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Me: Whatcha doin?

Phineas: Engraving a meteorite with the phrase 'veeheart914 owns nothing'

Me: Aren't you a bit young to do that?

Phineas: Yes. Yes I am.

Me: Now on with the story!

Sonny's POV

"Chad! I take it back! There is something seriously wrong with your brother!"

I screeched from inside the closest where I was now being held prisoner by an eight year old. How did I get here? Let's recap!

-Walked into Chad's mansion

-Met Chad's family

- Most of them are insanely cool

-They leave

-Lad Dylan Cooper just magically appears right in front of me

-Crystal runs away screaming (Why?)

That's when things got really weird. Chad's lil bro asked me sweetly if I could read him his favorite book, Rainbow Fish. I read it to him and he behaved the whole time, even though the message of the story was PITIFUL. Then, I just had to go screw everything up with my opinion about it.

"You think Rainbow Fish is a good story, huh?"

"Yup. It's so nice that they all shared." He said, popping the p.

"Rainbow Fish probably wasn't really happy! It's all lies and communist fish! Those evil little fish took everything unique and beautiful about rainbow fish and made it normal! They basically shunned him if he didn't give into their wishes! They literally asked him to rip of his flesh and give them pieces of it! It's like if someone had multicolored hair and all her friends ganged up on her and made her shave most of her head to give them her beautiful hair!"

I finished, outraged at this awful story. LDC just started at me in shock. This is where the list picks up again.

-LDC disappears

-Chad runs away in terror

-LDC gets back with water gun

-I get sprayed with fluids I now know were not water

-I get locked in closet

-I scream

-I get sprayed with more fluids

-More screaming

And now we are all up to date. I screeched in terror as the evil little nub came back.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked calmly as possible.

"Some meanie just told me my FAVORITE BOOK was all lies and communist fish!"

He bellowed, spitting as he spoke. With that, he left. Leaving me all alone in the closet. Suddenly, I heard a giant clanking noise. Someone with bright hair flew out. Crystal. Followed by a flash of gold. Chad.

"We are here to save you!" Chad smirked as he spoke.

"Fine. I admit it. Your brother is a nightmare."

"It's your fault!" Crystal yelled.


Soon enough, we were having a really girly slap fight.

"STOP IT!" Chad bellowed. "If you want to get out of here, you need to get in the vents."

"True." I sighed as he was right, again. He boosted me into the vents and soon enough, he and Crystal were right behind me.

"Turn left at the next one." Crystal said nonchalantly.

"How do you know that's the way to the front hall?" Chad asked, obviously creeped out.

"I know lots of things. Like that picture you keep of Sonny in-" She said as she had her usual wild expression on her face.

"SHUT UP!" Chad screeched, annoyed.

"You have a picture of me?" I began, only to be interrupted by Crystal.

"He has lots. Even from before you moved to Holly-" She said excitedly.

"You are such a stalker, Chad!" I said, horrified of the information I now had.

"No, Crystal's a stalker! Apparently she's been crawling around in my vents for a few years!"

"True, but Greg's new at this. Aren't you Greg?" She asked her imaginary friend.

"Again, we have been through this! Greg is NOT real!" I screeched at her.

"Cover your ears, Greg! LIES!" Crystal yelled.

Finally, we had reached an opening. I pushed out the cover and hopped down, Chad and Crystal following me. We were about to make a break for it when I heard it.

"You're not going anywhere!"

Lad said triumphantly with the t-shirt launcher that Chad had shot me with when I had that weird vision about going to public high school.

It was almost just like what happened last time.

Everything happened in slow motion.

First he shot Crystal who went down on her knees.

Then came Chad, he tried to dive out of the way, but was a second to late.

I ran out the door as fast as possible, saying a rushed goodbye to Chad and Crystal as I went.

I was not at all concerned about what might happen the next day.

I was safeā€¦ least until the next session.

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