The entire city hates him. Do you know what that feels like?

It feels good. Wonderful. Fan-tas-tic.

It makes him want to smile. It makes him want to scream. Cry. Laugh. Most of it all it wants to make him laugh.

There are lots of things in this city that make him laugh.

The people of Gotham, especially, make him laugh. They play his games so well.

He feels like a god playing the devil in this city of dirt.

Because that's all it is, really. It's a city of filth. A cesspool of grime. An infinite hole of lost hope and abandoned dreams. A strangling black cloud of deception and despair. A toxic symphony of anguish and suffering.

It will kill them. It already has.

The city is a monster who murders for fun.

He is a monster.

But it's not always fun and games. Oh, no. There are experiments that must be conducted, tests that need to be taken.

So he tests the sanity of the people, for in insanity he already knows how the story is going to end.

He doesn't kill because he has to, he kills because they're already dead.

So he toys with their minds, plays jokes with them the way a good joker should. He relishes in the fragility of it all, of how easy it is to break and twist and snap things.

He's only doing his job. He's trying to put on a show, can't you see?

But they can't see. The people of Gotham are closing their eyes. They are purposely blinding themselves.

They're all naïve. Foolish. Unlearned.

He'll teach them, though. He'll teach them because he can. He'll unravel the veil. Pull away the cloth that is shading them from the truth.

He's fighting in a battle he doesn't really want to win, but he fights anyway because what else is he supposed to do to pass the day away?

You see, he doesn't have a purpose. Isn't ruled by motives or sick injustice.

He just thinks it's funny, so he laughs.

Because that's what jokers do.

So he's become the ringmaster. The conductor. The director. He'll captivate you and pull you to attention.

He'll make you see the world the way it's meant to be seen.

And then the city will hate you, too.

And then... you'll smile. You'll scream and you'll cry.

But most of all... you'll laugh.

Author's Notes: I give credit where credit is due. This one-shot was inspired by the authors 0anon & A Cunning Plan. Thanks for being an inspiration for me.