good luck."

"Commander, we're ready here," Rouge spoke into her wrist-com, "Yes sir." She tuned to another frequency. "Attention all troops, this is Agent Rouge. Fire at will, I repeat, fire at will."

Seconds passed. Then, a great clap of an explosion sounded from the front line. Three missiles streaked towards the oncoming force, stopping just short of them and detonating, orbs of blue lightning expanding from the points of detonation, before dissapating.

The Daleks that were caught in these orbs also had the same energy flickering around their casings. Some lost control, their heads spinning around in circles rapidly, guns and manipulators whirling wildly, before falling out of the sky and crashing into the ground, their gravity repulsors failing. The others kept on flying, albeit a bit slower than before.

"ELECTRO-MAGNETIC PULSE MISSILES: EFFECTIVE." The E-Series robot primed his missile launchers and fired off a volley, which were immediately joined by several more fired from the rear line.

These weapons, unlike their predecessors, exploded as they hit their targets, engulfing them in blossoms of fire and metal. Also unlike the EMP missiles, they had a significant and spectacular impact: the high powered explosives ripped apart the Daleks they hit, dalekanium and chunks of mutated flesh flew everywhere, metallic, grating screams were cut short as they died.

There were some they had no effect on, merely carbon soot blackened the casings, some had parts of them blown away, a gun, a manipulator or an eye, causing them to be blinded and fire randomly in all directions, hitting their fellows before being gunned down themselves or crashing into the ground like those who had been caught in the bulk of the EMP burst.

"Fire!" Shadow raised his grenade launcher, took aim at a Dalek and fired off a shot. Several more fired with him. They were closer now, making them easier to hit. Shadow's grenade made contact, covering the Dalek in flame... and had almost no effect. It was blackened, dented in some places but otherwise, had no great impact. The eye seemed to shine with contempt as it bought its' gun to bear.

Shadow, a little unnerved, fired again. This time, the round seemed to hit somewhere the firing chamber of the gun. The energy of the weapon combined with the force of the explosion was enough to blow the front off the Dalek from the point of its' weapon, leaving a blackened and charred shell.

Unfortunatley for them, their enemies began to open fire on them. Men and women standing with them were being ruthlessly gunned down, their skeletons aglow as they screamed, their insides scrambled and their brains fried. Their screams didn't scare the Ultimate Lifeform, or even make him despair. They just made him more angry at his enemies.

Loading more rounds into his weapon, he leapt out of his cover and skated towards his foes, weaving in and out of the streams of laser fire. Eye stalks swept up as he jumped above them, slung the launcher onto his back and clawed his hands as they glowed with Chaos energy.

"Chaos SPEAR!" He screamed the last part and sent the spears flying at them, five of them were hit. At the same time, he pulled out his launcher again, their shields down and fired off all six rounds at them all. Two of them were destroyed and three others were crippled; two were blinded and the other lost its gun and a small part of the mutant was exposed.

Shadow felt a pair of hands grip his sides and he was lifted into the air. He looked up to see Rouge smile and wink back at him. He smiled back, reached for her bomb pouch and threw them at the small group, finishing them off for good.

He swung out of her hands and landed feet first on the ground, beside Omega, who was leading a small squad of mechs, marching unrelentingly and firing his machine guns, which had been fitted with bastic-headed bullets. Shadow was about to say something to him, when an explosion went off right in front of him.

All he saw was a white void, a ringing in his ears. He seemed to be moving against a wall, made of earth and dirt, before he realised he was on the ground. He tried to raise his arms, to push himself up but his arms wouldn't respond, nor would his legs. They felt numb, had they been blown off? No, they were still there, they had to be.

He couldn't see the full battle, he saw flashes of it: sqauds of robots firing into groups of Daleks, a mech taking on ten of them, defeating three before combined shots from the others destroyed it, killing the man inside. A man, his weapon empty, began hitting a Dalek with it before being shot. However, he grabbed hold of the his killer, the energy surging through its' body, squaking and screaming, dying.

Aircraft met the Daleks in the skies, firing off volleys of missiles and bullets at them, the Daleks shooting many out of the sky. Soldiers were being massacered, now and again scoring a kill. It seemed so hopeless, such a pointless slaughter. There were too many of them... why bother...

But then he saw Silver, lifting missiles with his mind and sending them at their enemies, Blaze creating a great tornado of fire, carving a path through the waves of Daleks, Emerl giving the pepperpots a taste of their own medicine, recreating their energy beams and firing them, Taser and Tornado working together, combining wind and electricity to destroy their foes and Sain'ja, the great Yautja warrior, sounding off a mighty roar as he fired off balls of blue plasma from the guns on his shoulder, sending spears and discs flying, slicing them in two.

He was being lifted, by two different hands on his arms, one warm and soft, the other cold and metal. Rouge and Omega were helping him to his feet, they were there for him, his friends. They were still fighting, they were here for him.


"We're still here Shads, Team Dark all the way."

"You're right..." He removed the inhibitor rings he kept on his wrists, the Chaos energy surging through him. "We fight... to the bitter end!" With a great field of energy before him, he skated forward, Rouge and Omega beside him. Together.

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