Nurse Part Nine:

Izaya licked a slow, repulsive trail up the inside of my benumbed thigh. I couldn't feel my legs shaking, but I knew they were nonetheless. He blew cold air against my groin, and I was astounded at my ability to feel that soft, breezy caress. His cruelty had subdued me - I was blinking in and out of consciousness as the camera rolled on. Its silvery glare caught my sight from time to time, blurring as my eyelids rose and sank.

I turned my weary head to the side and watched as he lifted his skirt, lewdly shrugging it upwards, over his inappropriate arousal. He rubbed it against my tailbone; teasing, taunting. Trying to intimidate me. He no longer needed to use fear against me. He'd already caused an impressive amount of damage. I suspected my muscles had been torn. I'd need to see a doctor; which was a dreadfully ironic concept now.

'Doctor...don't you fall asleep on me. You wouldn't want to bore prospective audiences right?' He indicated the camera with a light sweep of the hand.

'Please don't send that to anyone...' I groaned; my throat felt dry. I was surprised I still had the energy to speak.

'Begging, Doctor? That's just pathetic...' He smirked and gave me two quick, hard strokes. I bit my bottom lip; peeling small bits of flesh off inside of my mouth.

'Won't a video like that ruin your reputation as well?' I shuddered, trying to fight against my budding orgasm. He'd exploited my weaknesses enough for one day.

'What reputation might that be?' He smiled. I didn't have an answer for him.

'Well,' he began, 'You might be right...then again, I am in control of this situation. It isn't nearly as incriminating for me as it is for you.'

'I could use it to testify against you for rape...'

He chuckled darkly before adopting a chilling, mournful tone. 'Would you do that, Doctor? I feel so hurt and betrayed!'

I knew I wouldn't be able to challenge him in that way. He was of a different brand of intelligence. I'd have to think of something else.

'Aren't you getting bored yet, Nurse?' I let the words hiss from between my tightly clenched teeth.

'Hm? Bored? Now why would you think I'd be getting bored?' His voice remained level, but I could tell that my question had piqued his interest.

I could hear the ruffling noises of cheap fabric from behind me, and I knew he was getting ready to slip inside. He adjusted the metal ring slowly, calculating his movement. His breathing was deliberate, and soft.

I could feel my muscles retract, closing in on a different, smaller size. The bloody, torn flesh felt every contraction and each slight shift was agonizing. I hoped Izaya would change his clothing before taking me to the hospital; if he even bothered to do just that. It seemed more likely that he'd toss me in an alleyway or something. I didn't want Celty to find me like that.

I decided to keep talking. 'I just thought that you might grow tired with my compliance.'

'Well, you aren't exactly compliant. You're restrained. Your cooperation is guaranteed.' I could hear the smile in his voice, and his breathing remained deliberate. He was still in control.

'So...out of curiosity...are you going to let me go once we're through here?'

'Always so quick to ruin the fantasy, Doctor,' he sighed, 'But you have a valid question. Should I let you go?'

'For the sake of my well-being, I'd like to say yes.' My groin was still throbbing, keening for something that he couldn't quite give me.

'Aw, but you threatened to tell.' He stood in front of me then; posed with one finger in front of pursed lips.

'You know I wouldn't tell.'

He remained still; steeped in considerate silence. There was a lingering smile in the corners of his cruel mouth.

'Yes. I think I do know that.'

He smiled, and walked a slow circle around me.


'W-what? Nurse Izaya-Chan...'

'Your insides...they're bright. They're a different color than I would have suspected.'

Though his statement brought a sense of perplexity, the only part of it I could focus on was that Izaya was suggesting he'd never seen another person's inner flesh before. I found that hard to believe, for obvious reasons. I could envision him crouched above a corpse, feasting upon the remains. I could imagine him gutting an enemy, sliding a knife up their exposed stomach. I could picture him having twisted sex with someone he'd only encountered on random occasions - possibly against their will. I could see all of these things as completely plausible scenarios where Izaya was concerned.

'You've really never seen inside of a person before?' I allowed myself to ask the question, hoping to distract him from his brutal task.

'Mmm...not this part of a human. Though I must say, it's quite fun! You can stretch so much...more than I would've thought possible. It's such a pretty color inside too! I've got some good angles of it, actually. We can watch the tape together sometime and then you'll see.'

Much to my discontent, Izaya was pushing forward, only settling once he was buried entirely. I tried to think on what he'd said, this time hoping to distract myself. It was strange, thinking of Izaya as being a friend to me after we'd shared an experience like this. Would I be able to sit and watch the tape with him someday, laughing about it and reminiscing over our crazy school days?

I felt ill. His member pulsed insistently inside of my heated body. With each thrust came a wave of nausea - a strange sensation that I wasn't able to compare to anything else I had experienced; and I had experienced a lot in life.

Izaya had his arms wrapped around my already restricted torso. His little gestures were becoming slightly comforting - I allowed myself to relax into the misleading touch.

''re all limp suddenly.' His voice startled me.

'R-really? That's surprising...' I felt nauseous, but I thought my arousal had survived.

Izaya laughed, and the sound wasn't as threatening as it had been.

'That's not what I was talking about Doctor.' He gave a gentle squeeze to my cock and my previous thoughts were reaffirmed. I was still hard; desperately so. I bucked into the touch.

'So sweet...' He murmured into my hair.

I could feel myself smile softly. I was dizzy, in a pleasant, comfortable way. I felt at ease. I didn't know why I was suddenly able to feel that way in Izaya's presence. Then he removed the syringe from the back of my upper thigh. I watched him set it down on the desk as he continued to thrust.

Somehow...I felt as though, even after whatever-it-was had worn off, I would be able to calmly accept everything that happened that afternoon.