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Chapter Two

The peaceful feeling surrounding us was a welcomed one. My sobs had long ago finished, with help from the combination of Jasper, and his ability. It had been much too long since we could be together as we were. The last time, both of us had been too busy being worried for my safety from James to truly appreciate being alone, except Alice. Breathing in his scent I further relaxed into Jaspers arms, as he tightened his hold on my waist, making me smile softly.

Neither of us moved to break the silence that had fallen; it had been a common occurrence for us to just lay like this back in Phoenix. It was helping me build up my strength for the long night of explanations before us. I knew it could, and probably would get messy. I could only hope, as Alice had told us, that everything would be okay. That had been my mantra for the last year. Her words rolling around my mind when things had become too much, or I began to lose sight of the promised ending. I had thanked God so many times that Edward couldn't read my mind, and that Alice and Jasper were practiced in keeping him from their own. If it had been any different things wouldn't have been as easy.

The silence and peacefulness couldn't last forever though; we both knew this. In the end it was broken by Jasper's phone ringing out; signaling he had a text. He shifted to answer it while still holding me close with his free hand. I heard him sigh as he read the message through. He passed it to me to read, placing a kiss in my forehead before moving to sit us both up against my head board.

You have half an hour before you need to be here. Edwards angry we haven't left yet, and you're not here at all. Tell Bella to leave a note for Charlie that will let her stay here tonight and all of tomorrow, including school. A x

Passing Jasper his phone back, I curled into his chest, groaning at the prospect of having to A, Move and B, Explain to everyone just what had actually been going on. I could feel the silent chuckle in Jaspers chest, involuntarily making me smile in response. We sat in silence again, neither of us seeming to want to be the one to break apart. Taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out I made to move. Alice said I needed to leave Charlie a note after all. Jasper, it seemed, had other ideas as he tightened his hold on me making a noise of disapproval at my moving away from him. Normally I wouldn't complain, but things needed to be done. That, and Alice would happily cause bodily damage if we weren't on time.

"Jas." I murmured. Moving my head slightly enough to see his face, I saw he was gazing down at me with a small frown. "We need to move, Jas."

Instead of answering me he loosened his grip and let me go, letting his arms fall to his sides. While I moved to grab a pen and piece of paper Jasper watched me from my bed, still sat against the headboard. Quickly jotting down a note to Charlie, I decided to tell him I had been feeling unwell, so had Edward take me to see Carlisle. If he rang later in the night to find out how I was, I'm sure Carlisle would tell him I had come down with something, and that he'd be keeping an eye on me at his house. It was the only thing I could come up with on the spot, which could also keep me from going to school tomorrow without anyone batting an eyelid.

Glancing at Jasper out of the corner of my eye I saw him watching me move about, it hadn't been uncommon for him to do this in Phoenix either, when we had first gotten together. Smiling at him I walked over and placed one leg on either side of his own, sitting back on his lap. I removed the few blond curls that had fallen in front of his face to behind his ears, and further moved my hand to trace his jaw. He turned his face into my palm, brushing it with his lips as he'd done so many times before, the familiarity of it relaxing me further. Before my human eyes could catch the movement I felt his lips on my own. His kiss seemed almost desperate, and I responded in kind. My focus narrowed till all that was left was the two of us and the feelings he was invoking in me.

After so long apart I found myself lost in him. But very maybe that was an excuse, as I felt this way every time he kissed me. Jaspers phone began to ring with a vengeance, pulling us apart. It would be Alice of course, annoying Pixie that she was. I know all she wanted to do was get tonight on with, I however could happily postpone it a while longer, if it meant Jasper and I didn't have to move. I lent my forehead against Jaspers chest, my own heaving, trying to pull in the oxygen my body needed while Jasper answered his phone.

The conversation was too quick for my human ears, but I could easily guess what was being said. Hearing the near silent 'thwack' of the phone being closed I leaned back a little to see Jaspers face. His eyes were closed and a small scowl showed how much the situation annoyed him. Reaching up and kissing his eye lids I was rewarded with his frown into a smile, and the sight of his liquid gold eyes.

I had missed him so much, and in that moment, it was more real than it had ever been since the three us had begun this whole damn plan. I let myself feel all the longing and love I could; knowing Jasper would be able to feel what I was feeling. When my feelings intensified I knew it must be Jasper sending his own back, it was an effective method of communicating more than words could, and had been implemented so many times since I had moved to Forks.

Our combined feelings had me moving closer to him, almost as if I was trying to become a part of him. When Jasper sighed and placed a kiss in my hair, I knew we would have to move. I just couldn't bring myself to want to. Thinking once again of what tonight would bring, I nearly decided to leave Alice to explain it all. I knew though that I also couldn't bear to leave Alice alone to explain it to the family, especially with how I figured everyone would feel and react. My nerves began to build and take precedence over all other emotions, till a blanket of calm smothered it into near non-being.

"How are we getting there?" I asked, hoping I wouldn't have to be run to the Cullen home.

"I'm parked around to corner, figured it'd give us a few extra minutes." Jasper answered, lifting me off the bed putting me over his shoulder, easily carrying me out of my room. I huffed, crossing my arms across my chest, not that Jasper could see, but I'm sure he knew what I was doing.

"Though the view is quite spectacular back here, I don't much appreciate it at the moment." I sang out. Jasper didn't stop walking or put me down, I could almost sense the smirk he would have on his beautifully smug face. Seeing as I wasn't put down, I rolled my eyes and tried again. "Jas, let me down, I can walk myself." This time I got a response, even if it wasn't in the way I wanted. Instead he chuckled and shifted me in his arms till he had me cradled in both his arms in front of him, I moved my arms from across my chest to hold onto his neck, holding on; not that he'd drop me.

"No chance Darlin'. I'm not letting you go until it's absolutely necessary. Besides, we don't need you fallin' down do we?" He smirked at me. Well if I didn't feel loved before, I certainly did then was my mental answer.

"Charming." I mumbled outwardly, under my breath, even if he would hear it. Using Jaspers holding me as an excuse, not that I needed one, I laid my head on his chest and closed my eyes, barely feeling any movement as he took us to his car.

On the way over Jasper near constantly sent calm my way, not that it helped much. They would have realized I was with Jasper as soon as they heard my heartbeat, and we were just pulling into the drive. They had all come outside, watching us as Jasper parked. I was near frozen in fear, I couldn't do this. Why had I gone along with this stupid, stupid plan! Another wave of calm and love engulfed me and I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Opening my eyes I tuned to Jasper and smiled grimly, then got out of the car. I didn't look at any of the Cullen's, I just couldn't bring myself to look at the expressions that would be held there.

A small hand grabbed my left and squeezed lightly. Knowing it was Alice I looked up at her and smiled at her own secret grin.

"Ali." I nodded in greeting, gaining a bit of confidence now my oldest friend was with me.

"Bell." She nodded back, "It's been a long while since you've called me that. I miss it." Meeting her eyes I couldn't help the large smile that graced my face. She was right, I hadn't called her Ali since she and Jasper left Phoenix.

"I miss it too." I linked our arms that were already connected and lent into her side slightly, as we'd done so many times before. It had been a strain on us not to fall into our old pattern of friendship, and I was glad now we could do so.

Finally I looked up at the porch and mentally steeled myself for what I would find. Scanning the faces of the family I loved, I saw that everyone held looks of confusion; except Edward. Edward instead looked like he didn't know whether to be pissed off or confused. The fact he couldn't get anything from Alice, Jasper of my own minds probably helped him in that respect. I felt a familiar, comforting hand come to rest on the shoulder of my free arm and knew instantly it was Jas. Had I not already been watching the Cullen's for their reactions, I would have missed the further confusion that flickered across their faces. It looked like it was finally time to come clean. Feeling a tug on my linked arm, I followed Alice toward the house. We were stopped only after a few steps when Edward descended the steps his brows furrowed, and his eyes darting from Alice, to me, to Jasper and back again.

"What the hell is going on? We should- Bella shouldn't- What?" Was the verbalization of Edwards confused being. I would have laughed, ordinarily, seeing Edward so confused. Now, however, wasn't to time for it.

"Let's just go into the house, this'll be long enough as it is." Alice said to everyone, continuing on into the house passing them all, still pulling me after her.

Alice moved us toward the living room, where she, Jasper and I sat on one couch, facing the rest of the room. It seemed Alice had moved the room around so as this could be as easy as possible. Sitting between Jas and Alice, I felt a lot more confident than earlier, but still couldn't bring myself to begin to want to start this conversation. Moving my gaze from the floor to the couches in front of me I saw everyone was sat down staring at the three of us. I looked to Jasper first but he was looking at Alice, though he briefly looked at me when he felt my gaze, before turning it back to Alice. I too looked to Alice, if any of us knew how to start this, it would be the future seeing Pixie.

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