It took a few weeks for the castle to go back to normal. But the new family was happy. Gunter was moping around the castle since his morning sickness had started again. Gwendal on the other was walking around happy.

Conrad and Jozak both said that they were good on kids for now but they would see what the future would do.

Anissiana and Gisela surprised everyone when they announced that they were expecting. That also helped with Gunters moping.

The most surprising thing though was Greta getting engaged to one of the forging princes that had been at the wedding. The prince was still at the castle trying to "win the approval" of Yuuri and Wolfram. But since they already have the approval the two were spending time together and planning a nice wedding.

Wolfram and Yuuri were happy for Greta. Well the two of them were happy period. They were happy living their life as it was now. (But they were both dreading Greta's wedding and subsequent moving to another country. But they were ok with it for Greta's sake.) Nothing really changed in their life until a year and a half later when Wolfram became pregnant again.


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