Chapter 1

Sitting on the throne in the back of the room was everyone's favorite Demon King Yuuri Shibuya. It was his sixteenth birthday and he was receiving his royal seal and through his own decision decided that he no longer needed to go back to earth. For his special day his mother and father were there among the royal guests.

Walking from his spot in front of the ten aristocrats Gwendal stepped up to the throne and began "I Gwendal Von Voltaire on behalf of the ten aristocrat families, as well as all of the citizens of The Great Demon Kingdom, here on our King Yuuri's sixteenth birthday I am now bestowing on his Majesty his royal seal. This seal was made and is one of a kind for our one and only 27th Demon King Yuuri Shibuya." As soon as he finished speaking he handed Yuuri his seal and walked back to his place in the aristocrats next to his husband Gunter Von Christ. After Gwendal was back in his spot Yuuri stood up lifted the seal for all of the people in the room to see.

Seeing this everyone in the room bowed and shouted, "Long live the 27th Demon King Yuuri Shibuya."

As soon as the crowd calmed down Yuuri announced "I want to thank everyone here for coming. It means a lot that this many of my subjects came and I have heard that even more wanted to come but could not. I want you all to know that I will do my best to make a peaceful age and not one of war." Turning to the visiting rulers and ambassadors from the countries that were in the alliance for peace Yuri continued, "I hope that our countries can continue to work together in peace. As well as keep the friendships we have made between our countries survive through the years." Looking to all the people Yuri finished, "I also hope that the schools that we have strived to open for all children will continue to do so. For these schools teach us that we are not that different from our human or demon neighbors. I believe that we should not be saying long live the king but long live this age of peace."

As soon as Yuuri finished his speech the entire crowd of people in the hall whether commoner or royalty were on their feet clapping. All were happy of the strides that The Demon Kingdom had made in the name of peace.

Yuuri as stepped down onto the floor and faced the ten aristocrats and visiting dignitaries telling each one of them that they were an asset and hoped that they would help him now and in the future. Each person nodded and grasped his hand or the occasional hug.

P.O.V. Yuri

After the ceremony my "advisors" and I sat down at a in the dinning room where there was a feast. I began to drink some wine and noticed that only Jozak, Gwendal, Hube, and I were drinking. I looked around and saw Wolfram sitting next to Greta both of them were happily eating cake.

Smiling I continued on and saw Conrad and Jozak sitting next to each other holding hands under the table. Conrad had announced before dinner that he was a two months pregnant with Jozak's child and the two had been together for a few years in secret. I was of course stunned to finds out that Conrad a man AND pregnant. I sat there gaping like a fish thinking that that was impossible until Gunter told me that the ten aristocrats had a special gene in their blood that allowed the males of their lines to have children and Conrad had gotten it from Celi. Though it was extremely rare for a half human to get the gene.

Continuing on I saw Gunter and Gwendal were sitting together holding hands on the table. They had married six months ago finally after a long period of each other not telling the other how they felt. They had also announced before dinner that they a little over four months pregnant. Celi was no were to be found since she did not need to be at the ceremony. She sent Stoffel as well as a gift from her saying that she was still on her search for free love. Anissina, (god help us) was off inventing and only came out long enough to be at the ceremony. Hube and Nicola were trying to get Ell to eat the cake ad not wear it. It was very cute seeing one year old Ell play with his parents and the cake.

I saw how well my fiancé was with his adopted daughter. Through the year I came here I no longer wanted to break off the engagement. But I was not quite ready for a relationship with Wolfram.

P.O.V Wolfram

Soon enough the food was gone and a sleepy Greta had Wolfram tuck her into bed. Walking in the hallway I saw Hube and Nicola walking to their room, with a cake covered sleeping Ell. It was very cute considering both Hube and Nicola had a large amount of cake on them as well.

I began to think about how I spoil Greta. Toys, candy, anything she wants really. I know that spoiling her can be bad but I may never have another child. So I am going to take advantage of having Greta, give her everything that she wants and needs. I came back to find everyone who wasn't pregnant drinking, including Yuri who I know has a low tolerance. I sat down and drank a little wine to make sure that I didn't get drunk. I hate waking up hung over. As soon as Yuuri began singing some weird song knew that I was most likely going to help Yuuri to bed.

It is a little after eleven and I am dragging a very drunk Yuuri back to his room. The couples left in the dining room were either kissing or already in their room. Neither Yuuri nor I need to see that.

"Come on Yuuri. Let's go. We are going to your room." I said still dragging the drunken king.

I opened the door and brought Yuuri in the room and dumped him on the bed. Going and closing the door brought Yuuri out of the little trance and I was soon pushed against the door with Yuuri on top of me. "Woolff you knoooww that's I loooovvess you riggght?" Yuuri asked looking down at me.

"Stop it Yuuri." I said even though this is what I wanted the most. "You're drunk you don't mean what you are saying."

"NNOOOO it's true I love you. I jusst neever tolds you." Yuuri said then surprised me by kissing and pushing me off the door and to the bed.

I broke the kiss as soon as I felt the edge of the bed at the back of my legs. I lost my balance and fell down onto the bed, just as Yuuri wanted. "Yuuri stop! You are drunk you don't mean this." I pleaded.

Yuuri climbed on the bed and sat on my lower stomach and looked down into my eyes. Suddenly I only saw lust in them. The look in his eyes was so intense that I looked away. Yuuri then bent down to my ear and whispered, "I love you Wolf. I want this; your body is telling me that you want this. Just relax I know what I am doing." Then he sensually bit my ear and yet again whispered, "I love you."

With those three little words I just let myself get swept away with the pleasure that Yuuri was giving to my body. I figured that even if Yuri didn't mean it I would still be Yuuri's at least once.