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Fenton works Danny's room

"Today has been quiet which is surprising since most of the time I always have to deal with ghosts." Danny said to himself out loud.

Danny is already done with his homework, and no one was home but his mother who was working on one of her own inventions. So he decided to out for a night on the town. Danny then changed into his ghostly form and flew out his window and flew to the highest point in Amity.

"I normally never take notice, but the moon looks so beautiful tonight from up here." Danny said to himself.

No sooner did Danny say this did his ghost sense go off instantly souring his mood.

"Oh great, I knew it was too good to be true." Danny said as he waited for the ghost to reveal themselves.

"I knew I would find you here child. Now I have something I want to give you." Desiree said in a calm tone.

Danny not liking where this was going charged his hands with green energy ready to fight when Desiree stopped him.

"Child, I am not here to fight you if you don't believe me you can always wish to know why I am here." Desiree said trying to defuse the potentially hazardous situation for the both of them.

'This could be some sort of trap... no that is more of Skulker's MO then Desiree's. With Desiree it is always get me out of the way so she can grant her double edged wishes.' Danny thought.

"Since you haven't attacked me yet either you are being sincere or you have something cooked up for later." Danny saying what he was thinking.

"I swear to you I am not here to cause you any harm. But on another note, I came for three reasons. The first is I wanted to call a truce between the two of us. I am over 1,000 years old, and even though we haven't been doing this for a year I would rather stop the fighting and get to be on your good side instead of on your list of enemies." Desiree started causing Danny to raise an eyebrow.

"Ok what is your second reason for coming here?" Danny asked.

"Since I know you were going to be here I wanted to give you this. Don't worry it isn't cursed or anything." Desiree said as she gave him a sapphire the size of his fist.

"This has got to be the biggest sapphire I have even seen. But why are you giving it to me?" Danny asked.

"It is something that means a lot to me, and I wanted to give it to you as a sign of friendship." Desiree answered.

"Wow that is surprising since I did attack you first on our first meeting when you only wanted to know what I desired." Danny said remembering the first encounter he had with Desiree.

"While that is correct, I did go a little overboard with the cotton candy. I could have just given her a small stick of it in her hand instead of creating a sea of it causing disaster." Desiree said. "If you include living years I have been existing for over 1,500 years, and all those I never really had a real friend."

'Wow that is a long time to go without any friends. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have Sam and Tucker for friends.' Danny thought to himself.

"Didn't you try to make any friends in the ghost zone?" Danny asked now curious.

"Walker, is still after me, The box ghost is a moron who is obsessed with boxes, Technus same thing except he wants to be hip and it is machines instead of boxes. Kitty? No her boyfriend is always trying to hit on me, and don't get me started with Klemper!" Desiree said out of annoyance.

"No kidding on Klemper. No offense to him, but I would sooner go skinny dipping in a lake that is -100 degrees before being his friend. But on another note why try to be my friend?" Danny asked.

"I seen you interact with your two friends, and even through tough times you three always stick together. Besides if you want I can help you get together with you goth friend. I can see the two of you like each other as well as the rest of us in the ghost zone." Desiree said.

"Wait a minute Sam likes me like that? I would have never guessed."

"In all honestly if I hadn't said anything to you, I think you would have ended up going out with The girl who was trying to kill your ghost half, or the shallow self centered Latina girl who like your ghost half."

"Thanks for the advice Desiree, But on another note I don't have anything to give to you." Danny replied.

"It is ok child... I mean Danny, I wasn't expecting anything in return." Desiree said in a normal tone.

No it isn't alright. If you are sincere and you want to be my friend, I can't leave you hanging. I will give you a gift but it will be made with a personal touch." Danny said as his hand began to glow with blue energy.

Desiree at the moment watched as Danny focused his energy and when he opened his hand he had a smaller version of her in his hand only made of ice.

"Since you gave me something that meant a lot to you, here is a present for you." Danny replied while smiling.

"Thank you Danny." Desiree said as she gave her new friend a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

However unknown to the two of them a certain blond girl is watching the entire scene play before her eyes. She gasped when she sees Desiree give Danny a friendly hug and a kiss on his cheek.

'Wow I can't believe this Danny Phantom as a girlfriend? Paulina isn't going to be happy about this.' Star thought to herself as she took a picture at the moment of the kiss and went back to her house.

"So you never told me what was the third reason you came out here." Danny said remember that detail.

"If I didn't find you here, at least I would get a great view of the full moon. When I was alive I could stare at it for hours. It was the only thing that kept me going after being banished by that jealous wife of the sultan's." Desiree said in a sad tone.

"I remember that old woman at the carnival telling me about that. Well I have to go before my mother begins to worry. If you want I will meet you here tomorrow so we can watch the sunset together." Danny said.

"Please stay here with me for a little longer. You can always wish yourself home on time so you won't be late." Desiree said trying to sway Danny.

"Alright Desiree you win. Besides it is nice to have company when looking at a full moon." Danny said sincerely he looked at the full moon with the Arabian wishing ghost.

Stage out

So ends part one of The gift of friendship. I wrote this as a response to a challenge from ghostanimal. That and I needed another reason to make another fanfic with these two as the main characters. R and R people