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"Only the strongest will survive,

Lead me to Heaven, when we die,

I am the shadow on the wall,

I'll be the one to save us all."

The sun set slowly on the inhabitants of Privet Drive, who had spent their Saturday in various outdoor pursuits. Cars stood gleaming with pride in their darkened driveways. Manicured lawns glittered like emerald diamonds and flower beds stood proudly to attention watching passers by like centurions. After a long day spent outside, the citizens of Privet Drive had retreated inside, all apart from a young boy.

Harry Potter sat by himself on the pavement outside number four Privet Drive. He was a slightly small boy for his age, with clothes at least four sizes to big. His hair was an unruly black nest, that look like that if a bird were to make a home in it, it would have been very comfortable indeed. He glanced up as Mrs what's her face from number fourteen came walking past with her young son. As soon as she saw Harry sitting on the side, she sped up, pushing her child in front of her, as if she was afraid that at any moment Harry would get up and start attacking her. Harry glared at her angrily.

"Didn't she realise there were worst things to get attacked by than him." he thought savagely. He moodily stabbed at the dirt, as his thoughts returned to the memories that had been plaguing him all summer.

Even though everybody had told him that Cedric dying wasn't his fault, he still felt that he could have prevented it. He'd been dreaming about Voldermort all year. Surely he should have realised that something was going to happen. Why else did his name come out of the Goblet?

"I should have just grabbed the cup for myself and left Diggory behind." mumbled Harry quietly to himself. But even as he said it, Harry knew that it was never in his nature to leave someone behind, and maybe, just maybe, a part of him had hoped that he could be normal for once, that he could have won and that would have been the end of it.

"Boy, get in here." said a furious whisper behind him, knocking him out of his thoughts.

He turned around to see his Uncle Vernon standing in the doorway, looking wildly around as if he was afraid that one of his neighbours might see Harry sat there.

"No. I'm not ready to come in yet." said Harry angrily.

"Get in here now or you'll regret it." said Uncle Vernon through clenched teeth.

"Can't see how you could make my life any worse." Harry muttered under his breath, but he stood up anyway, his anger from a minute earlier disappearing entirely.

As he walked through the door, he cringed as his Uncle's meaty hand grabbed him by his collar and roughly pulled him in, the door closing quietly behind him so as not to draw attention to them.

"Never speak to me like that again." Uncle Vernon shouted, his face mere inches from Harry's.

He felt himself getting dragged along the hallway and pushed violently into the cupboard. Without a word his Uncle slammed and locked the door.

Harry sighed loudly. He didn't know why he answered back, but he had felt incredibely angry at his Uncle for telling him what to do. Harry looked around him, even though he hadn't been in the cupboard since his second year at Hogwarts, it was pretty much the same as he had left it. His toy soldier on the horse still sat in the corner, a pair of dusty socks lay on the floor.

"At least there is still sheets on the bed." thought Harry miserably. He led down on the bed and soon he was fast asleep.

He dreamt that he was walking through a house, and judging from the size of it, it was a manor house. All the rooms seemed to be in various states of disarray. Not one room could he see that looked like it was being lived in. He stopped suddenly when he heard a noise from the floor above. He realised that it was someone talking in a loud angry voice. He began to move up the stairs cautiously, when he got to the top he noticed that there was only one door. When he reached the door, he pushed it open slightly. Inside the room were two figures, a small boy and a large mountain of a man. It appeared that the man was shouting at the boy ho couldn't have been more than eight or nine. With a start Harry realised that the boy was him and the man was Uncle Vernon.

Harry remembered this memory. He was woken up by his Uncle banging on the cupboard door furiously. He remembered how afraid he had been when Uncle Vernon had unlocked his door and dragged him out by his ear. Somehow all the china from downstairs had mysteriously broken.

"But Uncle Vernon." Harry heard his younger self say, "I couldn't have done it, I was lock in the cupboard."

"Why you insolent little whelp, how dare you stand there and lie to my face." Bellowed Uncle Vernon.

Harry remembered what came next; his Uncle had hit him so hard that he fell and hit his head on the table. Just as his Uncle raised his hand and his younger self cringed away, a figure appeared in the corner of his vision. It raised its wand towards his Uncle and shouted, "Crucio."

His Uncle screamed and fell onto his back. It was a few minutes before Harry realised that he was actually enjoying seeing his Uncle in pain.

"Oh well," he thought " he can get a taste of his own medicine."

Harry awoke from the dream with a small jump and with a smile on his face he went back to sleep.

Several thousand miles away, Lord Voldermort smiled to himself. His plan was in motion.

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