Chapter 4- Going home to Coolsville!

Unfortunately for Shaggy and Scooby, the Pastmaster was a lot faster than they thought the skeleton sorcerer could run, and very soon, he had them cornered. Cackling outloud, he said, "Foolish mortals, you thought you could trick me? Now show me where the real pendant is NOW, or I'll destroy you!"

"A-Alright, w-w-w-well show you, j-just d-don't k-kill us, your ghostliness.." muttered Shaggy, as he and Scoob nervously led the Pastmaster down to the room where everyone was waiting. Once they had opened the door, and went inside,
it was absolutely pitch black. Then suddenly, the lights came on, startling the Pastmaster, because there were the SWAT Kats, aiming both of their glovatrixes at him. Before he could raise his watch, Razor and T-bone encased the little troll in quick drying cement, leaving only his arms and head free. Dr. Sinian quickly grabbed the sorcerer's watch from his boney hand, and gave it to Callie, who was wearing the Queen's pendant around her neck.

"C-Callista?" gasped the Pastmaster. "But you are supposed to be in the Dark Ages.."

"You've confused me for my long-dead ancestor, creep!" snapped Miss Briggs, "But just like the Queen, I also possess her powers! And now that I have your watch too, I'm sending you to a place where you will bother us no more!
The Dark Zone!"

"Noooooo!" he screamed. "No, you can't, they'll torture me for eternity!"

"The Dark Zone, Deputy Mayor?" asked Razor.

"I just read about it in the Queen's book.." she smiled. "That's where the Pastmaster summons his monsters from. There's a spell in here which can send evil creatures back to the zone, so what better place than to put this miserable little creep? Goodbye Pastmaster, it was not nice knowing you!"

Callie then chanted some magical words, causing the pendant and watch to glow together. A beam of magic came out of both of them at the same time, striking the terrified sorcerer. He screamed outloud, and dissapeared in a flash of light.

"Sheesh, good riddance to that ghost, aye Scoob?" sighed Shaggy.

"You said it, Raggy!" gulped the relieved canine. "Rood Riddance!"

"So, I guess this means that we can go home now, right?" asked Daphne.

"Not without the Mystery Machine, we're not!" exclaimed Fred. "Um, SWAT Kats, can you take us to this garage where those mechanics are working on it?"

"Er, yeah, of course. We parked the Turbokat behind the museum, so nobody should see you, " smiled T-bone. "Be right back Deputy Mayor, this shouldn't take long.."

Once the members of Mystery Inc. had piled into the cargo hold of the Turbokat, the sleek jet took off. But instead of landing outside the garage, T-bone flew the Turbokat into the SWAT Kat's secret underground entrance. As Fred and the others exited the craft, he said, "Hey, what gives, SWAT Kats? I thought you told us that you'd take us to the garage!"

"We did, it's right above us.." smiled razor, as he took off his mask, revealing the kat underneath it. After T-bone did the same, he said,"Hi there, we're the mechanics who fixed your van. My real name is Jake Clawson and his is Chance Furlong. We used to be Enforcer pilots until we accidentally crashed our jet into Headquarters. Commander Feral made us work here to pay for the damages we caused, which really wasn't our fault. So we decided to become vigilanties, and take on the criminal scum that plague our city."

"Hey, waddayaknow, just like Batman and Robin!" said Shag. "They're crimefighters in our world, and we've met them a couple of times!(Check out the Scooby Doo movies from the early 1970's)"

"Yeah, pretty coool.." smiled Scooby Doo.

"Er, just keep it a secret, alright, we don't want anybody to know our identities.." said Chance.

"Sure you two, mum's the word, though we won't be staying much longer, I hope.." said Velma, "This world of yours is certainly a fascinating place, but I miss good old Earth.."

"We all do.." said Fred, "Besides, I'm sure there's a lot more mysteries for us to solve.."

"Before you go, the two of us would like to give Shaggy and Scoob a little present for helping us capture the Pastmaster..", smiled Jake, who reached into his locker, and pulled out a large paper bag. Handing it to Shaggy, he said,
"Be careful, these are hot mongo peppers, they kick some serious after burn.."

"Oh boy, oh boy oh boy..." slurped Scoob, "Rot Peppers!"

Before Shaggy could even react, Scooby stuck his large head inside the bag, and literally inhaled all 20 of the green chilis. Smacking his lips, Scooby breathed fire our of his mouth like a dragon, and panted, "Relicious!"

"WHAT THE- Scooby DOO, you chowhound, you didn't leave me even one pepper!" gasped Shaggy.

"Burp.." Scooby replied, "Rorry, Raggy..."

"Don't worry, Shag, I have another bag in my locker.." said Chance, "But I'll make sure this one is taped shut on the top. Crud, that dog just destroyed my record! Scooby, you are officially the new Mongo pepper eating champ, congrats!"

"Thanks a rot, Rance!" grinned Scooby Doo, who licked the kat across the face with his wet tongue.

"Yuck!" Chance gasped. "Just don't do that again, ok buddy!"

Thirty minutes later, back at the museum, Callie cast a spell to send Scooby and his friends home. Waving goodbye to their new kat friends, the team of Mystery Inc held on tight as the mystery machine was sent hurtling through a magical portal. Seconds later, they were back on the road to Coolsville, in almost the exact same spot where they had dissapeared from.

"Fred, did we all just dream we were in another dimention?" pondered Daphne.

"I don't think so Daph.." smiled Fred, pointing to Shag and Scooby. The young teen was trying desperately to keep his canine friend from devouring the peppers Chance had given him.

"Oh no you don't these are mine Scoob!" shouted Shaggy.

"Rust one, please?" wimpered Scooby.

"NO, and that's final!" He replied. "I like to eat too, you know!"

"Hahahahaa!" exclaimed Fred. "It's good to be back home, eh gang?"