I jumped suddenly when I heard a voice whisper: 'Follow me' into my ear. I knew at once who it was how could I not know the voice of the boy I had loved for years that just wasn't possible.

"I have to go. We will get you to your mum don't worry." I spoke gently to the girl I was tending to. I knew Harry was under his invisibility cloak because there was not a group of people huddled around here and there was no added drama.

"Guys I'm just going to the bathroom." I said convincingly to the people I was helping out. As I got up and walk down a corridor I felt Harry's hand on the small of my back, and even in this time where the whole wizarding world and the muggle world were on the brink of being destroyed by Voldemort, Harry's touch still made me warm inside.

I didn't stop walking until I felt Harry's hand removed from my back. I turned round the next corner and stood against the door. I slowly put my hand up, which was shaking with all the drama and adrenaline pumping through me. I grabbed the top of the cloak which was still covering Harry and pulled it off.

Harry looked ok apart from a few scratches on his face and arms. None of the scratches looked too serious apart from a few that were still bleeding. Before I could say anything he said: "Are you Ok? Are you hurt?" His eyes were so concerned.

"I'm fine Harry. I might be a little bruised." I smiled weakly.

"You really are an amazing witch." Harry commented. I started to blush. "You've fought death eaters and you're only 'bruised'" He smiled back quoting me.

"Harry I don't think now's the time for compliments." I said still feeling my hot cheeks.

"Yes... sorry... I just wanted to say that erm... I'm kind of trying to say goodbye." He stuttered.

"What?" I asked confused and slightly hurt "Where are you..." Before I finished my sentence I had worked it out. He was going to face Voldemort he was going to go to where he was and I won't let him. "Harry you can't go you're seriously outnumbered and you won't make it." I said through tears "it's suicide Harry! Don't go alone. Let some of us come with you! Let me come with you! You will have a better chanc..." Before I could finish my pleading for him to stay his lips were on mine.

I thought about pulling away and carrying on trying to convince him not to go but I couldn't this moment was perfect. Our lips moved together perfectly and he was warm and loving and made me feel safe even though I was far from it. I loved Harry and he loved me that was all that mattered right now.

Suddenly he broke the kiss and learned his head towards mine. We were cheek to cheek now. "That's the one thing I don't want is for you to come with me Ginny, I won't let you get hurt... ever. I have a plan so please whatever you do stay alive... I love you." While he whispered this in my ear he was gently pulling the cloak from my hand without my noticing. With one last silent tug it was free and before I could stop him he had disappeared into the night.

Tears started to pour down my face as I shouted helplessly for Harry to come back. There was nothing I could do I had my chance to save his life and I was selfish I wasted that moment. I just had to trust that his plan would work... they had done in the past...

But at what cost?

A/N- So I've always loved Harry Potter but my passion for the books and movies grows daily as I wait for the first part of the last film... which does actually make sense :L

I wish J.K would have put a moment like this in the book because it could have been so romantic but still the books are amazing!

So this is what I think should have happened...

Please lemme know what you think! ^_^

This is just one of my new harry potter fanfic's ; )