Scooby and the SWAT Kats

Intro- Ok, time for a little bit of silliness. The Pastmaster creates a strange portal into another dimention, and guess who winds up in Megakat City? Why, none other than four bewildered teenagers, and a cowardly canine! Rated G.

Chapter 1- Creepers! Giant Cats!

"We did it again, gang!" smiled Freddy Jones from ear to ear, as he drove the Mystery Machine back to Coolsville.
"Another case solved, thanks to Mystery, Inc!"

"Yeah Fred, but that was one creepy mystery.." replied Shaggy Rogers.

"Y-Yeah, c-creepy.." gulped Scooby Doo, his canine friend.

"That's because the criminals were using animatronic robots that looked and sounded like real werewolves.." stated Velma Dinkly, "But they made the mistake of using fake fur, which proved that they weren't real werewolves at all."

"And they did it, just because they wanted to steal a bunch of jewels from Mr. Bigwell's mansion, jewels which turned out to be worthless.." sighed Daphny Blake. "When will these crooks ever learn?"

"I dunno, but all of this mystery solving is making me hungry.." said Shaggy, "When are we gonna stop and eat?"

"Reah! Let's eat!" exclaimed Scooby, licking his chops.

"Everything makes you walking garbage cans hungry.." sighed Velma, shaking her head.

"Can we help it if were a growing boy and dog?" smiled Shag, "Come on Scoob, it's time to break into our emergency rations.."

"I'm with rou, Rag! Scooby Dooby Dooooo!"

"Oh, brother.." Velma muttered under her breath. "Um... say Fred, you'd better slow down, there's some fog directly ahead of us.."

" I know, I can see it.." he replied, easing off the gas a bit. "Strangest looking fog I've ever seen, it's purple and black.."

"P-purple f-fog?" gulped Shaggy, as he quickly threw his food down, and poked his head out the window. "Zoinks!
And it's really windy out too, what's going on here?"

Suddenly, the mystery machine started to shake violently, and moments later, the van was lifted by some strange force into the air. The gang tumbled into the back of the van and screamed, as they and their vehicle were caught in a magical whirlwind.

"Raggy!" screamed Scooby, as he held tightly onto his friend.

"It l-looks like were all goners, Scoob!" gulped Shag.

"Hang on everybody, I think were coming in for a landing!" gasped Fred, as he managed get back into the front seat and put both of his hands on the steering wheel. The mystery machine suddenly landed with a thud, and then crashed into a brick wall. Nobody was hurt seriously though, and as Scooby and Shaggy began to gather up their food, which had been tossed everywhere, Fred looked out the window and gasped.

"What the-the sky is green!"

"Zoinks, it is!" exclaimed Shaggy. "V-Velma, are we seeing things?"

"We can't all be hallucinating at the same time.." she replied, opening the door. Looking around, Velma saw that the mystery machine had ended up in some back alley of a city she didn't recognize. The sky was indeed a brillant greenish color, but thankfully, the air was breathable. "Gang, I know this may sound unbelievable to you, but I think that purple fog was a portal into another dimention."

"Velma, have you flipped?" replied Fred. "There must be some logical explanation to all this..."

"Oh really?" she replied, "Then what do you make of that?"

Her friends looked in the direction that Velma was pointing, and stared in disbelief as a bunch of police cars came into the alley, after which one of the officers came out of the back seat of one of the vehicles, and pointed a large gun at them. Other officers came out as well, and approached the scared teenagers. The reason that the teenagers were so scared, is because the police officers were not human. They were all covered in fur, and had sharp fangs and claws, instead of hands.

"All of you, stay right where you are, you're under arrest!" snarled one of the creatures.

"Creepers!" exclaimed Daphne. "They're giant Cats!"

"Nonsense!" laughed Fred, "These guys are probably just wearing some costumes to scare us! They're probably not even the police at all! Like you said, these criminals will never learn, Daph!"

As he was stepping forward twards the creatures, Velma said, "Uh, Fred, I don't think that's a good idea.."

"I said, stay where you are, whatever you are!" growled the cat thing.

"Hey, take it easy big guy, no sense in getting all uptight.." smiled Fred, who stopped to within a few feet of the creature. "Say, that's some cool costume you got there, it almost looks real. But where are my manners, my name is Fred Jones, and these are my friends Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and our dog, Scooby Doo. We are in a bit of trouble you see, our van was hit by a windstorm, the next thing we knew, we were in this back alley. Is there a gas station around here, as you can see, our van needs a lot of work done on it.."

Suddenly, the cat creature grabbed Fred by the arm, turned him around, and cuffed his wrists behind his back.

"Uncle, what did you do that for?" gasped another of the creatures, which looked like a female cat, "These things don't look dangerous to me!"

"Felina, after those alien pirates attacked our world, I'm not taking any chances.." he muttered. "Officers, take these creatures into custody, we'll bring them to Enforcer Headquarters for questioning.."

"You will do no such thing Feral!" exclaimed a voice behind him, which beloged to another female cat, who had blonde hair, and was wearing a pink suit and purple tie. Deputy Mayor Briggs had arrived in her green sedan, and just happened to have turned down the alley where the visitors had landed. Stepping out of her car, she had seen Commander Feral grab onto the creature, which in her mind did not look like a monster, despite it not having any fur.

"Release it now Commander, that's an order!" Callie snapped. "These are just innocent victoms of the Pastmaster!
Thanks to the SWAT Kats, that portal of his has been sealed up for good!"

"S-s-sealed up?" gulped Shaggy. "Scoob, p-please pinch me, I think I'm having a nightmare!"

"M-Me too..." replied his canine companion, wimpering.