Disclaimer: Everything and anything related to the Twilight saga belongs to Stephenie Meyer. This is a work of fiction based on her writings. No harm is meant by it.

Summary: Bella writes down what she feels. These are her words. This is the story of how she was saved by Edward. A sequence of 7 short poems.

Her Words

I am unneeded.




Over the ledge.

Swallow the pills.

Down the vein.

One clean shot.

All it would take.





I am a coward.


I am gutless.

I couldn't jump.

I swayed in the wind.

I leaned forward and fell back.

I am a coward.

I couldn't swallow.

I spat the rainbow up.

I drank them and threw up.

I am a coward.

I couldn't cut.

I used a dull blade.

I dragged it down and didn't bleed.

I am a coward.

I couldn't shoot.

It had no bullets.

I held it down and nothing happened.

I am a coward.


Today, I almost did it.

It almost happened.

By someone else's hands.

Nearly run over.

Until him.

A beautiful boy.

A beautiful savior.

Though I did not want saving.

Saved by a boy,

I'll never see again.

I saw him!

Today, he walked by.

He said "hello."

To me.

He said "hello" to me.

Waved and looked at me.

And said "hello."

As if I were important.

As if I were special.

As if I mattered.

The stranger's name is Edward.

He already knew mine.

I don't know how.

He says that he wants to make me smile.

Why? I don't know.

He says I carry too much sadness in my eyes.

He asks me why.

I shake my head.

He smiles.

His eyes are bright.

His world is happy.

He's special; I'm not.

He wishes me a good day.

Today it almost happened again.

I stood in the road and waited.

And there he was again.

My savior.

He pulled me away from the street.

He held me closely.

Called me foolish.

Told me I was stupid.

I told him I was not special.

Undeserving of his attention.

He shook his head.

And kissed me.

Today is my birthday.

And I am not alone.

I have Edward.

He calls me beautiful.

Calls me wonderful.

Tells me he needs me.

Tells me he wants me.

Tells me I belong here.

Tells me he loves me.

I am needed.

I am necessary.

I am welcomed.

I am needed.

I am loved.